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Evil Within 2, The

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Nice, but where's the trigger?

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The Evil Within 2 (2017)

The Evil Within 2 is the 2017 sequel to the 2014 survival horror game The Evil Within. Picking up three years after the first game, players will once again take control of now ex-detective Sebastian Castellanos. Down on his luck after the events of the first game, Sebastian is forced to return to the hellish mindscape generated by the STEM system to search for his missing daughter Lily.

The following weapons appear in the video game The Evil Within 2:



Sebastian's starting pistol this time around appears to be an M1911, which also seems standard for MOBIUS agents alongside the Walther P99. Compared to its incarnation from the first game, the sequel's M1911 appears to be based much more closely on the real thing, bearing a resemblance to the Colt MK IV Series 70, albeit with more squared features overall. A laser-sighted version of the gun could be found for free at an auto repair shop near the first safe house, and a suppressed variant can be unlocked later as a sidequest reward.

Colt MK IV Series 70 - .45 ACP
Official render of the M1911.
Laser-sighted version.
Silenced version.
Sebastian grabs an M1911 from off a table in the gameplay trailer.
He then racks the slide, remembering how his police training taught him to keep his finger off the trigger. Upon closer inspection the M1911 seems to lack a spring guide rod, the plug seemingly being treated as a solid component of the barrel bushing.
MOBIUS agent Liam O'Neal holding Sebastian at gunpoint with his M1911. Being a techie by trade, he's not familiar enough with the use of firearms to note that the safety on his gun is on, which Sebastian manages to use to his advantage.

Walther P99/Springfield Armory XD Hybrid

Juil Kidman and MOBIUS agent Yukiko Hoffman use what appears to be a Walther P99, albeit with a more boxy slide, external hammer, rounded trigger guard and contoured grip similar to that of the Springfield Armory XD. The P99 has unlimited reserve ammo, but otherwise shares stats with the baseline M1911 and can only be used during the short sequences where control is shifted to Kidman.

Walther P99 - 9x19mm. Note the ramped trigger guard, small slide serrations, closed and proprietary accessory rail, short magazine release and slightly more curved 'tail' of the pre-2004 models.
Official render of the P99. Note the P99's takedown lever mashed against the Springfield Armory XD's lower frame.
Juli Kidman aims the P99 at her former colleagues. Note the uncocked hammer, which denotes DAO operation...
...which Yukiko's pistol seems to disagree with. Hers has an anodized black slide instead of Juli's chromed.


Sebastian's main weapon returns from the first game. It still appears to be a hybrid between a Colt M1917 Revolver and a Smith & Wesson Model 25. He first uses it to threaten Kidman and a MOBIUS agent in a bar. He loses it when he is captured but later regains it during a side mission.

Official render of the Revolver.


The Magnum based on the Colt Python and a Smith and Wesson makes a return, this time as a "New Game+" bonus. However, it has now been slightly modified, having received a muzzle brake in the style of Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center Hunter, more "traditional" S&W under-barrel lug, and a square triggerguard like the Desert Eagle. Like in the previous game, ammo for this weapon is expensive to craft and there are no upgrades to its capacity.

EW2 Magnum.jpg


Ithaca 37

A cut-down Ithaca 37 with a Benelli-style side ejection port is available for use in the game. When first found through sidequests, the gun and its long-barreled variant are implied to be standard-issue for MOBIUS personnel, though none of them ever seem to actually use any shotgun whatsoever, dead or alive.

The basic Sawed-off can be found in two locations in Chapter 3, and in a store room inside The Marrow during Chapter 6, while the long-barreled model is locked in a shack just outside of Post Plus in the Business District.

Ithaca 37 with sawed-off stock and barrel
The sawed-off shotgun 3D model.
Sebastian prepares for his close-up, shorty Ithaca 37 style shotgun in hand.
Sebastian encounters the Effigy mini-boss in a pre-release trailer with the Ithaca 37 slung on his back. He doesn't fight it in this location in the final release, however.
The full-barreled 3D model, which also adds a synthetic stock.

Double-Barreled Shotgun (Sawn Off)

Sebastian later gains access to a sawn-off double-barreled shotgun. Like the full-length shotgun that came with the pre-ordered edition of the previous game, it fires a rapid two-shell burst, dealing massive close-range damage but also consuming ammo more quickly.

The double-barreled shotgun 3D model.


Sniper Rifle

The "Sniper Rifle" is Sebastian's only option for long-ranged engagements in the sequel. It chiefly resembles a mishmash between the SVD Dragunov and the Remington MSR, featuring a blend between the former's general aesthetics and the latter's bolt-action operation and bridged top cover, while the humpbacked stock was taken from the Romanian PSL. Prior to the release of the game, the beta Sniper Rifle had wooden furniture instead of synthetic.

As with much of Sebastian's arsenal in this game, the Sniper Rifle can be found in Chapter 3, very close to the starting safe house on the rooftop of a two-story building directly adjacent to the Union Visitor's Center. Uniquely, the first Sniper Rifle is broken when collected, and must be repaired with parts before it could be used. Several intact units can be found later on should the player miss the first rifle.

Izhmash Tiger with synthetic furniture used on later production military SVDs - 7.62x54mm R
PSL - 7.62x54mm R
Remington MSR with Harris bipod, Leupold Mark 4 scope, and AAC Titan suppressor - .338 Lapua Magnum
The sniper rifle 3D model. Note the bolt-action and lack of gas block compared to the real SVD.
Sebastian brandishing the Sniper Rifle outside of Post Plus.
Sighting down a Lost in the distance who is apparently up to no good.
The Sniper Rifle's scope reticle.
Having offed his target, Sebastian works the bolt. With upgrades installed, this takes less than a second to complete, allowing Sebastian to spamfire the rifle as if it's a semi-automatic, or at least an ultra-fast straight-pull action.
Sebastian topping off his Sniper Rifle. The rifle apparently uses "drop free" magazines instead of the SVD's "rock-and-lock".

Assault Rifle

The "Assault Rifle" in-game is composed of a plethora of custom parts for the AR-15 platform. Its receiver consists of a Noveske flat top upper mated to a billet lower, fitted with Daniel Defense-esque keymod handguard and stock (with the side rails of PDW-length collapsible butts), Magpul AFG, and feeds from Magpul PMAGs. Its ironsights are a combination of a KAC folding rear and TROY front battle sight.

Like the "Machine Gun" from the previous game, it serves as the game's fully-automatic weapon, although it is now available in the later parts of the campaign, and ammo for it is more common. Esmeralda Torres uses a custom AR-15. Sebastian later uses it after the previous owner dies.

The assault rifle 3D model. The reflex sight doesn't come on the version usable by Sebastian, however, but does show up everywhere else, including on Torres' rifle. It simply vanishes when it's Sebastian's turn to play with it.


Warden Crossbow

A crossbow created by MOBIUS based on the Agony Crossbow from the first game. It fires sideways unlike the first game.


Custom made flamethrowers are used by Harbingers (Theodore's followers). Liam O'Neil uses one when he is turned into one. Sebastian later uses O'Neil after repairing it.

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