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Far Cry 3

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Far Cry 3 (2012). Some versions of this box art show Vaas' Glock with slanted cocking serrations and, bizarrely, a cocked hammer.
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (2013)

Far Cry 3 is the 2012 sequel to Far Cry 2, developed and published by Ubisoft for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, using an updated form of the proprietary "Dunia" engine from its predecessor. As with Far Cry 2, it is a sequel in name only and has no real connection to any other Far Cry game, instead taking place on a fictional Pacific archipelago collectively known as Rook Island. The player takes the role of Jason Brody, a rich young American thrill-seeker who finds himself in mortal danger after he and his friends are abducted by a band of ruthless pirates under the deranged command of Vaas Montenegro. After escaping Vaas' camp, Jason finds himself involved in an ongoing war between Vaas' pirates and the native Rakyat people, and is tested to the limit as he attempts to free his friends and escape the island.

A version for the Xbox One and PS4, Far Cry 3: Classic, is set to be available for free to Far Cry 5 season pass holders starting May 29th 2018, with a release as a standalone title planned four weeks later. It is essentially a straight port of the PC original running at close to maximum settings, with some minor graphical changes such as lighting engine tweaks and depth of field blur. PC owners of the Far Cry 5 Season Pass simply receive a copy of the original game.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a stand-alone expansion to Far Cry 3 released in May 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Seemingly originating as an April Fools' joke, Blood Dragon is an homage to 1980s cartoons and action movies, starring Michael Biehn as rebuilt soldier Rex Power Colt who must face down an army of evil cyborg soldiers in the toxic ashes of Vietnam War 2.

For emphasis: this is a real game.

The following weapons appear in the video games Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon:


Far Cry 3 uses an unusually complex system for handling weapons, with RPG elements such as crafting and experience. By default the player character, Jason Brody, has one weapon slot which he can equip any weapon in; further slots, along with additional carrying capacity for ammunition, are gained by hunting local animals and using their skins to make bandoliers, pouches and belts in the game's Crafting menu. In this way he can ultimately equip up to four weapons at once. Unlike the previous game these can be any four weapons, with no preset classes for the slots. Ammunition is determined by weapon subtypes, not by what the weapon would actually fire, so the 5.56mm assault rifles share ammunition with the 7.62x39mm AK-103 and 7.62x51mm Galil ACE and SOCOM 16. Jason can also carry supplies of mines, C4 packs, hand grenades and molotovs. The former are treated as the fifth and sixth weapon slots, while the latter are thrown with a hotkey with a key to switch between them.

Weapons are gained from stores, and can be acquired in one of three ways; either bought with currency, unlocked by picking them up from enemies (which appears subject to some limitations), or unlocked by deactivating scramblers on the radio towers scattered across the two islands. Once a weapon is purchased or unlocked, it can be equipped an unlimited number of times for no further fee. Guns no longer degrade, jam or explode as they did in Far Cry 2, so weapons only need to be re-acquired if the player wants to alter their loadout. Accessories and paint schemes for weapons can also be bought, and unlike weapons there is no way to get these for free; they must be bought for each weapon and are not interchangeable between them, and each weapon has a set number of upgrades which can be applied to it at the same time. Any weapon with an "extended magazine" upgrade will not change visually to indicate its presence.

In addition to regular weapons, special "Signature" weapons with unique paint schemes, attachment combinations and bonuses can be made available for purchase by completing various prerequisites; these are always better than the basic weapon they are modifications of. Like accessories, they must always be bought and are never unlocked for free.

Jason starts out with minimal abilities, but can gain more using an experience point system based on a mystical tribal tattoo, the "Tatau," on his left arm. These include general boosts like extra health slots, but also combat-based abilities such as the ability to cook grenades, reload while running, use one-handed weapons on ziplines, and so on.

Blood Dragon uses the same inventory system but a streamlined version of the other systems, with Rex Colt starting with many of the abilities Jason would have to unlock and unlocking more as he levels up, with no choice as to which ones are given. The crafting system is not present, and all weapon upgrades including the previously crafted ammo capacity upgrades are unlocked by completing side missions and bought with currency.


IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX, called the "D50," is the last handgun unlocked and the most powerful. It is only available once the South island is unlocked, and is never encountered in the North. Predictably, it cannot use a suppressor. The custom colours for the Desert Eagle allow it to have a black, chrome or two-tone finish, as well as the standard selection of camo patterns. It features an incorrect eight-round magazine, which is only present on the .44 Magnum version of the Desert Eagle; the correct capacity for a .50AE is seven rounds. This increases to ten rounds if the extended magazine option is used, which is not correct for any Desert Eagle.

Jason will pull a Desert Eagle from an enemy's holster when using the Gunslinger Takedown ability, which is strange since enemies never use it themselves. Once there are no valid targets, the gun will run out of ammo and Jason will discard it.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50AE
Desert Eagle in the store menu. Note the ridiculously large damage bar.
Determined to out-silly the previous game, Jason Brody uses a scoped, chrome-plated .50AE Desert Eagle one-handed as he hangs from a zipline.
His work accomplished, he celebrates by reloading; note the barrel lock is no longer left-handed, and no trademarks are present on the slide, either made-up or otherwise. Note also that the scope is attached to only one of the barrel's two scope rails, using an unlikely-to-work RIS quick release switch, and the hammer is barely at the half-cock position.
Jason uses the "Gunslinger Takedown" with no other enemies around, discovering the slide of the Desert Eagle is apparently motorised since it instantly locks open without the gun even being fired.
In the "Badtown" settlement, the arms dealer's gun cabinet rather strangely contains three Desert Eagles, even though the weapon is not actually available to buy at this point in the game.

Kimber Warrior

A Kimber Warrior, simply called the "1911," is the first weapon encountered in the game; it is bought after Jason escapes from Vaas' camp with money given by Dennis Rogers, in order to introduce the shop system. It is a very common pistol, especially in the hands of NPCs; both Dennis and Vaas are frequently shown with it.

The Kimber Warrior features an eight-round Kimber KimPro Tac-Mag magazine; since the weapon's capacity is always eight rounds whether it is loaded mid-mag or empty, his Kimber presumably digests any chambered round when it is reloaded. Despite the game saying it can mount a suppressor, it actually has no accessories; however, the Signature version, "Shadow," has a suppressor, extended magazine and open reflex sight. This version is unlocked for purchase by clearing seventeen enemy strongholds.

