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Talk:Bourne Supremacy, The

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SIG Sauer P22X?

The one in the very last screenshot is either a P220 or a P226 (probably the latter). It's a bit blurry, but the slide is too long and the trigger guard isn't the right shape to be a P225. Yet another of the many continuity errors this series seems to have when it comes to guns. -MT2008

I am quite sure that the Sig Bourne uses throughout the movie, which he takes from Nevins, is a Sig 228, not a 225 or 226. It lacks the squared off trigger guard both of those models have. It is also too short in barrel length to be a 226.

Actually, if you look closely, it does have the squared trigger guard. Plus, the slide shape is wrong for a P228, but closer to that of the P225. It's only in the last screenshot on here that I think it may be a P226 just because the barrel is too long. That would be a continuity error, but the gun throughout the movie is generally a P225. -MT2008

I think its better to trust MT2008 since he is a big Sig fan. I also think that the slide doesn't look like a 228 at all. There is also a slight outer barrel difference.-GunnutHk

With all due respect to MT, I have 4 Sigs (real ones, not airsoft): 220, 225, 226, 229. The slide of the 225 and 228 are virtually identical...no difference in slide serrations as with the 229, and no difference in length. The outer barrel? Huh? They are both 9mm (the 228 and 225). The way to tell them apart is by trigger guard (square on 225, rounded on 228) or, if you can see the side of the frame, look for the bump-out on the 228 that allows for the doublestack mags...the bump out shows as a line just behind the takedown lever on the left side of the gun and at the equivalent spot on the right side...all this pics people have linked to here are too dark to tell either. In full action, though, I've never noticed the square trigger guard, leading me to believe it's a 228. If a clearer photo turns up, I'll eat my words.

I own a real SIG, too, not airsoft (you can see pics of my P226 on my user page). The slide of the 228 is very close to that of the 225, but the cuts in the rear are a little bit different where it meets the frame. Besides that, Bourne's SIG seems to have a squared trigger guard. I don't know what you mean with the outer barrel. -MT2008

Matt damon shoots more than 8 bullets in the car chase.

Shouldn't we move this to the talk page (or at least create a talk page for the movie and post this there)? - Swordfish941

I have no idea how old this discussion is, but I figured I would post a definitive answer. Take a look:

Bourne with the SIG in question

Notice the grip screw placement. That is far too low on the grip for a P228.----JazzBlackBelt-- 22:53, 4 July 2012 (CDT)

Keppeler & Fritz KS II Precision (?)

- I guess it's a WA 2000

It's not. That's been the most common guess, and it's not accurate. -MT2008
I agree. The barrel on this gun is much different from that of a WA 2000.

Not to mention the WA 200 is semi auto, this is bolt action.

it looks similar to the keppeler & fritz. and if it was custom built for the movie i would think that it is at least part KS II.

My best guess would be KSVK with normal flash hider and custom scope.

I thought they made a single shot bolt action kit for the WA2000. In Hitman: Blood Money you can modify the gun in this way to make it more accurate. Of course I don't use video games as first hand gun guides, but it still makes me wonder if this is a WA2000. - Gunmaster45

(edited 2009) The weapon that Jason uses on the scene is a full-customized WA 2000. This rifle using lighter chassis which has uses less frame (for make it lighter), this lighter chassis standard will only cover stock at the left side only as you can see at the picture below. And replace the chamber room with bolt-action system, and uses a very long barrel. With such this custom, the range of fire and it's accuracy increased significantly.

You should notice at the grip, it's same as WA 2000 grip design. (for more info, you can search the topic about lighter chassis for WA 2000 from the innternet).

Uh, actually, the gun Bourne uses has a totally different grip than the WA 2000. Notice how Bourne's gun has more of a pistol grip, while the Walther has a grip with a thumbhole behind it. Plus, if you look at the second shot, you'll see the difference between the Walther trigger guard and Bourne's gun's trigger guard. Bourne's gun has a round trigger guard, whereas the Walther has a trapezoid-like trigger guard. I'll put the Walther picture up for comparison-Gunman69 19:32, 27 June 2009 (UTC)
Bourne's finger on the trigger (notice how the grip and the trigger guard are different from the Walther WA 2000 below).

