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Scarecrows (1988)

Scarecrows is a 1988 horror film that focuses on a group of paramilitary commandos who rob a bank and escape in a stolen cargo plane. When a member betrays his comrades and parachutes out with the money, his former comrades then give chase and stumble across an isolated farm teeming with scarecrows and strange incidents begin occurring. As the night wears on, it begins to become clear that that the scarecrows are alive.

The following weapons were used in the film Scarecrows:


The Uzi is the primary weapon of many of the robbers, used with several different types of attachments. Bert (B.J. Turner) and Roxanne (Kristina Sanborn) use basic Uzis without any "frills." The Uzi used by Curry (Michael David Simms) has a flashlight mounted underneath the barrel. The Uzi used by Jack (Richard Vidan) is equipped with a night-vision sniper scope. Numerous times, Jack and others will use the scope to search for things in the darkness (in lieu of night-vision goggles, despite owning some).

IMI Uzi 9x19mm
Corbin (Ted Vernon) looks through the scope of Jack's Uzi while the robbers search for Bert from the plane.
Roxanne (Kristina Sanborn) keeps her Uzi held on Al (David James Campbell) in the cockpit.
Curry (Michael David Simms) searches the Fowler house with his flashlight-equipped Uzi as he enters.
Jack (Richard Vidan) with his scoped Uzi as he enters after Curry.
Jack sits on the roof of the Fowler house, looking through his Uzi's scope in an attempt to locate Bert and the money.
Curry with his Uzi as he and Jack search for the money in the cornfields.
Curry holds his Uzi at the ready as Jack, now turned into a scarecrow by the Fowlers, tries to get inside.


The robbers (primarily Bert and Curry) carry M1911 pistols for sidearms.

World War 2 issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Curry (Michael David Simms) has his M1911 up as he, Jack and Corbin approach a parked truck.
Bert's M1911 in his mostly lifeless hand as he enters the house, seemingly badly wounded.
Bert drops his M1911.
Side view of Curry's M1911 as he shoots into Bert, after Bert turns out to be more than merely wounded.
Curry with his M1911.

High Standard Model 10B

Corbin (Ted Vernon) uses High Standard Model 10B equipped with a flashlight. Corbin, a devout Christian, blesses his ammunition. Consequently, his shotgun is the only firearm to actually damage or kill the scarecrows. When Corbin is injured, Kellie (Victoria Christian) uses the shotgun against the scarecrows.

High Standard Model 10B - 12 gauge
Corbin holds his Model 10B on Al (David James Campbell).
Corbin with the Model 10B as the group finds Bert's parachute
Corbin shoots one of the scarecrows.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snubnose

Al (David James Campbell) keeps a nickel snubnose Smith & Wesson Model 19 with pearl grips in its holster hidden under his seat aboard the plane. It's never seen too clearly outside of the holster and Al gets killed by the scarecrows before getting to use it.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose.
Al's S&W in its holster.
Al takes the S&W out.
Al opens the cylinder and checks his ammo.

M67 "Baseball" Grenade

An M67 "Baseball" Grenade is used by Bert (B.J. Turner) to try and blow up the plane at the beginning, but Corbin (Ted Vernon) throws it out and it explodes in midair. In the climax, one of these is used to kill the possessed Al (David James Campbell).

M67 HE-Frag grenade

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