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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he pulls a compact Beretta from a woman's purse in one fo the trailers. -- K 22:22, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, it did look like a Beretta Jetfire or something similiar. --Ruzhyo 05:03, 27 August 2010 (UTC)

It was his Hooker's girlfriend. The movie was moving slow so I didn't get a good look at it but he finds it in her purse. Also, for a uber-gunsmith am I the only one who finds it pathetic the best he can come up with is a Mini-14 for something "with the functionality of a sub-gun and the accuracy of an assault rifle [sic]?" It doesn't spoil anything for those who feel like wasting their money but the parameters she gives if I can remember correctly are:

- Target is at 150 to 175 yards - "Silenced" to which for Clooney's part he suggests suppressed - Rapid fire - Able to fit in a vanity bag. Clooney amends it to a briefcase.

If I was the uber-gunsmith I would probably come up with something a little better. And because he has the barrel shipped to him he might as well just dish out for a nice supressor from AAC as opposed to running around town collecting parts.

  • I agree. When I first saw that he got a Mini-14 I thought it was some kind of lame joke. Why choose such a high-velocity caliber like .223, then potentially having to use poor medium-range performance subsonic ammo (furthermore .223 ammo is not available for non-military/non-LE users in Italy, and would therefore be much harder and costlier to obtain illegally) when there would quite likely be much better options? A Mini-14 is nice for the A-Team or Uncle Joe in Kansas, but for a silent sniper? C'mon! I'ld call the whole sale a giant rip-off... Ungesehen 19:38, 3 January 2011 (UTC)

And you'd have left an easy to follow paper trail, not exactly something an assassin wants. Buying a suppressor is something entirely different to buying a gun. speaking about the Ruger, it's a weapon that wouldn't leave a distinct paper trail, as opposed to more fanciful weapons fitting that description.

Might be my eyes playing tricks on me but it looked to me like he had a PPK/S in Sweden and a PPK in the Italian scenes. I would not even consider this a huge continuity gaffe - perhaps he ditched one in transit.

  • (Spoiler alert) As I thought the film was sort of a remake of 'The Mechanic' or of something involving a hitman in the 70's, a Bond superspy in the 60's or a cowboy in the 50s I was way ahead of the final plot twist until the bit near the end when the schoolbus drives up. I thought at last the well dressed hitwoman's requirements of her weapon that she required would fall into the plot-the silenced rapid fire rifle that fits in a handbag and costs $9.99 (with a free set of steak knives if you buy before midnight) would make sense as a weapon of choice to hit a schoolbus full of screaming rugrats (rather than just George). Following film cliches, that would give Clooney the chance to 'atone' for the opening bit by him stopping her. Alas, the film didn't go there.Foofbun 08:22, 31 December 2010 (UTC)

I'm not really familiar with the mini 14, but it appears that the rifle barrel in the film is threaded and attaches mid-length at the gas block, yet the breech of the barrel should still be in the same place at the bolt head. This would mean the barrel is in two sections that screw together in the middle. Can anyone tell me, is this possible? Am I missing something? Is this how the mini 14 is designed? If so, I've never seen a rifle barrel like this before. I would think it unlikely that the rifling would always match up perfectly or that such a threaded joint in the middle of the barrel could safely withstand the pressure of firing. Someone please educate me.

The take down of the Mini-14 is a fabrication. The barrel of the Mini-14 attaches directly to the front of the receiver, and is not a two piece deal. Use of this gun for the role intended is asinine. This would probably be the least likely gun I would choose for anything related to a "hit". Captain_America

/* Ruger Mini 14 */

The Rifle he pulls from the packaging is a Ruger Ranch Rifle (scope ring base integrated in the receiver.) The Stock is clearly a Ruger factory folding stock, the receiver is clearly a Ranch Rifle, and the barrel is clearly an old style tapered thin barrel with an old style blade sight. Interestingly once he builds it, he puts an anodized pink aluminum B-Square side-plate mounted scope base on it, when the ranch rifle receiver has a built-in scope base. The suppressor, which he accurately states is a suppressor, not a "silencer" is home-made. The crazy-ass ammunition which he files off and drills out to put liquid mercury in the hollow point is a movie invention made to look scary.

7.65 not .38 caliber

The Walther in 7.65 is not .380 caliber (9mm KURZ), as 7.65mm is approximately .30 not .38 caliber...rather it is the the 7.65 Luger bottlenecked cartridge (.380 and 9mm are straight cased). This is a better round than either the .380 or the the more powerful 9mm Luger, as it it has velocities in the range of the .357 magnum (1300-1400+ fps) exceeding the 9mm Luger by at least 150 FPS.

You are absolutely right that the 7.65 Luger has roughly the same velocity as a heavy .357 Magnum, however the 7.65mm in a Walther PP refers to .32 ACP, or 7.65x17mm, a straight cased round and slower than all the above mentioned. The 7.65 Luger is a bottlenecked round as you say, but its dimensions are 7.65x21, more akin to the Soviet 7.65 Tokarev. If there is a Walther PP out there chambered for the 7.65 Luger, then I have never read about it. Rebusdi 10:33, 8 May 2012 (CDT) P.S. Please sign your posts with four ~ or the button at the top of the editing pannel.

Listing the gun seen on the tv? are you serious?

That is IMHO ridiculous. You can barely make it out, and no one (most of all, the ARMORERS) would even list it as being a firearm used on the production. :( MoviePropMaster2008 15:22, 7 May 2012 (CDT)


Does anyone know what scope that was on the Mini-14? Thanks (btw - I like the Ruger, but I think they should've used the Nemesis Arms Vanquish. (imho) Thewolfchild (talk) 00:44, 22 November 2020 (EST)

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