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Name: Patrick Trudeau

Born: 25 of May 1995

Nationality: Canadian

What i would like to do in life?: Become a USMC Gunsmith (MOS 2111) and maybe become a civilian Gunsmith after many years of service (BTW if you have know somebody in that MOS or know how i could get in the USMC while being Canadian (without having a US citizenship) please E-mail me (adress below).

Email: [email protected]

Favorite guns: 1911s (i really like kimbers), Glocks (i shoot the G17, G19, G21, G34 and 35 (the last ones are the long slides models) and i gotta say they are awesome but i dont really like the small ones, SW revolvers (Shoot the 686, i think it is in 357. Mag, but i shoot i couple of .38 specials in it to show the recoil and then i shoot a load of .357s, i gotta say, i prefered it to the sig sauer sp2022 wich was much less controlable) and finnaly the M1a and M14 in an Jae stock or maybe in a Sage stock (might get 2 of em). Almost forgot, if i had to own an AR-15 style rifle i would go for a side+top loading Jp entreprise or an HK 416 (with the short stroke piston it is much more reliable).

I dont own guns because i am too young to have a Canadian Aquisition liscence but i shoot my airgun every single week at 10 meters and can do sub-Moa groups fairly easily. Im already starting to save my money for a single shot bolt action .22, Kimber Tactical Entry 2 (might want to get me a threaded Stormlake Barrel to put a Silencerco Osprey .45 on it, a Surefire/Streamlight on it and carry that in a raven concealment Holster), and a SW 686. And lets not forget the ammo for all of these!

(I'm a lot older now and all this has changed, keeping it here for posterity's sake)

Do Not Sell My Personal Information