Kimber Warrior - .45 ACP
Kimber Warrior in the store menu.
"Shadow" Signature version in the store menu.
Per the grand traditions of the previous game, Jason's first reflex on arriving in a tropical paradise is to accidentally set fire to it.
During a widely-trailered escape sequence, Jason uses a Kimber Warrior to threaten a helicopter pilot as he attempts to make his getaway. Note that the Kimber is equipped with a rail...
...which vanishes when the player is given control of Jason as he fails to shoot an RPG gunner on the ground. This is ultimately handled by removing the aiming crosshair and disabling iron sights; it is unlikely the RPG gunner can even be hit here.
Jason empty-reloads his Kimber Warrior, impressing one of Vaas' henchmen with his reloading technique and his being-shot technique at the same time.
Jason holds the custom "Shadow" variant as he ponders in what way jumping into a cenote is not a horrifyingly bad idea.
In the land of not-terrible ideas, Jason reloads his "Shadow."
Dennis Rogers holds a Kimber Warrior as he helps Jason up; while Jason's own Warrior is shown without a rail, NPCs always have one on their Warriors even though they never have an accessory mounted on it.
Vaas holds his own Kimber Warrior on Jason.

Makarov PB

The Makarov PB appears as "6P9", which is the weapon's GRAU designation. Strangely it does not come with the front of its integral suppressor by default, and if a suppressor is equipped it will use the generic suppressor model instead of the correct one for the PB. It is a rare sight in the game; the boyfriend in the mission "Juliet" has one, and in a hallucination Jason can be seen holding one to his own head. As well as the obvious ability to use a suppressor, it can also be customised with illuminated sights and an extended magazine, and can accept up to two attachments at a time. Like the Kimber and unlike the other semi-automatic pistols it has the correct magazine capacity of eight rounds, though this is tempered by the spontaneous nonexistence of the chambered round if it is reloaded mid-magazine.

Makarov PB with secondary suppressor - 9x18mm Makarov
Makarov PB in the store menu.
Jason holds a Makarov PB with no accessories as he takes a stroll down by the river. In this state the PB is basically useless, having no real advantage over the Kimber Warrior.
The integral suppressor also does rather less than one might think it would.
Realising this, Jason soon has it outfitted with a suppressor and illuminated sights. Note the suppressor model does not match the one in the real gun image above, and is the same one used by every other weapon.
After refusing to let the peace and quiet push him around, Jason empty-reloads his PB; the model is more or less correct in terms of the relationship between the non-detachable suppressor and the slide.
While hallucinating, Jason sees an image of himself holding a PB as he attempts to rid the world of his haircut. Note the disembodied magazine floating at his waist.

Orion Flare Gun

A 12-gauge Orion Flare Gun is available as the "Flare Gun" from the start of the game. Flare guns are used by enemies to summon reinforcements, but cannot be picked up from them as they only drop their normal weapons when killed. In Jason's hands, the Orion can be used to start fires, can distract enemies if fired into the air, or can fired directly at them; the flare gun is an instant kill if it hits an enemy or animal directly, and a flare will severely damage or destroy a vehicle it lands on. It has a gold finish and no custom options.

Orion flare gun - 12 gauge
Orion flare gun in the store menu.
Jason holds his randomly gold Orion flare gun as he studies a waterfall, attempting to figure out a way to set fire to it.
"Perhaps if I set fire to the sky first?"
His ambition thwarted, Jason reloads his flare gun. As is common in shooters, there is no model for a spent flare round and so Jason swaps an unfired round for a different unfired round.
Realising water and air will not catch fire, Jason decides to try setting fire to earth, with considerably more success.
He's soon happily sharing this knowledge with the local pirate population, who do not appreciate his generosity as much as he might have hoped.
Jason soon finds that boats also count as earth.

Smith & Wesson Model 629

The ".44 Magnum" is a Smith & Wesson Model 629 resembling a Performance Center "Stealth Hunter." By default it has a 4-inch barrel, but can be upgraded; the barrel length upgrade replaces the option to mount a suppressor. The unlockable Signature "Cannon" pistol, a reward for using the uPlay service, has a 6-inch barrel, a tube reflex optic and enhanced damage.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter - .44 Magnum‎
Model 629 Stealth Hunter in the store menu.
"Cannon" Signature variant in the store menu. Note the strange listing of the "6 round chamber" among the customisations; putting six rounds in one chamber of a revolver would certainly be worth seeing (preferably from a very, very long way away), and even if the terminology error is ignored, the regular 629 has a six-round capacity as it is.
Jason holds a black Model 629 Stealth Hunter with a long barrel and reflex sight as he looks over an ammo crate. These crates provide ammunition for all weapons, and as with the ammo stockpiles in Far Cry 2 can be used three times before being depleted.
Aware that his hunting must be stealthy, Jason waits until dark to reload. While the animation vaguely acknowledges the extractor rod, the spent casings fall out before Jason even touches it, and the rod itself is fixed on the model and does not move when he presses it, his thumb simply clipping through it. All six casings are shown empty no matter how many had been fired, and the casings themselves appear to be the entire length of the cylinder, which leads to certain questions about how they fit when they have bullets in them.
Soon bored with the regular version, he reloads the special "Cannon" variant. Note that both versions have a six-round cylinder, so the "Cannon" is customised to be exactly the same.
In both cases he then brings in a speedloader with the new rounds, wondering how exactly they fit into the cylinder. After twisting it to remove it, Jason makes wheelgun fans wince by flicking the revolver to snap the cylinder back into position.

Type 10 Flare Gun

A Japanese Type 10 Flare Pistol can be used in multiplayer with one of the pre-order bonus packs. The flare gun has apparently been converted to fire shotshells instead of flares, which would presumably have to be handmade since 35mm is not a standard shotgun calibre (being slightly above the 33.67mm 2-gauge used by smaller punt guns; for perspective, 12 gauge is 18.53mm). They would presumably result in the shooter's hand being remade if they were fired one-handed from a 2.6 pound flare gun. The version shown in the game is a very rare variant with a frame-mounted safety, which was eliminated on later Type 10s when it was found the heavy double-action trigger pull rendered it unnecessary. Only about 150 guns were produced with this feature, of which only around five examples are known to survive.

