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The Big Gold of Mr. Greenwood (Bolshoe zoloto mistera Grinvuda)

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The Big Gold of Mr. Greenwood
(Bolshoe zoloto mistera Grinvuda)
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Georgiy Kondratyev
Igor Reznikov
Release Date 1991
Language Russian
Studio Evrazia
Sverdlovsk Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Leonid "Lyonka" Panteleev Vladimir Borisov
Ageich Ivan Agafonov
Maksimych Aleksandr Yakovlev
Oleg Petrovich Aleksandr Bureyev
Vera Yelena Lyukshinova
Vika Margarita Makarova

The Big Gold of Mr. Greenwood (Bolshoe zoloto mistera Grinvuda) is a Soviet 1991 action movie directed by Georgiy Kondratyev and Igor Reznikov. Two adventurers go to Siberia to found the gold, hidden by Alaskan hunter Mr. Greenwood after Russian revolution. Teaming up with a local guide, they manage to find the secret cave with the gold and weapons. But a group of criminals pursue the adventurers, and they have to fight for their lives and treasure.

The following weapons were used in the film The Big Gold of Mr. Greenwood (Bolshoe zoloto mistera Grinvuda):


Webley .38 Mk IV "Duty" Model

One of the guns, found in Greenwood's cache, is a Webley .38 Mk IV revolver. This gun is a "Duty" model. It is mostly used by Lyonka Panteleev (Vladimir Borisov). The revolver doesn't fire on screen.

Webley Mk IV, 4" barreled "Duty" model - .38 S&W
Ageich (Ivan Agafonov) finds a Webley.
Lyonka takes the revolver.
Lyonka holds Webley and Reichsrevolver M1883.
Lyonka dual-wields revolvers.
A view from the muzzle.
Lyonka dual-wields revolvers.

Reichsrevolver M1883

Another one of Greenwood's guns is a Reichsrevolver M1883. It is also used by Lyonka Panteleev (Vladimir Borisov). Unlike Webley, Reichsrevolver actually fires on screen.

Reichsrevolver M1883 - 10.6x25R
Reichsrevolver M1883 on Mr. Greenwood's table in the opening scene.
Lyonka examines the revolver.
Lyonka fires the revolver "cowboy-style".
The grip is seen.
Lyonka fires at criminals.
He reloads the revolver.
Lyonka dual-wields revolvers.


Mauser 98 Sporter

A Mauser 98 Sporter is used by Lyonka Panteleev (Vladimir Borisov), Ageich (Ivan Agafonov) and Maksimych (Aleksandr Yakovlev).

German-style Mauser 98 Sporter Model K - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Lyonka with Mauser Sporter.
Lyonka examines the rifle.
He aims.
Ageich holds the rifle.
Maksimych fires.

Winchester Model 1895

Several Winchester Model 1895 rifles are also found in Greenwood's cache. These rifles are of Russian contract model. They are used by Lyonka Panteleev (Vladimir Borisov), Ageich (Ivan Agafonov), Maksimych (Aleksandr Yakovlev) and two Maksimych's henchmen (Anatoliy Mambetov and Dmitiry Kozlov).

A Russian contract Model 1895 in 7.62x54 Russian. Note the loading bridge over the reciever
Ageich holds a rifle.
Lyonka holds a rifle.
The first henchman (Anatoliy Mambetov) fires a Winchester.
He reloads and fires.
Both henchmen with Winchesters.
Maksimych reloads and fires.

Unidentified musket

A long gun that appears to be some kind of flintlock or percussion cap musket is seen in Greenwood's cave.

A musket is seen at the left together with a Winchester Model 1895. The top barrel band is typical for various muskets of Napoleonic era and first half of 19th century.


Double Barreled Shotgun

The trio has two Double Barreled Shotguns with exposed hammers, seen in hands of Ageich (Ivan Agafonov), Lyonka (Vladimir Borisov), and Maksimych (Aleksandr Yakovlev). One of the criminals (Dmitiry Kozlov) also holds a shotgun. TOZ-63 or TOZ-66 seem to be possible guesses.

For comparison: TOZ-63 - 16 gauge
For comparison: TOZ-66 - 12 gauge
Ageich holds the shotgun.
Maksimych loads the shotgun.
Ageich carries the shotgun. At the background Maksimych carries another shotgun.
Lyonka with the shotgun.
Maksimych carries the shotgun.
The second henchman with the shotgun.
The stock is seen.

Over and Under Shotgun

The head of the gold mine Oleg Petrovich (Aleksandr Bureyev) owns an Over and Under Shotgun. TOZ-34 is a possible guess.

For comparison: TOZ-34 - 12 gauge
Oleg Petrovich and Lyonka grapple for the shotgun.
Oleg Petrovich fires at criminals.


Oleg Petrovich gives a Single Barreled Shotgun to Vera (Yelena Lyukshinova). It appears to be an IZh-18, most likely in 12 gauge.

Izhmekh IZh-18EM-M - 12 gauge
Vera with a shotgun.
Vera fires at criminals.

Other Weapons

Harpoon Gun

A harpoon gun is found in Greenwood's cave. It appears to have a Krnka system side-hinged breechblock.

Lyonka takes the harpoon gun. A Winchester Model 1895 and a musket are seen at the left.
Lyonka examines the harpoon gun.
A close view of the breechblock.
Maksimych fires the harpoon gun.
Maksimych holds the harpoon gun.

Harpoons, used with this gun on screen, are much smaller and are simply put into barrel.

Harpoon in barrel.

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