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Wolf Warroior
Wolf Warrior (2015).jpg
Film poster
Country CHN.jpg China
Directed by Jing Wu
Release Date 2015
Language Mandarin
Main Cast
Character Actor
Leng Feng Jing Wu (吴京)
Long Xiaoyun Nan Yu (余男)
Ming Deng Ni Dahong (倪大宏)
"Tom Cat" Scott Adkins
Li Zhijun Ma Qiang (马强)
Shao Bing Zhang Yongda (张永达)
Yu Fei Liu Teng-yuan (刘腾远)
Shi San-ba (Shi Rubberneck) Wang Sen (王森)
Wu Ji Zhou Xiao-ou (周晓鸥)
"Assassin" Samuel Thivierge

Wolf Warriors is a 2015 Chinese made war movie. Jing Wu (吴京) is director and the protagonist of the film, and stars Nan Yu (余男), Ni Dahong (倪大宏) and Scott Adkins. This film tells a story of the battle between the special forces operators of Chinese PLA and well-trained foreign mercenaries that hired by a Southeat Asian terrorists group. This movie is the first Chinese film that featured foreign forces and many actors in this film are Chinese special forces operators in active duty.

A sequel, Wolf Warriors 2, is released in 2017.

The following weapons were used in the film Wolf Warriors:



SIG-Sauer P226

The SIG-Sauer P226 is seen used by "Tom Cat" (Scott Adkins) and his squad members. Wu Ji (Zhou Xiao-ou) also uses a P226R in the beginning to take a hostage. The P226 used in the film are seen to be airsoft guns, judging by the magazine design and the brass inner barrel.

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
"Cowboy" fires his P226.
"Tom Cat" with his handgun.
"Driver" blind-fires his P226.
"Tom Cat" aims his sidearm at Leng Feng.
"Tom Cat" reloads his pistol.
"Tom Cat" with the P226.
"Tom Cat" with his empty sidearm. Note the brass inner barrel in this model, it may have replaced the real-firing model when put into a non-firing scene.
SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm
Wu Ji takes a hostage with his pistol.
The weapon is pointed at the hostage. Note the brass inner barrel in the pistol.
Wu Ji and his hostage as he holds his P226R, note the rails.
Wu Ji fires his P226R at a downed PLA soldier.
"Cowboy" reloads his sidearm.
"Cowboy" has his arm with the P226R pinned by a knife, which gives us a good look at the weapon.

Norinco QSZ-92

The Norinco QSZ-92 pistols chambered in 9mm are seen as the service pistol of PLA, special forces members and Chinese law enforcement officers and some Southeastern Asian policemen.

Norinco QSZ-92 - 9x19mm
A first-person view of a Chinese police officer with a ballistic shield and his QSZ-92 getting knocked back by an explosion.
The Southeastern Asian police officers with the ballistic shield have their sidearms drawn.
A PLA soldier setting up his pistol.
Li Zhijun (Ma Qiang) attempts to shoot himself with his QSZ-92.
Leng Feng (Wu Jing) draws his sidearm and cycles the slide with his boot.
Leng Feng (Wu Jing) shoots the "Assassin" with his service piece.
A QSZ-92 sits in Leng Feng (Wu Jing)'s holster. Note the QBZ-95 rifle slung at his back.

Tercel M1911A1

Shao Bing uses an airsoft Tercel M1911A1 pistol when against a mercenary. This is a continuity error as he is seen with the QSZ-92 in the next scene.

Tercel M1911A1 - 6mm BBs
Shao Bing with the M1911. Note the white trademark, indicating the pistol's real identity.

Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3

The "Assassin" has a Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3, an airsoft pistol based off the MEU(SOC) pistol, as his sidearm.

Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3 - 6mm BBs
The mercenary "Assassin"'s Desert Warrior in his holster.
The "Assassin" with his Desert Warrior as he's shot. You could see the rails on the bottom of the pistol here.

Glock 17

A Southeastern Asian country police officer in the bust on Minh Deng (Ni Dahong) have Glock 17 as their pistols.

Glock 17 - 9x19mm
A Southeastern Asian police officer on the right with his Glock 17.

Glock 19

A criminal in the beginning of the movie uses a Glock 19 to fight off the police.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
A criminal with a Glock 19 gets shot.


Norinco QBZ-95

The Norinco QBZ-95 assault rifle is seen in the hands of PLA personnel. Some rifles are modified, with RIS system, foregrips, flashlights and lasers mounted. A custom QBZ-95 with a FAMAS-style railed carry handle and underbarrel rail with foregrip also appeared in the film in the hands of Shao Bing. Leng Feng picks up a regular one with a bayonet during the training exercise to fight off a wolf pack.

