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Catwoman (2004)

The following weapons were used in the film Catwoman:



Beretta 92FS

A Beretta 92FS is used by Armando (Michael Massee) when he chases Patience (Halle Berry) to the pipes for breaking into the cosmetic company. Two guards in the end are also seen using it when Catwoman saves Lone.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Armando fires his Beretta 92FS at Patience.
Armando is forced to hold his fire by Wesley, but ignores him.
Armando fires his Beretta 92FS while chasing Patience.
A side view of the Beretta 92FS as Armando chases Patience to the pipes.
Armando's Beretta 92FS on the ground after Catwoman encounters him again.
Catwoman disarms a guard with a Beretta 92FS.

Desert Eagle Mark VII

A chrome .357 Desert Eagle Mark VII is seen used by a jewelry store robber (played by stunt performer Kimani Ray Smith) that spots Catwoman after he sees his comrades get knocked out by Catwoman. Like most Desert Eagles in most films, he manages to fire more than what a typical Desert Eagle magazine can hold and fires about 14 shots in total.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark VII with nickel finish - .44 Magnum
The jewelry store robber (Kimani Ray Smith) aims his Desert Eagle Mark VII at Catwoman.
Close up of the Desert Eagle as the jewelry store robber fires it at Catwoman. This shot clearly shows the bore of the gun as .357. This shot also shows the lack of barrel fluting, indicating this as an older Mark VII variant.
The jewelry store robber's Desert Eagle on the ground as Catwoman slides through his legs and attacks him.

Smith & Wesson Model 640 Centennial

Laurel Hedare (Sharon Stone) uses a Smith & Wesson Model 640 Centennial with black grips when she injures Detective Tom Lone when he tries to arrest her for murdering two key figures of the cosmetic company. She then uses it in the end to face Catwoman.

Smith & Wesson Model 640 Centennial - .357 Magnum
Laurel with her stainless S&W Model 640 after shooting Lone in the arm.
A side view of the revolver as Catwoman slips the revolver away. Given the lack of detail and the fact it is whipped away this is clearly a rubber stunt prop.

Walther PPK

A stainless Walther PPK is used by Wesley (Byron Mann) searching for Catwoman in the fashion design section, but doesn't get a chance to use it and gets disarmed.

Walther PPK stainless - 9mm Kurz aka 9x17mm (.380 ACP)
Wesley with his stainless Walther PPK.
Another shot of Wesley with his pocket pistol.

Smith & Wesson 4006

Lone (Benjamin Bratt) uses a Smith & Wesson 4006 when he tries to arrest Catwoman when she's spotted backstage of a play.

Smith & Wesson 4006 - .40 S&W
Lone breaks through a door with his Smith & Wesson 4006 drawn.
Catwoman takes Lone's Smith & Wesson 4006 and throws it far from him.
Lone with his Smith & Wesson 4006 as he arrests Patience.

Glock 17

Police officers backstage are seen with possible Glock 17s when they attempt to arrest Catwoman after she disarms Lone.

Glock 17 3rd Generation - 9x19mm
Police officers aim their Glock 17s at Catwoman before she escapes.

Colt Officer's ACP

Laurel is seen handing a Colt Officer's ACP to Catwoman and then frames her for murdering the CEO (Lambert Wilson) of the cosmetic company by calling the police and acting out the scene.

Colt Officers ACP - .45 ACP
Catwoman with the Colt Officer's ACP after realizing that it's a trap.


Ithaca 37 (sawed off)

One of the jewelry store robbers (played by stunt performer Mike Mitchell) is seen with a sawed off Ithaca 37.

Ithaca 37 with sawed-off stock and barrel - 12 Gauge
A jewelry store robber on the right with a sawed off Ithaca 37.
The jewelry store robber breaks a glass covering with his Ithaca 37.
The jewelry store robber on the left (Mike Mitchell) fires his Ithaca 37 at Catwoman.

Winchester Model 1300 Defender

One of the jewelry store robbers (played by stunt performer Brett Chan) is seen with a Winchester Model 1300 in Defender configuration.

Winchester M1300 with extended tube and pistol grip - 12 Gauge
The jewelry store robber with his Winchester 1300.
The jewelry store robber on the right (Brett Chan) with a Winchester Model 1300 Defender. Note the shotgun shell coming out.

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