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The Dog's Skin (Psí kuze)

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The Dog's Skin
(Psí kůže)
Psi kuze poster.jpg
Country CZE.jpg Czechoslovakia
Directed by Antonín Moskalyk
Release Date 1983
Language Czech
Studio Československá televize
Distributor Ceskoslovenská televize Brno
Main Cast
Character Actor
Eliáš Vítezslav Jandák
Arnolf Karel Hermánek
Vilkis Lukás Vaculík
Haugvit Vilém Besser
Hana Eva Trejtnarová
Rozárka Veronika Jeníková
Doleator Petr Kostka
Mamertus Pavel Trávnícek
Reeve Miroslav Streda
Jakub Adolf Filip

The Dog's Skin (Czech: Psí kůže) is a 1983 Czech historical drama directed by Antonín Moskalyk, set shortly ofter end the Thirty Years' War.

The following weapons were used in the film The Dog's Skin (Psí kuze):

Wheellock Pistol

Arnolf (Karel Hermánek) owns a Wheellock Pistol. At the a few scenes, his sidearm appears in the hands of Eliáš (Vítezslav Jandák) and Vilkis (Lukás Vaculík). Another Wheellock Pistol can be seen using by Mamertus (Pavel Trávnícek).

Wheellock pistol
Arnolf with the wheellock pistol on the belt.
Arnolf fires.
Vilkis carry the wheellock pistol on his belt.
Eliáš holds the pistol.
Mamertus with the pistol on the belt.
Perfect view of the wheelock pistol.
Promotional screenshot whis a wheellock pistol and matchlock musket.

Matchlock Musket

Several characters, include Vilkis (Lukás Vaculík) uses Matchlock Muskets throughot the movie.

European Matchlock musket.
Musketeer (at the right) run, musket in hands during the prologue from Thirty Years' War.
Servant with the musket on the shoulder.
Vilkis carry the musket and spear. The shot is very blured, but the match can be seen.
Vilkis puts the musket.
Promotional screenshot whis a wheellock pistol and matchlock musket.


An abbandoned destroed cannon can be seen at the film beggining, during the prologue from Thirty Years' War.

Destroed cannon can be seen.

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