Norinco QBZ-95 - 5.8x42mm
A PLA soldier with his suppressed QBZ-95.
A first-person view of a PLA soldier with his suppressed QBZ-95. This one has a laser mounted near the handguard.
The Wolf Detachment, a majority are equipped with the QBZ-95.
Yu Fei (Teng-yuan Liu) and another Wolf with their heavily customized QBZ-95s.
Two PLA soldiers guarding the perimeter on the right have QBZ-95s.
A line of PLA soldiers with their QBZ-95 rifles.
Leng Feng (Wu Jing) fires a standard QBZ-95.
The PLA soldiers to the left of Leng Feng with QBZ-95s.
Norinco QBZ-95 with custom Picatinny rail system - 5.8x42mm
Shao Bing (Zhang Yongda) in front with a railed QBZ-95.
Shao Bing firing his railed QBZ-95.

Norinco Type 56

Norinco Type 56 rifles with milled receivers are seen used by Minh Deng (Ni Dahong)'s troops as their standard weapon. Leng Feng (Jing Wu) and Minh Deng both use the Type 56 near the end of the movie. In the final stage of the movie, Leng fixed a bayonet that was taken from a criminal on his captured Type 56. However, this would be impossible because the bayonet on a Type 56 rifle cannot be attached or unattached without a tool since the Type 56 normally would have an underfolding bayonet.

Norinco Type 56 - 7.62x39mm
A guard with his Type 56.
Minh Deng's honor guard with their Type 56 rifles. Some seem to be non-firing replicas.
Minh Deng's honor guard about to fire their Type 56s.
A PLA soldier with his Type 56 runs to aid a wounded comrade in the Sino-Vietnam War flashback.
A Vietnamese sniper uses a Type 56 rifle as a marksman rifle against PLA soldiers.
Minh Deng (Ni Dahong) grabs a Type 56 to fire at Leng Feng.
Leng Feng (Jing Wu) fires a Type 56 automatically from behind a human shield. It is firing full-automatic in this scene, but the selector switch is on semi-auto.
Leng Feng fires a Type 56 at Minh Deng's men.
Leng Feng attaches a bayonet onto his Type 56 in a last-ditch attack.
Minh Deng (Ni Dahong)'s men with a mixture of Type 56 rifles and carbines. The Type 56 rifles could be distinguished with the lighter wood stock color.
Leng Feng on the right with his bayonet-mounted Type 56.

Norinco Type 56-1

The Norinco Type 56-1 with stamped receivers appeared in a flashback of Sino-Vietnam War. Modified Type 56-1 rifles with milled receivers are seen used by foreign mercenaries.

Type 56-1 - 7.62x39mm
Two criminals open fire on the police with their Type 56-1 with railed handguards.
"Driver" open fires on the Southeastern Asian police with his modified Type 56-1 rifle.
"Cowboy" and "Monkey" engage the Southeastern Asian police with their Type 56-1 rifles.
"Cowboy" firing his Type 56-1. Here we see it has a flashlight, red dot, and an angled foregrip.
Leng Feng's father in the Sino-Vietnam War with his Type 56-1 with a stamped receiver.
One of Minh Deng's men with a modified Type 56-1.

Type 56 Carbine

A Type 56 Carbine (Chinese SKS rifle) can be seen in the flashback of the Sino-Vietnam War. Minh Deng's (Ni Dahong) men are equipped with Type 56 Carbines.

Chinese Type 56 Carbine aka the Chinese SKS rifle - 7.62x39mm
The SKS next to the downed platoon commander as a soldier tries to get him to safety.
The SKS still on the ground.
The SKS on the bottom left next to the platoon commander. Distinguishable with the three holes in the handguard. To the right, the soldier firing in the middle has a SKS.
Minh Deng's men, most of which have the Type 56 Carbine.
Minh Deng's men with a mixture of Type 56 rifles and carbines. The Type 56 Carbine could be distinguished with the darker wood stock color.

Mk 18 Mod 0

The Southeastern Asian country's police unit sent to arrest Minh Deng (Ni Dahong) are mostly equipped with the Mk 18 Mod 0 carbines with Magpul BUS or LMT rear sight, foregrip, and Crane stock. Most of these seem to be airsoft replicas. "Driver" (Sona Eyambe) also appears to use a Mk 18 with a M203 grenade launcher in the movie. The Mk 18 used by "Driver" featured in this film might be a Nocinco CQ Type-A carbine with a 10.5-inch barrel, CQ carbines with this configuration can be seen used by Chinese Chongqing SWAT officers in real world.