Japanese Type 10 flare gun with safety - 35mm
Type 10 flare gun on the multiplayer loadout screen. Note that the serial number on the weapon is 519, which is incorrect; the highest known serial number of a Type 10 with a safety is 453, and by 519 the feature had been deleted.
The player character in multiplayer holds a Type 10 flare gun; note that it uses the same circle reticle as the shotguns. Note also that the Type 10 is far too small, being not much bigger than the Orion despite that it should be almost double the calibre.
Iron sights of the Type 10; apparently multiplayer player characters all have reinforced steel giga-wrists which can stand the strain of firing a 35mm shotshell one-handed.
Reloading; there is no model for a spent cartridge, so the fired model is shown unfired and with an unstruck primer.
Having disposed of the old unfired round, it's time to add a new one.

Blood Dragon Handguns

Beretta 93R "Auto 9"

The first weapon drawn following the opening mounted gun section is a Beretta 93R "Auto 9" called the "A.J.M. 9," the description saying the letters are "in honor of a fallen DPD cop" meaning they stand for "Alex J. Murphy." It is a close replica of the movie weapon which fires in 3-round bursts, and can be upgraded with an extended magazine, a fantastically enormous suppressor and an underbarrel laser. The reload has Rex insert the magazine partway into the well, with some strange 80s force drawing it the rest of the way inside automatically.

Beretta 93R "Auto 9" - 9x19mm
Research entry for the Auto 9. Note the scanlines are authentic; the game uses this filter in menus and gameplay to mimic the cyborg vision effect used in Robocop.
An Omega Force cyborg finds himself ill-equipped to deal with Rex Colt's Auto 9.

Submachine Guns

Agram 2000

The Agram 2000 is called the "A2000," and is a middle of the road weapon with no particular advantages or disadvantages. The Agram in the game is modified with a receiver-top rail and aperture rear sight, the former allowing it to mount optics unlike the cheaper Skorpion. All snipers on both islands carry an Agram 2000 as a backup weapon.

Agram 2000 - 9x19mm
Agram 2000 in the store menu.
Jason holds an Agram 2000 as he looks over a GIAT VAB armoured car which the Privateers have for some reason.
Taking a moment to reload his Agram 2000, Jason finally levels up enough to learn that magazines with actual bullets in them are more effective in combat. A bullet is still visible in the discarded magazine regardless of whether there were any rounds left in it, so Jason has still not quite mastered this.

Heckler & Koch MP5N

The MP5N is the most expensive of the SMGs available on the North island, and is not used by any enemies. It mounts a scope rail for optics, and a very odd open rear sight replacing the standard diopter drum. This is similar to the rear sight of early MP5 prototypes or early G3s, but is quite likely to have been based on the rear sight of Homefront's QBZ-03 rifle. It is an accurate and useful weapon, with no real shortcomings, and can mount two accessories. The "old school" paint scheme gives it green furnishings, presumably to match the G3 from Far Cry 2. The player character performs an "HK slap" when reloading this weapon, with the charging handle obligingly locking back by itself at the start of the animation rather than waiting for them to do it. The charging handle also incorrectly reciprocates when the weapon fires.

Heckler & Koch MP5N - 9x19mm
MP5N in the store menu. Note the aftermarket ventilated handguard.
Jason holds an MP5N with a reflex sight, suppressor and the "old school" paint scheme as he discovers the dreaded carnivorous shoes have killed again.
Later on his way to rescue one of his trapped friends, he proceeds to forget everything he learned with the Agram 2000 and reloads his MP5 with thirty rounds of 9x19mm air.

Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2

The "BZ19," an Izhmash PP-19 Bizon, is one of the two SMGs which are held over until the South island is unlocked. The most expensive SMG in the game to make up for its enormous helical magazine, it is able to mount a suppressor, tube reflex sight or one of two open reflex sights. The 64-round magazine shows it is a 9x18mm Makarov version, while the ejection port shows it is a left-handed version. It is customised with a slightly extended barrel and a rail-top receiver with an aftermarket flip-up aperture rear sight rather than the normal AK-style open rear sight. It is used by Privateers on the South island, and is fairly common among them.

PP-19 Bizon-2 with side-folding stock in folded position - 9x18mm Makarov
Bizon-2 in the store menu.
Jason holds a suppressed Bizon as he makes his way to an enemy radio tower. Note the left-handed ejection port and aftermarket rear sight.
He soon tires of its dull appearance, and reloads it after adding a tube reflex optic and camo which will be very useful if he has to hide among a group of severely diseased tigers.

Skorpion vz. 61

The Sa vz. 61 Skorpion is the cheapest of the SMGs and the only one which can be fired on a zipline (provided Jason has the relevant skill) since it is the only one held with one hand. It is a very limited weapon with only high fire rate and low recoil to recommend it; damage is puny and range and accuracy both mediocre, and it is only capable of mounting one accessory, with the choice of an extended magazine or a suppressor. By default it has a rather strange capacity of 24 rounds.

Vz. 61 Skorpion - .32 ACP
Skorpion in the store menu.
Jason holds a Skorpion as he starts one of the Rakyat hunting trials, which are performed with a weapon seemingly specified by someone Jason wronged in a past life.
Having surprising success in his attempts to murder three bears with an extremely weak submachine gun, Jason fires his Skorpion; note that the wire folding stock actually pops out of its grips and rides up slightly when the Skorpion is fired, which would only be possible if they had been bent inwards to the point there was nothing holding the stock in position at all.
Failing to defeat the second bear, Jason backs up and swaps the nothing in his magazine for a completely fresh set of nothing.

TDI Vector

The TDI Vector is called the "Vector .45 ACP," and is used at the very end of the last mission in the North, but is only available from stores in the South. The Signature version, the "Shredder," is unlocked by locating ten memory cards, and has a suppressor, extended magazine, tube reflex optic and enhanced accuracy and damage. Both versions mount an unusable tactical light above the barrel, with a cable run down to a switch on the foregrip. For some reason, both iron sights are shown mounted backwards.

