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Jimenez Arms

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Jimenez Arms is a firearm company located in the United States which produces inexpensive and low-quality pistols, commonly known as "Saturday Night Specials". The company comes from a line of SNS-producing companies starting from Jennings Firearms founded in 1978 by Bruce Jennings. In 1985, Bruce Jennings sold Jennings Firearms to Calwestco due to facing the prospect of losing his Federal Firearms License following a felony assault charge. After the charge was bargained down to a misdemeanor, Bruce Jennings converted Jennigns Firearms into a firearm wholesaler and established a new company, Bryco Arms, to manufacture firearms. Jennings bought firearms from Calwestco and Bryco Arms and sold them to distributors.

Bryco Arms declared bankruptcy in 2003 as a result of losing a lawsuit, which originated from the poor design and manufacture of their pistols. Following Bryco's bankruptcy, Bryco's former factory foreman, Paul Jimenez, bought Bryco Arms in August 2004 and renamed it to Jimenez Arms.

Jennings Arms was considered a "Ring of Fire" company, a company known for producing Saturday night specials on a large scale, which also includes companies such as Lorcin, Röhm, and Raven Arms (who made the Raven Arms MP-25).


Founded: 1978 (Jennings Firearms), 2003 (Jimenez Arms)

Country: USA

Products: Pistols



Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
Jimenez J.A. .22 L.R. .22LR 6 ? J.A. 22.jpg
Jimenez Arms J.A. .25 .25 ACP 6 ? J.A. .25.jpg
Jimenez Arms J.A. .32 .32 ACP 6 ? JA32.jpg
Jimenez Arms J.A. .380 .380 ACP 6 ? JA32.jpg
(J.A. .32 stand-in)
Jimenez Arms J.A. Nine 9x19mm 10 or 12 ? J.A. Nine.jpg
Jimenez Arms J.A. LC380 .380 ACP 10 or 13 ? J.A. Nine.jpg
(J.A. Nine stand-in)

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