Mk 18 Mod 0 with LMT rear sight, Crane stock, and RIS foregrip - 5.56x45mm
The police with their Mk 18 carbines on the left.
The police securing Minh Deng have the Mk 18 carbines. The police to the left have the 6-position stock on it.
The police firing at Minh Deng's hired mercenaries. Here you can see the white trademarks on the Mk 18 on the very right.
The police officer here with his Mk 18 carbine. Here you can see the use of a "hi-cap" magazine used in airsoft by the winding wheel on the bottom.
Another police officer with his Mk 18, which has white "MARINE ENV.M-4" trademarks common in airsoft. Note that his rear sight isn't deployed.
"Monkey"(Kyle Shapiro) on the bottom left with a customized Mk 18.
"Cowboy" keep overwatch with his Mk 18 with an ACOG sight and angled foregrip, which he isn't using at the moment.
"Driver" is wounded while firing his Mk 18.
"Driver" gets shot while holding his M203-equipped Mk 18.
"Monkey", fatally wounded, with his Mk 18 on the side. In a continuity error, it is equipped with a vertical foregrip in place of the M203.

M14 Rifle

A scoped M14 rifle is used by the "Assassin" (Samuel Thivierge). The rifle used in the film is probably an M305, an M14 clone made by Norinco.

M14 rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
M21 Sniper Rifle(just for comparison) - 7.62x51mm NATO
A view through the scope.
The "Assassin" with his sniper rifle.
"Assassin" aims the M14.
Leng Feng (Jing Wu) confronts "Assassin", grabbing the barrel to render it useless.

Norinco CQ Assault Rifle

A Norinco CQ assault rifle is used by "Tom Cat" (Scott Adkins) as his primary weapon. The rifle has numerous accessories, including a red dot sight, laser aiming device, tactical light, foregrip and a custom paintjob.

Norinco CQ Model 311 - 5.56x45mm NATO
"Tom Cat" brass checks his Norinco. Here we can see the Norinco "revolver grip" on the CQ rifle.
"Tom Cat" aims the Norinco CQ. Here we can see the A1 model forward assist.
Another angle of the Norinco CQ in the same scene.
"Tom Cat" aims his rifle.
A view down "Tom Cat's" sights on his Norinco CQ.
"Tom Cat" and his CQ.
"Tom Cat" and his empty weapon.

Norinco CQ-A Carbine

A customized Norinco CQ Assault Carbine is used by a "Cowboy"(Christopher Collins) in the film.

Norinco CQ-M4 Carbine - 5.56x45mm NATO
"Cowboy" has a Norinco CQ Carbine.
"Cowboy" fires a modified CQ-A Carbine.
"Cowboy" fires his CQ-A Carbine at Shao Bing.

Chinese Toy Rifle

A young Leng Feng seems to be carrying a toy rifle when he watches his father leave for the Sino-Vietnam War. It can not be a real rifle because firearms are prohibited strictly in People's Republic of China since its founding. Home-made or commercial toy rifles based on SKS or Ariska rifles were very popular among Chinese boys during 1960s-1980s. However, these toys are illegal in China main land nowadays.

A young Leng Feng with what appears to be a toy rifle in his right hand.
Leng Feng with the toy rifle.

Machine Guns

Norinco QBB-95

The Norinco QBB-95 light support weapons are used by PLA soldiers and PLA special operation forces in this film, equipped with 75-round drum mags. Shi San-ba (Wang Shen) uses one as his issued weapon.

QBB-95 - 5.8x42mm
Shi San-ba (Wang Shen) has a QBB-95 on the left.
Shi San-ba with a QBB-95.
Shi San-ba with his QBB-95.
Shi San-ba loads his QBB-95.
Shi San-ba holds his QBB-95 during an ambush.

M60E4 Machine Gun

A mercenary called "Crazy Bull" (Kevin Lee) uses a M60E4 Machine Gun in this film. It might be a non firing replica.

M60E4 machine gun - 7.62x51mm NATO
The M60E4 next to the sniper and "Crazy Bull".
"Crazy Bull" running with his M60E4.
"Crazy Bull" fires his M60E4 at the PLA.
"Crazy Bull" fires the M60E4.
"Crazy Bull" knocked out, dropping his M60E4.

Hand Held M134 Minigun

"Crazy Bull" (Kevin Lee) uses a Hand Held M134 Minigun during the rescue of Minh Deng (Ni Dahong). Minh Deng also temporarily uses the minigun.

M134 Minigun - 7.62x51mm
"Crazy Bull" firing the handheld minigun.
"Crazy Bull" firing the handheld minigun.
Minh Deng using the minigun.
"Crazy Bull" with the minigun.