TDI Vector SMG - .45 ACP
TDI Vector in the store menu.
"Shredder" Signature variant in the store menu.
Jason holds the first standard Vector in the game, which is used during an odd hallucination sequence where he is accosted by knife-wielding clones of villain Vaas.
Out in the (relatively) normal world, Jason holds the "Shredder" Signature version of the Vector. Note the folded-down iron sights despite the store menu still showing them raised, and the cable leading from the useless flashlight to the foregrip.
Jason reloads the "Shredder," hoping he doesn't encounter those meddling turtles. His trigger discipline remains consistently appalling throughout the game.

Blood Dragon Submachine Guns

Calico M960

The "Fazertron" is a Calico M960 with a bulked-up stock which also contains the well for the large curved magazine. The weapon's name is a reference to the Westinghouse M95A1 Phased Plasma Rifle from Terminator 2, which was built around an M960. It always mounts a reflex sight, and by default fires standard rounds in 3-round bursts; upgrades allow it to fire energy beams (while still ejecting spent casings) and change the fire mode to fully automatic, by adding a fire selector which is actually not set to "safe."

Calico M960 - 9x19mm
Research entry for the Calico M960.
Rex uses his Calico M960 to defeat a cyborg in a suitably impressive spray of cyber-fluids. This is the introductory mission, where Rex's Calico has most of its modifications already; he then loses these via plot contrivance and has to unlock them again.


Baikal MP-133

The cheapest shotgun in the game is a Baikal MP-133 called the "M133." It is a custom version with synthetic furniture, a forend from a Remington 870, a vented rib barrel, and an accessory rail mounted atop the receiver. It has an extended 6-round magazine tube and the capacity is 7 rounds; interestingly the empty reload actually shows Jason insert one shell, pump the action and then load the other six, meaning it is correct. The basic model has no customisation options, but the Signature version, the "Bull," comes with a reflex sight and has an extended magazine, though as with all weapons this is not shown on the model. This version is unlocked by collecting ten Relics.

It is used by shotgun soldiers on both the North and South islands, making it a very common sight, and is one of the weapons commonly given for hunting side-missions.

Baikal MP-133 with extended magazine tube - 12 gauge
Baikal MP-133 in the store menu.
"Bull" Signature variant in the store menu.
Jason warily holds a Baikal MP-133 as he tries to remember if crocodiles can disguise themselves as inflatable boats.
Giving up, he returns to bear blasting because he is too extreme for normal sports.

Franchi SPAS-12

The Franchi SPAS-12 goes by its real name of "SPAS-12," and is the short-barrel version. The last shotgun unlocked, it is only available on the South island, and is the only semi-automatic shotgun in the game. It is shown with no stock, a left-handed ejection port, and a strange, bulky pistol grip, and has a rail over the receiver and the top of the rear sight cut off.

Franchi SPAS-12 with short barrel - 12 gauge
SPAS-12 in the store menu.
Jason holds a SPAS-12 as he takes a moment to admire the beautiful sunrise, or more likely to determine which things in his field of view are most likely to catch fire.
Remembering what man is supposed to do if he's in the forest that day, Jason loads his SPAS. Notably without pressing the carrier latch button, which would mean the loading gate would stay locked shut.

Winchester Model 1887

A Winchester Model 1887, simply called the 1887, is available from the store as soon as it is unlocked. In a rare case of an 1887 in a videogame not being based on the one from Terminator 2, it is shown with a full-length barrel; it also mounts an accessory rail, and can use an open reflex optic. Unlike the MP-133, the weapon has no extra step of operating the action to explain how it chambers a round when reloading from empty.

Winchester 1887 shotgun - 12 gauge
Winchester Model 1887 in the store menu.
Jason holds a Model 1887 with the second type of reflex optic, a C-More scope, as he discovers precisely what he was not looking for.
Having escaped the perils of giant evil lizards, Jason operates the action of his Model 1887 as he gives his beached jetski a proper Viking funeral.
A trip out at night shows off the diamond reticle of the C-More optic.
Jason reloads his 1887, certain in the knowledge that if his approach to conservationism is wrong, he doesn't want to be right.

Blood Dragon Shotguns

Sawed-Off Winchester Model 1887

Making up for the full-length version in the main game, Blood Dragon's Winchester Model 1887 is an almost exact replica of the Terminator 2 prop, with the only differences being a slightly smaller loop on the lever, no metal handling plate, and a sling attachment point on the back of the stock. Called the "Galleria 1991" in reference to the arcade in Terminator 2 and the year the movie was released, by default it is flip-cocked and features a more than slightly impossible 8-round capacity, together with a phenomenally silly reloading animation where Rex flips shells into the action with his thumb. Upgrades grant the 1887 semi-automatic fire with a mechanically suspicious rotating hammer, going on to saw down the barrel while turning the magazine tube into a second one (while retaining the same capacity anyway) and then adding two more barrels to the sides for good measure.

Airsoft replica Model 1887 with sawn-off stock, barrel, and cutaway trigger guard, as seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day - (fake) 12 gauge
Research entry for the Model 1887. The twentysomething guy trying to save his grody friends is, of course, a shot at Far Cry 3's own Jason Brody.
Rex rests his Model 1887 on his cyber-arm as he takes aim at what is almost certainly a cyber-tiger.

Assault Rifles & Battle Rifles


The AK-103 appears in the game incorrectly labelled as an AK-47; it is identifiable due to its 90 degree gas block, AK-74 type muzzle brake, and use of 7.62x39mm AK-47 magazines. Oddly, though the magazine is proportioned like an AK mag, it is "plum ribbed" like the 5.45mm 10- and 45-round magazines made by Molot Arsenal respectively for the VEPR hunting rifle and late-model RPK machine gun; it is shown with a metallic finish rather than the dull black of these magazines, however. It is a common weapon among Vaas' thugs, and is the cheapest assault rifle in the game. The in-game AK is fitted with an accessory rail on the top of the receiver attached via the mounting bracket on the left side of the lower receiver, an AKM / early AK-74 ribbed receiver cover, wooden AK-74 stock and handguard, and an early AK-47 pistol grip, complete with an earlier, thicker reinforcement plate.

There are no accessories available for the AK in singleplayer, but in multiplayer and co-op it can be equipped with an extended magazine, open reflex sight or tube reflex sight.

