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The Departed - Season 2 (Gurzuf)

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The Departed - Season 2 (Gurzuf)
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Language Russian
Creator Dmitriy Konstantinov
Broadcast 2018
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 8
Main Cast
Character Actor
Militsiya Captain Rodion Ilyich Stotskiy Pyotr Fyodorov
Militsiya Jr. Lieutenant Taras Zaytsev Evgeniy Antropov
Regina Morozova Darya Ursulyak
Arkadiy Lavrik Pavel Chinaryov
Alina Morozova Mariya Smolnikova
Asya Morozova Vitaliya Kornienko
Platon Sergeevich Babochkin aka Chapay Aleksandr Bukharov

The Departed - Season 2 (original title Gurzuf) is a 2018 Russian crime TV series, a sequel to The Departed (Gorod). After the victory over the crime web, Rodion Stotskiy (Pyotr Fyodorov) is promoted to Captain and transferred to the resort town of Gurzuf (hence the title) on the Black Sea coast. During the three years of his service as the head of local Militsiya, he made Gurzuf a peaceful place. But in the Summer of 1965 in a couple of days, several crimes occur at once. Stotsky comes to conclusion that all these crimes are connected, and he must find the criminals in the shortest possible time.

The following weapons were used in the television series The Departed - Season 2 (Gurzuf):


Nagant M1895

Regina Morozova (Darya Ursulyak) and Arkadiy Lavrik (Pavel Chinaryov), a family pair of robbers, use Nagant M1895 revolvers during their activities. These revolvers are genuine guns, not blank-firing or airsoft guns that can be seen in many other films and TV series of 2010s.

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
During the robbery in the train, the crime duo aim revolvers at a criminal Lyonya the Greek (Gennadiy Yakovlev).
Close-ups of Regina's Nagant.
Arkadiy prepares the revolvers for the hold-up on the illegal gabling house.
A close-up of the cylinder of Regina's Nagant during the hold-up on the illegal gambling house.
The cartridges in the cylinder of Arkadiy's revolver are seen.
Regina hijacks a car.
Regina readies her revolver when she prepares to free arrested Arkadiy. Two cartridges, seen on the ground, are blank.
Regina waits with her revolver in hand.



TT-33 pistols are used by numerous criminals, including Vakha (Konstantin Gatsalov), Makhno (Yevgeniy Chernoray), Botsman ("Boatswain") (Timur Bazinsky), and Lyonya the Greek (Gennadiy Yakovlev). In one scene a TT is used by Alla (Natalya Romanycheva), a mistress of high rank official. All TT pistols in the series are of pre-1947 version.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Pre-1947 version.
Vakha fires a TT at the henchmen of crime boss Chapay.
Makhno holds a TT in the same scene.
Two TT, together with two Nagants, are seen in the box of Regina and Arkadiy. The duo never hold the pistols on screen, using only revolvers.
Botsman holds a TT.
A close-up of Lyonya's pistol.
Lyonya attaches a sound suppressor to his TT, screwing this obviously fake device inside the barrel.
Lyonya's "suppressed" pistol.
Alla aims at Stotskiy.
Chapay's henchman Aynur (uncredited) fires at Militsiya operatives.

Makarov PM

Militsiya personnel, notably Captain Rodion Ilyich Stotskiy (Pyotr Fyodorov) and Jr. Lieutenant Taras Zaytsev aka Tarasik (Evgeniy Antropov), carry Makarov PM pistols. These pistols are blank-firing replicas of several models (air guns, also used in the series, are listed in a separate entry).

For comparison: MP-371 blank-firing pistol.
Tarasik holds a PM during the ambush.
Another view of Tarasik's pistol in the same scene.
Stotskiy's deputy Militsiya Capt. Ivan Shkuropat (Aleksey Komashko) aims a PM at Chapay.
In another scene Capt. Shkuropat holds a different version of PM, with more narrowed front part, similar to MP-371.
Chapay puts the pistol, taken from Usik, on the table. In previous scene when Chapay disarms Usik, a different PM is seen that is definitly an air gun (see below).
Stotskiy takes said pistol.
Militsiya personnel with PMs arrest bandit Gena-Shpala.
Militsioner Kostya Usik (Konstantin Gaponov) fires at Arkadiy Lavrik, trying to escape. The pistol is definitly a blued steel gun.
Tarasik holds his pistol in the same scene. This is a version with narrowed front part.

Gletcher PM

Some PM pistols, used in the series, are doubtless air guns. The screws in the slide allows to indetify the exact model as CO2 Gletcher PM (or possibly a similar model by KWC or Swiss Arms).

CO2 Gletcher PM - .177
A Militsioner, guarding the cash transporting car, holds a PM during the robbery. It has same battered silumin surface as air PM, seen later, and probably turns out to be the same prop.
Platon Babochkin aka Chapay (Aleksandr Bukharov) holds a PM, taken from Militsioneer Kostya Usik (Konstantin Gaponov). The screws in the slide can be seen.
Note the battered silumin surface.
Stotskiy pursues Alla. In this scene he holds an air gun. Note the battered silumin surface and barely noticeable screw heads.
Militsiya Starshina Kolya (uncredited) holds an air PM (again the screws can be seen) during the arrest of Arkadiy Lavrik. The PM holster is seen perfectly.

Unidentified replica PM

What appears to be a kind of PM-based plastic toy gun is seen in one scene.

During the robbery of the cash transporting car, robber Makhno (Yevgeniy Chernoray) makes a shot from the PM of the killed Militsioner (the gun doesn't fire on screen). In the previous moment this Militsioner's pistol is an air gun (see the entry for Gletcher PM).
The muzzle is seen.
The grip with somewhat unnatural magazine well is seen. Also note the slot in the bottom part of the barrel that doesn't appear on any version of PM, be it genuine or replica.

Rifles and Assault Rifles

Mosin Nagant "obrez"

Botsman (Timur Bazinsky) uses a Mosin Nagant "obrez" with intact stock during the robbery of the illegal gambling house.

Botsman (at the left) holds the "obrez".
A closer view of the gun.

English Poster

English language release poster

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