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No Way Out (Elq Chka)

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No Way Out (Elq Chka)
Elq Chka Poster.jpg
English Poster
Country ARM.jpg Armenia
Directed by Vahe Sayan
Release Date 2014
Language Armenian
Studio Reco Time Production
Main Cast
Character Actor
David Kamo Unanyan
Gugo Armen Marutyan
Eva Ani Haroyan
Saro Arshavir Panosyan
Armen Artavazd Hovhannisyan

No Way Out (original title Էլք Չկա; Elq Chka) is a 2014 Armenian action crime drama. The film tells the story of a brilliant Armenian boxing champion who tries to protect his friend, a fanatical poker player, who lost a huge amount of money to a mafia boss and soon finds himself in the war between rival criminal gangs.

The following weapons were used in the film No Way Out (Elq Chka):



Beretta 85FS

Havo (Narek Petrosyan) uses a Beretta 85FS. Later, he gives it to David (Kamo Unanyan). Saro (Arshavir Panosyan) uses another Beretta 85FS (most likely, the same movie prop, since only a single pistol appears on screen).

Beretta 85FS - .380 ACP (same as the 84, but has a single stacked magazine instead of the double stacked one used by the 84.)
The pistol is seen laid out on a table. Note the Beretta logo on the grip.
Elq Chka handguns 2.jpg
Elq Chka handguns 3.jpg
Havo (Narek Petrosyan) threatens Saro.
Havo (Narek Petrosyan) with a pistol.
Havo (Narek Petrosyan) loads his pistol.
Saro (Arshavir Panosyan) aims his pistol.
Close Up. Perfect view of the pistol. Note the stepped trigger guard, typical for the 85FS.
David (Kamo Unanyan) fires.
The brutal henchman (Levon Hovhannisyan) takes the pistol from David.

Umarex Reck Goliath

The brutal henchman (Levon Hovhannisyan) uses a Umarex Reck Goliath to threaten Eva (Ani Haroyan).

Umarex Reck Goliath - 9 mm P.A.K
The brutal henchman (Levon Hovhannisyan) fires his pistol.
Elq Chka pistol 2 2.jpg
Elq Chka pistol 2 3.jpg
Elq Chka pistol 2 4.jpg
Elq Chka pistol 2 6.jpg
The pistol pressed against Eva's head.
Good view of the slide. Note the typical rear sight.
Elq Chka pistol 2 9.jpg

Beretta 84FS

The brutal henchman (Levon Hovhannisyan) draws a Beretta 84FS at the film's climax. David (Kamo Unanyan) later takes it for himself. Gugo (Armen Marutyan) can also be seen using a Beretta 84FS at the film's climax.

Beretta 84FS - .380 ACP
The henchman threatens David.
Elq Chka pistol 3 3.jpg
Elq Chka pistol 3 4.jpg
David (Kamo Unanyan) fires his captured pistol.
Elq Chka pistol 3 6.jpg
Blurred shot of the pistol in the hands of Gugo (Armen Marutyan).
Gugo (Armen Marutyan) aims.
Elq Chka pistol 4 3.jpg
Elq Chka pistol 4 4.jpg
Gugo (Armen Marutyan) fires his pistol.


EKOL Viper

Havo (Narek Petrosyan) gives his EKOL Viper to David (Kamo Unanyan), who uses it once.

EKOL Viper, 2.5" barrel - 9mm R.K./P.A.K. blanks
The revolver is seen.
Elq Chka handguns 2.jpg
Elq Chka handguns 3.jpg
David (Kamo Unanyan) examines his new firearm.
Elq Chka revolver 1 2.jpg
The revolver in the drawer.
Elq Chka revolver 1 4.jpg
David (Kamo Unanyan) aims his revolver at Saro.
Elq Chka revolver 1 6.jpg

Umarex Smith Wesson Chiefs Special

Havo (Narek Petrosyan) takes a Umarex Smith Wesson Chiefs Special from Saro (Arshavir Panosyan).

Umarex made clone of the Smith & Wesson Model 36 with nickel finish - 9mm P.A.K. blanks
Havo (Narek Petrosyan) with the captured revolver.
The revolver in the left hand of Havo (Narek Petrosyan).
Elq Chka handguns 4.jpg
Elq Chka revolver 2 5.jpg
Brief, but good, shot of the revolver.

Blow 38

Saro's henchman (Yerjanik Yeghiazaryan) uses a Blow 38 with a black finish in one scene.

Blow 38, black finish - 9mm R.K and P.A.K. blanks
Elq Chka revolver 3 1.jpg
The henchman (Yerjanik Yeghiazaryan) aims his revolver.
Close Up.
The hammer cocks back.
The henchman (Narek Petrosyan) fires. Note the position of the screws in the frame which help to identify this as a Blow 38.

Assault Rifles


The brutal henchman (Levon Hovhannisyan) fires an AK-104 (most likely an airsoft replica) at one scene.

Airsoft AK-104.
The folding stock is seen.
Elq Chka rifle 1 2.jpg
Elq Chka rifle 1 3.jpg
The brutal henchman (Levon Hovhannisyan) fires. Note the obviously CGI muzzle flash.
Close up of the muzzle.
Elq Chka rifle 1 6.jpg
Elq Chka rifle 1 7.jpg
Elq Chka rifle 1 8.jpg
The barrel is seen.


Prison guards at the film's climax carry AKM rifles.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
Rifle on the right.
Elq Chka rifle 2 2.jpg
The muzzle and front sight is seen.
Elq Chka rifle 2 4.jpg
Elq Chka rifle 2 5.jpg

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