AK-103 - 7.62x39mm
The store menu might call it an AK47, but the weapon itself clearly has other ideas.
Jason holds an AK-103, having claimed both it and a boat from a man who was so excited to be of help that he had to have a lie down.
During the traditional "mission where you lose all your weapons," Jason is forced to acquire a new set, and vents his frustrations on the local miscreants.
Jason reloads his AK, once again not learning the vital lesson of using ammunition to do so.


The FAMAS F1, called the "F1," is second most expensive weapon in the assault rifle category available on the North island, and one of only two in the game which can mount a suppressor. While it is shown with a curved STANAG magazine inserted, the weapon's actual magazine well is the F1 proprietary version; this and the trigger guard and grip make it pretty clear it is an F1 with the wrong magazine. Correct for this incorrect magazine, it has a capacity of 30 rounds as opposed to 25 for the F1 proprietary magazine, increasing to an impossible 45 with the extended magazine mod. It features an added rail on top of the carrying handle, which mounts raised iron sights if the weapon is not fitted with an optic.

The in-game weapon fires in 3-round bursts; rather than your standard video game burst where each press of the fire key fires a whole burst, the FAMAS in Far Cry 3 functions like how a burst works on a real trigger: tapping the fire button can produce single shots, while holding it will make the weapon cease firing after three shots. This functionality was also present with the "AR-16" in Far Cry 2.

FAMAS F1 - 5.56x45mm
FAMAS F1 on the store menu. Note the incorrect curved magazine and that the developers seemingly thought the FAMAS had no iron sights and so added some. Well, it's the thought that counts.
Jason holds a FAMAS F1 equipped with a tube reflex sight as he prepares to enter the jungle.
However, he quickly realises he does not have enough nothing in his gun and so swaps for a new magazine full of it.

Galil ACE 53

The Galil ACE 53, simply called the "ACE," is one of the two assault rifles which do not unlock until the second island. The game makes direct comparisons between the ACE and the AK which are only really true of the ACE 32, but the weapon clearly has a straight 7.62x51mm magazine, and damage is similar to the 7.62mm SOCOM 16. The ACE uses a 20-round straight STANAG magazine instead of the 25-round magazine it actually should; due to videogame logic, this leads to it having a capacity of 30 rounds. It is fully automatic, a large advantage over the semi-auto only SOCOM 16, and can mount a long-range ACOG scope (the "Marksman Scope") as well as the normal tube reflex sight, open reflex sight and extended magazine options. However, it cannot mount a suppressor and is extremely loud.

Galil ACE 53 - 7.62x51mm
Galil ACE 53 in the store menu. Note that rather than having the usual extra rail, it actually has one less rail than usual, since it it missing the one on top of the handguard.
After one too many encounters with overly friendly crocodiles, Jason lets paranoia get the better of him.

Patriot Ordinance Factory P416

The "P416" is a select-fire Patriot Ordnance Factory P416 assault rifle, and is one of the last weapons unlocked. It is encountered during the final chain of missions on the North island, but only unlocks in the store on the South, and is the primary armament of "Privateer" mercenaries on that island. It is not able to mount a suppressor, but like the Galil ACE it can mount an ACOG sight in addition to the other optics. The Signature version, "Bushman," on the other hand, does mount a suppressor, along with an extended magazine and ACOG optic, and boasts boosted accuracy and damage. This variant is unlocked for deactivating all eighteen radio jamming towers.

Patriot Ordinance Factory P416 with 10.5-inch barrel and nickel-Teflon "NP3" treated upper and lower receiver - 5.56x45mm NATO
P416 in the store menu.
"Bushman" Signature variant in the store menu.
Jason holds a P416 during the final chain of missions on the North Island. While the weapon can be picked up from enemies here, it does not actually unlock until the arms dealers on the South Island are opened up.
He takes a moment to check out the iron sights as he witnesses his objective popup forget the word "open."
Later he's out using the "Bushman" variant as a group of mercenaries discover his pet landmine.

SIG SG 553

The SIG SG 553 is referred to as the "STG-90" (Sturmgewehr 90, the weapon's German designation) and is one of the cheaper assault rifles. It always has a vertical foregrip, and can be equipped with an extended magazine or a red dot sight; it can only mount a single attachment. It is an entirely average weapon with no real advantages, and is thoroughly outclassed by higher-level unlocks.

SIG SG 553-1 SP semi-auto version with railed handguard - 5.56x45mm
SIG SG 553 in the store menu.
Jason holds a SIG SG 553 with a red dot sight as he admires the scenery.
Reloading, Jason discovers that his auto-only rifle only has a two-setting safe / semi fire selector, and that taking the safety off is not as important as one might think.
He then discovers that while reloading is mandatory, bullets are not.

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16

A SOCOM 16 with a left-handed ejection port is available, incorrectly classified as an assault rifle and called the "MS16." By default it has only iron sights, making it a semi-automatic battle rifle, but it can be fitted with a tube reflex sight to make it into a mid-range marksman's rifle. It can also be fitted with a suppressor, extended magazine, or one of two types of open reflex sight. By default it has a capacity of 15 rounds, which increases to 20 with the extended magazine upgrade; the latter is actually correct for the straight 7.62mm magazine it uses.

M1A SOCOM 16 - 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester)
SOCOM 16 in the store menu. Note the scope rail added above the action.
Jason holds a SOCOM 16 fitted with a suppressor and tube reflex optic as he realises it is a good idea to stop and let others cross the road. This SOCOM 16 has the wood "paint scheme" applied to it, which actually replaces all the furnishings with wooden equivalents.
Out at sea, Jason reloads his SOCOM 16 after a bout of fish-murdering.

Sniper Rifles

Remington 700 Export

The "M-700" sniper rifle is a Remington 700 Export, a Remington 700 variant with a 5-round detachable magazine. The weapon has the correct five-round capacity, though the extended capacity upgrade increases this to ten without visually altering the weapon. It can also be customised with increased zoom, an illuminated reticle and a suppressor. The pre-order bonus version, the "M-700 Predator," has all four upgrades (the increased zoom customisation is visually present but does not actually work), while the normal weapon can only have two.