There is no way its a WA 2000 so stop quoting Hitman Blood Money. Any way you guys think it can be a custom Denel ntw-20?

Rifle in Poster?

Maybe a Blaser R93, maybe something more obscure, I have no idea on the glass, probably something a props guy thought looked good, turrets are way too small for it to be a decent LR Tactical scope.

Unknown shotgun

When the SWAT team shows up at the hotel, a policeman is seen with a PGO shot gun at about 1:05:38. It has some kind of dot sight, what apears to be a dohicky to allow doorbreaching(standoff device?) and has the ejection port on the side Here's a better shot than the old one. The muzzle device seems to have 3 cuts on the top

TBS shotgun 2.JPG

Any ideas?Mandolin 03:03, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

That type of barrel allows you to blow door hinges off. Usually it's not an add-on to the barrel, but a whole new one. --Predator20 04:00, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

Sorry about the size of my pics, I'm stil trying to figure this out. Anyone want to resize them? Havn't figured that out yet.Mandolin 04:05, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

I just capture the frames with the Print Screen button and copy them onto MSpaint and save them as .jpg's. I'm sure there are better ways but that's how I do it. Diego Wolfwood

In my opinion that best resembles the mossberg 500 breacher with a door breacher muzzle brake.


Is this section new ? Because I saw the movie today and i was about to add it, but it was already there and last time I checked it wasn't there so i though it was not there.

Yup. I noticed it when I watched the movie recently, so I added it. Mandolin 15:57, 25 March 2010 (UTC)

Oh ok i was about to add yesterday, but its ok because i had no pic. so yours is complete. AceV

Sniper Rifle Definitely NOT a KS-II

I have recently been making a page for Red Cap (go here for additional pics) which contains a genuine KS-II and whilst trying to find information about it, decided that this rifle wasn't one. Unfortunately I have not idea what it is, just that it isn't (in my opinion) a KS-II. To help in my explanation, I will add the following photo. I have no idea if it is actually from the movie, special features, or a publicity shot, but it is helpful for showing the layout of the rifle.


And here is a genuine KS-II

Keppeler und Fritz KS-II - .338 Lapua

First off, it is clear that the "chassis" of the gun is completely different, with the Bourne gun being made from bolted strips of metal, as opposed to the KS-II where the backbone of the rifle is a thick circular bar that runs along the top of the rifle all the way from the halfway point of the barrel to the butt. Also, the KS-II has the sight mounted on the side of this backbone. Behind the pistol grip, the Bourne rifle is just two horizontal struts and a rubber butt plate with a cheek rest, unlike the KS-II which has a more substantial rear receiver, with a very distinctive butt. The ejection ports are also different shapes on the two rifles, as are the trigger guards, and the KS-II has a longer bolt handle. Lastly, the KS-II is fed from a side loading magazine on the left side of the rifle, just above the grip, which is totally absent from the Bourne rifle. As I said before I have not idea what the rifle actually is though, just that I am 99% sure that it can't be a KS-II. --commando552 02:28, 22 January 2011 (UTC)

(Could it be an Alex Bor Rifle? -arch)

Don't wanna work up a shitstorm of an argument, but I am beginning too think that the rifle could be a prop. I am no expert here, but looking over the photo at the bolt-action, I don't see how the lever could be pulled back to insert another round. Even if it IS just a prop, damn it's sexy. I really hope I am wrong though, but taking a closer look at the photo, it does seem to be a custom built prop. Fixer

Bourne's Mystery Sniper Rifle

I find myself agreeing with fixer the rifle certainly seems like a prop, the bolt looks like it can not be pulled back, and where would the mag go anyway? In the pistol grip? I doubt it unless the rifle is 9mm which i also doubt. statichunter

You are aware that single shot rifles exist? The Kaptain 14:45, 5 July 2012 (CDT)

Yeah my bad I really didn't think that through all those years ago haha! Statichunter (talk) 03:02, 20 January 2015 (EST)

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