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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
If you can help identify any of the weapons labelled "unknown," please do so.

Gomorrah (2008)

Gomorrah is a 2008 Italian mob drama about the Camorra, the name of the Mafia around the south-Italian town of Naples. It exposes how this organization has become firmly linked in the everyday life of many Naples inhabitants, from social benefits and drug trafficking to the disposal of toxic waste.

The movie has a number of dramatic storylines but from a gun-perspective, the major story is the one about Marco (Marco Macor) and Ciro (Ciro Petrone). These two local teenagers have a desperate desire to move up the ranks of the local mafia and they see their chances increasing when they discover a secret Camorra weapons cache.

The following guns were used in the film Gomorrah:


Beretta 92S

A Camorra hitman is seen using a Beretta 92S during the shoot-out in the beauty parlor. The gun is identifiable by its round hand guard and slide-mounted safety.

Beretta Model 92S - 9x19mm

Glock 17

During a violent robbery scene, a thug is seen holding what appears most like a Glock 17 judging by the slide and the trigger guard. Note that the slide has locked back, unknowingly to the frightened bookkeeper whose loyalty is ensured by putting the gun to his head.

2nd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm

Desert Eagle Mark VII

Ciro picks up what looks like an unidentified non-firing version of a gold-plated Desert Eagle Mark VII and uses it in several scenes. It’s probably not a real Desert Eagle Mark VII due to the use of many other prop guns and the fact that it’s never fired in the movie.

Gold-plated Desert Eagle MK VII - .44 Magnum
Ciro collecting money from the cash register as he and his friend Marco rob the casino.

Kimar Model 92

In the final scene, Ciro picks up a Kimar Model 92 to bring to their next assignment. Even though it very much resembles a real Beretta 92F/FS, it can be identified as a Kimar Model 92 due to the lower part of the black grip covers (next to the bottom screw) following the shape of the front side of the grip, rather than extending to the magazine well in a straight line.

Kimar Model 92 - 8mm Blank

Reck Miami 92F

In most scenes, Camorra members are seen wielding the nickel finished Reck Miami 92F standing in for real Beretta 92FS Inox’s. This model can be identified by e.g. the hammer/safety lever etc. to be black rather than nickel plus the massive inscriptions on the slide. These cannot be deciphered (even when enlarged) but they are surely less subtle than on the Beretta 92FS Inox.

Reck Miami 92F, nickel finish - 9 mm P.A.K. blanks
A street kid returns the Reck Miami 92F to its ‘rightful’ owner after he dropped it while being chased by police officers.
The bookkeeper fears for his life after a hitman aims a Reck Miami 92F at him.
In a particularly telling scene, Marco and his friend Ciro are seen re-enacting scenes from Scarface, especially the ‘Say-Hello-to-My-Little-Friend’ finale. Note that Marco is wearing the exact same red Hawaii shirt as Tony Montana.


Marco picks up a KSC M93R (as a substitute for a real-life Beretta 93R) from a Camorra weapons cache and uses it as his main side arm throughout the movie. It is identifiable as the airsoft KSC M93R because of the big horizontal oval shaped compensation holes in the barrel instead of the 3 small vertical ones on the real Beretta 93R.

KSC M93R airsoft pistol
Marco taking his KSC M93R from a duffel bag as he and his friend set out on another crime venture. Note the enlarged trigger guard.
Marco flashing the KSC M93R during the casino robbery.

Unidentified Revolver

In a number of scenes, an unidentified snub nosed revolver with target sights is used. It’s probably some kind of easily available non-firing prop gun or starter gun.

A Versace-clad hitman fires the revolver during the beauty parlor shoot-out.
Marco holds the revolver while opening a duffel bag to take guns from the weapons cache.
The Camorra hitman on the right is seen with the unidentified revolver. The shabby appearance of these characters is typical for the general atmosphere of the movie.

Beretta 92 prop

In the final scene, Ciro is seen with a plastic prop of the Beretta 92FS, identifiable as such by the crude sights and the closed barrel.



Colt Model 727

Marco is seen testing a Colt Model 727 from the weapons cache that he and his friend Ciro discovered. The rifle has a 4 position collapsible stock and doesn't have a detachable carry handle which makes it a Colt Model 727. It is fitted with a G&P produced airsoft replica of the M203 grenade launcher (identifiable by the the style of the RIS attachment at the back) and the handguard is most probably an Olympic Arms FIRSH 7.125" Quad Rail or a JB Unicorn Airsoft replica.

Colt Model 727 "M16A2 carbine" - 5.56x45mm
Airsoft M203 made by G&P


Ciro, in turn, is seen test-firing an AKS-47 at the beach. His non-heroïcal appearance is telling for his sad ambition to become the next ‘Scarface’, which is underscored by him almost slipping in the mud from the AKS-47’s recoil when he empties his first magazine.

Type III AKS-47 - 7.62x39mm

Valmet M76

A Valmet M76F with side folding tubular stock is seen on a table in a Camorra weapons cache. It is clearly identified by the very typical tubular stock and when the image is enlarged, the folding element can be distinguished.

Valmet M76F Assault rifle with side folding tubular stock - 5.56x45mm

Submachine Guns


Marco is seen testing an Uzi on the beach. Note his incorrect handling of the buttstock as a grip.

IMI Uzi with collapsible buttstock extended - 9x19mm


In several scenes the typical shape of the MAC-10 can be seen, however without some kind of stock.

Ingram MAC-10 open bolt submachine gun - .45 ACP
Ciro showing an incredible lack of trigger discipline by keeping his finger on the trigger as he waves around a MAC-10.
In one scene, the Chinese textiles merchants are being attacked in their car by two thugs on a motor cycle using what seems to be the same MAC-10.


Gun Cache

In their attempts to move up in the local world of crime, the two friends Marco and Ciro hang around adult Camorra members. In a shack, they stumble across a well-stocked and secret Camorra weapons cache that has the promise to fulfill all their criminal dreams.

Identifiable guns are: (1) Desert Eagle Mark VII, (2) AKS-47, (3) MAC-10, (4) SA Vz. 82 Skorpion, (5) unidentified assault rifle, (6) Spectre M4, (7) Beretta PM12S and (8) Uzi.
Identifiable guns are: (1) Uzi,(2) Franchi SPAS-12,(3) Beretta PM12S,(4) Desert Eagle Mark VII,(5) Kimar Model 92 and (6) AKS-47.

Webley & Scott Schermuly Multi-Purpose Gun

In a promotional image, Ciro is seen with a Webley & Scott Schermuly Multi-Purpose Gun. This gun does not appear in the actual movie.

Schermuly Multi-Purpose Gun - 37mm

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