Remington 700 Export with Leupold Mark 4 scope and Harris LM-S bipod - .308 Winchester
Remington 700 Export in the store menu. Note that the front of the stock is rather squarer than it should be and appears to be based on the front of a McMillan stock.
"M-700 Predator" preorder bonus weapon in the store menu.
Jason holds his "M-700 Predator" after dealing with a shark who had been breaking all the shark rules. The shark rules say you should swim around and eat fish, but this shark was trying to walk on the ground and eat crabs. The other sharks really didn't like having to look at that.

SVD Dragunov

The SVD Dragunov is the cheapest sniper rifle in the game, and is available from the start. It is a left-handed weapon wielded by a right-handed shooter (as in Far Cry 2); however, the magazine, forend, and reticle have been modified to more realistic specifications. The weapon is shown with a very short barrel which would limit its effectiveness as a sniper rifle, has no accessories, and has a capacity of just five rounds, meaning the magazine is only half loaded. It is used by pirate snipers on the North island.

The SVD defaults to a colour scheme which suggests the furnishings are synthetic, but has a standard SVD stock rather than the correct one for a later production variant. If the "wood" paint scheme is applied to it, it becomes a completely normal SVD. While the game's description claims the weapons are "Chinese knock-offs" (which would mean they would be NDM-86s) there is no practical way to tell this visually.

SVD Dragunov - 7.62x54mm R
SVD, later production model with synthetic furniture - 7.62x54mm R
SVD in the store menu. Note the standard SVD stock.
Jason lurks his way along a road at night, armed with an SVD.
Reloading; Jason flicks the magazine release with his thumb and them flicks the old magazine forward, replacing it with five fresh rounds of nothing.
Scope of the SVD; while it lacks a ground line for the stadiametric rangefinder, it is otherwise fairly accurate.

Zastava M93 Black Arrow

The final sniper rifle to be unlocked, the "Z93," is a Zastava M93 Black Arrow .50 BMG anti-materiel rifle. Despite being used in a couple of the later missions on the North island, it only unlocks in the store on the South island, where it is used by Privateer snipers. It is able to mount a suppressor, extended magazine, enhanced zoom or illuminated reticle, and can have three modifications added, though it cannot mount the two scope options together. Easily the most powerful of the sniper rifles, it is the only one able to kill a heavy or flamer soldier in one headshot. The Signature version, "AMR," (presumably "Anti Materiel Rifle") has only two accessories, an extended magazine and enhanced zoom, and fires explosive armour piercing rounds. It is unlocked for locating twenty Relics.

When equipped with a suppressor it makes the same amount of sound as any other suppressed weapon, despite being a .50 BMG that can kill a bear in one shot.

Zastava M93 Black Arrow - .50 BMG
Zastava M93 Black Arrow in the store menu.
"AMR" Signature variant in the store menu.
Jason holds an M93 equipped with an extended magazine, enhanced zoom and a suppressor as he demonstrates his failure to understand the concept of a suppressor.
Taking on an enemy checkpoint, Jason operates the bolt of his M93.
The M93 is clearly a special weapon, since the loading procedure merits a magazine which is not empty.
Jason uses the scope of his M93 as he sights up a man who is excited at discovering an underground deposit of jam.
Jason holds the "AMR" variant as he explores a forgotten Japanese submarine dock.

Blood Dragon Sniper Rifles

Barrett M82 "Cobra Assault Cannon"

A CQ-length version of the modified Barrett M82 seen as the "Cobra Assault Cannon" in Robocop called the "Kobracon" pulls double duty as the game's sniper rifle and, with upgrades, rocket launcher. Upgrades make the scope progressively larger as target-scanning and variable zoom abilities are added, and change it from a default bolt-action mode to semi-automatic.

Barrett M82 - .50 BMG
Research entry for the M82. Note the XM29 OICW-inspired scope.
Rex holds his shortened M82 as he looks down at another, prior to hunting the ringleader of a group of undead cassowaries. These are only slightly worse than normal ones.

Machine Guns

Far Cry 3 makes an increasingly common videogame error in classifying all portable machine guns as "LMGs," when only two of the three weapons in the class actually are. The other, the PKM, is a general-purpose machine gun as it fires a full-size rifle round.

FN Minimi

An extremely bizarre FN Minimi variant is the last machine gun to unlock, called the "MKG." According to the in-game writeup, the "MKGs" are broken Belgian-made, American-issue weapons misappropriated from the Middle East and repaired by black-market dealers, apparently through use of some satanic gun-fixing ritual. The model appears to be an M249 derivative since it has a STANAG well (and is referred to as such in the game files), but what it does not have is a regular belt feed opening, instead using an odd belt box with a STANAG well adaptor. Instead of a belt feed opening, the MKG has a left-handed charging handle. The rear sight is always shown raised for indirect fire, but the gun shoots straight ahead when the iron sights are used instead of into the air as it should. The "Old School" paint scheme gives the weapon a weathered silver finish to match the M249 SAW in Far Cry 2.

The Signature version, "Ripper," is unlocked for attempting six Trials of the Rakyat, and has a tube reflex optic (though oddly not the ACOG scope that the regular one can mount), an extended magazine, enhanced accuracy and damage, and recoil reduction.

M249 SAW paratrooper version with 200 round ammo drum - 5.56x45mm
What is this I don't even
I mean seriously what
Jason holds his hideous insult to God equipped with an ACOG scope as he tries to find a suitably deep hole to hurl it into. Note the partially raised rear sight, which somehow still lines up perfectly with the front sight when using iron sights.
Reloading; Jason tosses the old belt box energetically, then unsuccessfully attempts to determine who thought any aspect of this was a good idea. Note the left-handed changing handle replacing the belt feed opening.
Jason looks up at an old mining complex as he holds a monstrosity with the "Old School" paint scheme.


The PKM is the most common machine gun in the game, and is used by enemy heavy soldiers on both islands. Unlike the previous game, the PKM in Far Cry 3 correctly feeds from right to left, and it is shown with a Blackheart International SOPMOD accessory kit with a side folding stock (!) and a railed handguard with a foregrip and sniper rifle-style pivoting bipod. It cannot mount any accessories.

PKM with Blackheart International SOPMOD kit - 7.62x54mmR
PKM on the store menu. Presumably you fold the stock to the side and then it plays an audio clip saying "you're still holding a machine gun, you idiot."
Jason holds a PKM as he encounters Satan in bird form.

