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Bet On Soldier

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Bet On Soldier
Cover Art
Release Date: 2005
Developer: Kylotonn
Publisher: Digital Jesters
Platforms: PC
Genre: First Person shooter

Bet On Soldier is a first person shooter set in an very alternate history 1998 and psuedo-sequel to "Iron Storm" by the same developer and is heavily implied to be in the same universe due to re-using assets from a canned sequel and featuring the insignia of one of the factions from Iron Storm.

War has become highly commercialized with the "B.O.S" Bet on Soldier TV Program and the economy relies on it, this is reflected in gameplay as the player earns cash from killing enemies that is used to save your game, buy ammo/armour repairs during missions and buy weapons in-between missions and the player can choose which B.O.S Champion mini-bosses they will encounter, with stronger mini-bosses having a larger cash price. (With fixed story B.O.S Champion matches that the player has to win.)

An odd error present is that some weapons have the character pull the charging handle to eject the magazine.

The game recieved two expansions, Blood of Sahara and Black Out Saigon, these expansions recieved very little fanfaire, to the point where some believe they were never released at all in English and had the highly harmful to modern PCs Starforce DRM on the disc meaning they faded into obscurity, these expansions did eventually receive a digital DRM-free re-release on Gamersgate however they have since been delisted, unlike the main game which is still on Gamersgate, Steam and GOG, they follow Max Balding and Hang Shaiming in (very short) prequel stories leading to their involvement in the main game's plot.

Each weapon catagory uses the same basic model with maybe the addition of a scope or other attachment for the upgraded versions, though most versions appear to be identical in-game.

While the Pistol and Submachine gun are depicted being dual-wielded in promotional material/the game's intro, they are only usable like this in-game in the Black Out Saigon expansion, these special Dual verisons have much higher damage and accuracy but much more expensive in price/ammo costs.

Submachine Gun

The Submachine Gun weapon class appear to be based on the IMI Uzi.

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
Holding a Submachine Gun.
The player fiddles with the rear of the weapon to eject the magazine.
Inserting a fresh magazine.
Holding Dual Submachine Guns.
Reloading the Right Uzi.
Reloading the Left Uzi.


In Blood of Sahara and kept in Black Out Saigon, the Assault Rifle is replaced by the "Nixen" with an underbarrel Shotgun that resembles a FAMAS G2, the regular Assault Rifle is still used by NPCs but is unavailable to the player.

FAMAS-G2 with proprietary bipod deployed - 5.56x45mm
The "Nixen" in the game's manual.
Max Balding holds the FAMAS-like Rifle as he obseves an NPC firing it.
Balding first pulls the charging handle to eject the Magazine.
Just after inserting a magazine.

Mk 2 hand grenade

The Mk 2 Hand Grenade is available in Normal (Red) and Cluster (Green) versions

Mk 2 "Pineapple" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Holding a Grenade.
Holding a Cluster Grenade.

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