Sniper Rifles

Norinco QBU-88

A heavily modified Norinco QBU-88 was used by Leng Feng (Jing Wu) at the beginning of this movie in a drug-bust. A sound suppressor, a flat-top rail system and a Swarovski scope are mounted on it. He also uses one in a training exercise before it gets shot out of his hand.

Norinco QBU-88 - 5.8x42mm
Leng Feng with his QBU-88 in a concealed position.
Leng Feng aims at a guard through the scope.
Leng Feng in a new position aims his QBU-88. In this scene, the QBU is replaced by a rubber prop (note the seam on the scope) as Jing had just done some parkour with the rifle slung over his back.
Leng Feng takes aim with his QBU-88. Compare this scene's gun smoothness and finish to the rubber prop in the above image.
The trigger of the QBU-88.
Leng Feng with his flat-top QBU-88, where he equipped a scope.
Leng Feng's QBU-88 shot by the mercenary sniper.
A broken QBU-88 on a PLA soldier.

Barrett M99

A Barrett M99 .50 cal long range anti-materiel rifle was used by the "Assassin"(Samuel Thivierge) of the mercenaries during the rescuing of Minh Deng (Ni Dahong). The Barrett M99 in this film is probably a non firing replica as the sniper is never shown actually firing it, only cycling the bolt.

Barrett M99 - .50 BMG
"Assassin" with his M99.
"Assassin" cycling the M99.
"Assassin" and his M99.
"Assassin" standing up with his M99.
A M95 can be seen with the "Assassin".


M136 AT4

"Tom Cat" (Scott Adkins) uses a Pansarskott m/86 variant of the M136 AT4 in the rescue of Minh Deng (Ni Dahong). "Crazy Bull" (Kevin Lee) and another mercenary use ordinary AT4s in an attempt to down Chinese attack helicopters pursuing them.

Pansarskott m/86, Swedish Army version of the M136 AT4 with folding foregrip - 84mm
"Tom Cat" fires his Pansarskott m/86. Distinguishable with its front grip.
M136 AT4 - 84mm
A mercenary prepares to fire the AT4.
The AT4 rocket as it flies.
"Crazy Bull" fires the AT4 at a helicopter.
A graphic representation of an AT4 rocket.

M203A1 Grenade Launcher

"Driver" (Sona Eyambe) has an airsoft M203A1 grenade launcher attached to his Mk 18.

Airsoft M203 made by G&P - (fake) 40x46mm. Note the RIS mount and removed trigger guard.
"Driver" fires the M203A1 at the PLA.
"Driver" gets shot while holding his M203A1-equipped Mk 18.

QLZ-87 Grenade Launcher

A QLZ-87 Grenade Launcher is seen mounted on a Chinese wheeled vehicle.

QLZ-87 Grenade Launcher - 35x32mm
The QLZ-87 on the vehicle.
As Shao Bing, Deputy Commander of Wolf Detachment, gets off the vehicle, we can see the side of the QLZ-87.


M26 hand grenade

Wu Ji (Zhu Xiao) uses two M26 hand grenade in the beginning of the film to fend off the Chinese Police and PLA. The M26 grenade are also issued to the PLA and the Wolf Detachment when hunting the mercenaries.

M26 hand grenade
Wu Ji prepares to chuck the M26 grenades.
The M26 grenades falling.
A supply box with M26 grenades.

Type 82 hand grenade

Type 82 hand grenades are issued to the PLA and the Wolf Detachment when hunting the mercenaries.

Type 82 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
A supply box full of the Type 82 grenades.
A supply box with a mix of M26 and the Type 82 grenade.

MK3 offensive hand grenade

"Tom Cat" uses a few MK3 offensive hand grenade to set up traps for the PLA.

MK3A2 offensive hand grenade
"Tom Cat" sets up a trap with a Mk.3 grenade.
"Tom Cat" sets up another trap.


Bounding Anti-Personnel Mine

A bounding anti-personnel mine is used by the mercenaries to ambush PLA troops.

The mine bounces into the air.

M18A1 Claymore

"Tom Cat" sets up several M18A1 Claymore mines while attempting to ambush the PLA units pursuing him.

M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine
A M18A1 Claymore lies in wait for the PLA.
"Tom Cat" sets up a M18A1 Claymore.

MD-82 mine

"Tom Cat" also lays a MD-82 mine that was later triggered by Leng Feng.

"Tom Cat" lays the mine.
A MD-82 under Leng Feng's foot on a monitor.
The MD-82 under Leng Feng's foot.
Leng Feng on the mine.

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