STK Ultimax 100 Mark 3

A Mark 3 Ultimax 100 light machine gun, called the "U100," is the second machine gun available on the North island. It is slower-firing than the PKM, which is balanced by higher accuracy and, bizarrely, more damage.

CIS Ultimax 100 Mark 3 with magazine removed - 5.56x45mm NATO
Ultimax 100 Mark 3 in the store menu.
Even the dreaded chunky guy in a welding mask finds himself ill-equipped to deal with the power of Jason's Ultimax 100.
Jason reloads his Ultimax 100 after taking a moment to enforce the extinction of the thylacine.

Blood Dragon Machine Guns

"Terror 4000"

The "Terror 4000" is a hand-held minigun which becomes available during the assault on the dam in the game's second mission. It seems to consist of most of a Dillon Aero M134 Minigun attached to the receiver of a Browning M1919, feeding from the right and using the machine gun's belt feed opening as an ejection port. It is possible this is a reference to the mocked-up three-barrel minigun in the Doom movie. The minigun has no normal reloading animation and no magazine size limit, loading all 700 rounds at once (though for some reason the game charges for 800 at the store), and has no limit to how long it can be fired. Rex will start shouting in classic Rambo tradition if it is fired in a long burst, and the draw animation has Rex twist the minigun's barrels to chamber them as Jesse Ventura did in Predator.

The gun appears to be built on the weapon file of the PKM from the standard game; a glitch that makes it possible to reload the Terror 4000 (putting it back up to full ammunition even if it is empty) will trigger the hand motions and sound effects for the PKM's reload animation.

Dillon Aero M134 with flash suppressor - 7.62x51mm NATO
Browning M1919A4 on an M31C pedestal mount - .30-06 Springfield
Menu image of the "Terror 4000" minigun.
Making his way across an enemy-held dam, Rex Colt opens fire with his minigun. Apparently the Terror 4000 has progressed beyond boring old motors for electrical operation and now the electricity comes out of the gun and pushes the barrels around from the outside.
The Terror 4000 has no iron sights, instead just zooming the view in as it is bought to the middle of the screen. Here Rex makes use of this as the base AI states something FPS players have long suspected.



The GM-94 pump-action grenade launcher is referred to as the "GL-94," and is more expensive than the RPG-7, with the benefit of having a larger ammo pool and the ability to fire multiple times between reloads. During the mission "Island Port Hotel," Jason uses one to fire at Vaas' forces during an escape in a commandeered truck. It is shown with a capacity of four rounds, meaning it always has one chambered; as with the Baikal, Jason correctly operates the action after loading the first round when the weapon is empty, before loading the rest into the three-round tube magazine.

GM-94 grenade launcher - 43mm
GM-94 in the store menu.
Jason holds a GM-94 as he prepares to make life a whole lot louder for his enemies.
Iron sights of the GM-94; as with most FPS protagonists, Jason just picks a notch on the rear sight and aims, rather than being able to line up one appropriate to the range he's actually trying to fire at.
Jason operates the action of his GM-94; as ever, there is no spent grenade casing model and so an unfired round falls out of the launcher.
Reloading; Jason correctly flips up the top of the launcher to do this...
...and then loads the rounds one at a time.

LPO-50 Flamethrower

A highly embellished LPO-50 flamethrower simply called the "Flamethrower" is available from the start of the game, and is used by Flamer soldiers on the South island. During the campaign, Jason is granted one for free by Willis if he has not already bought one, in order to destroy a local drug plantation. During this conversation Willis incorrectly identifies the weapon as a German Flammenwerfer, which it looks nothing like; however, the description in the in-game Handbook correctly identifies it as a WW2 Soviet weapon.

It is shown as projecting a stream of whatever duration the player desires, which the real weapon cannot do: the LPO-50 is a cartridge-compressed design which uses an explosive pressurising cartridge to fire the entire contents of one tank at a time, resulting in it having three 2-3 second "shots." Oddly, flamethrower heavies wear an M2 Flamethrower backpack along with it: there is no connection between this and the LPO-50, and it seems to be filled with dynamite given the spectacular detonation that results from hitting it.

It also appears in Blood Dragon.

LPO-50 flamethrower with backpack and tube, the real configuration of this weapon.
LPO-50 in the store menu; note the igniters at the muzzle, pistol grip and selector switch. The fuel tank appears to be based on a WW2-era German gas mask container.
Willis offers Jason a free flamethrower, cunningly getting the weapon's identity and country of original totally wrong in the process.
In one of the game's sillier missions, Jason uses his modified LPO-50 to incinerate a drug lord's marijuana fields as Dubstep music comes from nowhere.
He soon finds himself in an even sillier mission to "hunt" a pair of leopards hiding in dry grass with only a flamethrower, and gleefully sets everything on fire including himself.
Amid idyllic scenes, Jason replaces the gas tank of his flamethrower...
...he then twists the lever attached to the securing screw into place after showing the island what he thinks of idyllic scenes.


An RPG-7 with iron sights is the most common launcher in the game, used by RPG soldiers on both the North and South islands. Unlike the previous game, the iron sights are correctly mounted, but for some reason Jason tilts the launcher diagonally when lining them up, most likely to preserve the illusion of the weapon being over his shoulder rather than shoved through his body. The RPG-7's rocket is incorrectly shown with no propellant vent holes in the "fins" at the base of the warhead. Though it is a little less obvious than in Far Cry 2, it appears that this game's rocket was also based on one with the tail assembly exposed, meaning it has no booster charge and could not be fired.

RPG-7V1 with PGO-7 scope - 40mm
RPG-7 in the store menu.
Jason holds an RPG-7 as he admires another picturesque sunset.
Coming to his senses, he's soon out doing what he does best as he sights up some deer and a bear for his trophy bucket.
He knows that violence isn't the answer. He got it wrong on purpose.
Jason reloads his RPG-7 during one of the "Trials of the Rakyat" score attack minigames, as he ponders if maybe the Rakyat are making up their ancient tribal traditions as they go along.



Jason always carries remotely-detonated C4 charges in a special weapon slot; these are thrown with the aim button and detonated with the fire button. They are extremely powerful, able to kill almost anything with a single charge and demolish some weak doors and walls in the ancient ruins dotted around the island.

Exploring a local cave system, Jason takes time out to destroy a passing bear.


Dynamite charges are used a couple of times in the campaign, and appear to be a re-worked version of the pipe bomb IED model from Far Cry 2. They are never a fixed part of the player's inventory.

Jason's game of "I'm crushing your head" did not impress the dynamite.

Fictional mine

A fictional blast-resistant motion-sensitive mine is available from the start of the game, seemingly based on an anti-tank mine since the tiny mine has two pointless lifting handles on the sides. The mine's designer was apparently not acquainted well with the concept of a landmine, since the mines emit a loud beep which increases in volume and frequency as the player character approaches detonation distance, and have a flashing light on the top of the casing. They can be destroyed with gunfire, but enemy mines are a rare sight in the single-player campaign.

Jason holds a mine as he attempts to get the game's name changed to Cabela's Ridiculous Hunts, with the unwitting aid of a local leopard. Note the useless carrying handles, which Jason is having no trouble carrying it without.
The leopard belatedly realises it has been trolled.

M26 Hand Grenade

The hand grenades shown in the game are M26 hand grenades. The game implies they are supposed to be the British L2A2 variant, since they are said to be a British clone of an American design stolen from the Falklands, but they do not have the correct fuze design for that version. Unlike the previous game, there is a clear animation of Jason pulling the pin before throwing, and the safety lever flies off visibly when this happens.

M26 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Jason encounters a pair of hand grenades, one of which is apparently feeling a little under the weather.
After earning enough experience to figure out he can hold on to grenades after pulling the pin, Jason cooks an M26; note the safety lever is gone, having flown off when he pulled the pin.
Throwing a cooked grenade; it is clear the safety lever is still gone.
Jason pitches a grenade without cooking it; in this animation he pulls the pin, but the safety lever does not fly away for some time after the grenade is thrown.

Mounted Weapons

DShK Heavy Machine Gun

DShK heavy machine guns are the more powerful of the game's two mounted weapons, and are found more frequently as the campaign progresses, on ground mountings, boats and trucks. They have infinite ammunition and are governed by a heat gauge, with progressively darker smoke coming from the receiver as they heat up. If one is allowed to overheat, Jason will stop firing and pull the extended cocking lever beneath the spade grips, which somehow causes the heat gauge to go down.

DShK heavy machine gun mounted on tripod - 12.7x108mm
Having just given the Rakyat an enemy checkpoint for Christmas, Jason looks over a tripod-mounted DShK that they generously allowed him to play with.
Enjoying the festive spirit, Jason soon discovers that Santa has left him a DShK-equipped patrol boat. As in Far Cry 2, he cannot drive and shoot at the same time, instead having to stop and switch the the gunner's position. Though this is unlikely to become relevant with this particular boat.
Finding a ground mounting at an enemy stronghold, he is soon enthusiastically putting it to use against its former masters. Note the rounds coming out of the belt box are at best vaguely associated with one another.
Later, while defending a plane undergoing repairs, he uses the iron sights of his DShK to deal with some pirates who are attempting to give him a good marauding. Note that the ejected casing has an unstruck primer, indicating it has not actually been fired at all, and the weapon incorrectly uses a belt with disintegrating links.
After firing his DShK until it overheats, Jason for some reason determines that actually it's just not cocked and pulls the extended cocking lever. This somehow works.

Mounted FN Minimi

The same strange FN Minimi derivative used as the "MKG" is also the lighter of the two mounted guns, and can be found in the same places as the DShK.

M249 SAW paratrooper version with 200 round ammo drum - 5.56x45mm
In another similarity to the SAW of Far Cry 2, mounted "MKG" Minimi derivatives are often found in this antigravity mounting.
Menaced by patrol boats and passing helicopters during a daring escape, Jason barely has time to do drugs as he mans the mounted "MKG" on a boat driven by one of his friends.
The rear iron sight of the mounted version is raised even higher than on the handheld version; the weapon would not be firing straight ahead if the sights were lined up like this. Not that this actually stops it doing so.

M230 Chain Gun

Enemy Black Hawk helicopters encountered in singleplayer are occasionally seen with an M230 Chain Gun mounted under the nose. This configuration is more common in the "Trials of the Rakyat" score attack minigames than in the actual campaign, where helicopters only appear occasionally in storyline missions and armed ones are rarer still.

Hughes / Alliant Techsystems M230 chain gun - 30x113mm B
During another Trial of the Rakyat in which Jason must indulge in the traditional tribal test of throwing a infinite number of grenades at some bad guys, a Black Hawk sweeps in armed with an M230 chain gun.
Later Jason takes a closer look, wary of the radioactive ghost in the cockpit.

Type 10 Dual Purpose Gun

The ruined WW2-era Japanese forts around the island frequently feature rusty Type 10 120mm dual-purpose guns.

Damaged Japanese Type 10 dual purpose gun on Guam - 120mm
Jason looks over a rusty Type 10, hoping he is not ambushed by annoying mutant monkeys that kill him in two hits.
He soon moves in for a closer look. Since every gun on the island is identical, they are all gun number 56, which must have made battery coordination tricky.

Type 97 Aircraft Machine Gun

Downed Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" fighters can be seen scattered across the island, another relic of Rook Island's past when it was occupied by a Japanese garrison. These have low-detail Type 97 aircraft machine gun muzzles visible in the upper surface of their engine cowlings.

Type 97 aircraft machine gun - 7.7x56mm R
During a brief respite when neither the pirates or the forces of nature are conspiring to kill him, Jason looks over a crashed Zero fighter, admiring the rather square Type 97 aircraft machine gun mounted on top of the engine cowling.

Type 99 Cannon

The game's crashed Zero model only ever has one wing left, but the muzzle of the Type 99 cannon on that wing is always present and correct.

Type 99 cannon aircraft variants, top an earlier Type 99 Mark 1 Model 3 - 20x72mm RB, bottom a later Type 99 Mark 2 Model 3 - 20x101mm RB
After deactivating a radio tower, the player is treated to a brief sequence highlighting areas of interest around it, in this case settling on another downed Zero. The Type 99 cannon is clearly visible on the Zero's remaining wing.

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