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Webley No.5 Express - .450 Adams
Nickle-plated Webley No.5 with Adams type ejector.


(1878 - 1890's)

Type: Revolver

Caliber: .455 Webley, .45 Colt, 44/40 Winchester, .450 Adams, .476 Ely

Capacity: 6 rounds

Barrel Length: 5.5 inches

Fire Modes: Single Shot (Double Action)


Webley produced their first pistol in 1853, introducing their first double action in 1867. They are perhaps best known for providing the British Army’s pistols during the late 19th and early 20th century. The Webley No.5 is one of the later pistols produced by Webley before they altered their nomenclature from ‘Numbers’ to ‘Marks’ when the Webley MkI was adopted by the British Army in 1887. The No.5 is sometimes referred to as the Webley New Model, the New Army Express or the No.5 Army Express.

Chambered in the British .455 service cartridge as well as being able to chamber .45 Colt while other models could chamber Winchester’s .44 round (see image two). The Webley No.5 was introduced in 1878 ostensibly as a rival to Colt’s Double Action Army. While the two pistol’s share similar bird’s-head style grips the Webley No.5 was a fundamentally better revolver with a stronger action and more robust frame.

The No.5 was a step forward for Webley improving on their earlier pistols, it proved considerably popular in both the civilian market and with officers purchasing it privately. Like the Colt it loaded through a side gate and had a solid frame. Its stout cartridge, accurate 5 1/2 inch barrel and robust manufacture made it a popular service pistol during the 1880s with its double action allowing the pistol to be fired rapidly. It however, was not adopted by the British Army who instead retained their Adams Revolvers until 1880, when the flawed Enfield revolver was adopted before the top-breaking Webley Mk.1 finally supplanted them in 1887.


Title Actor Character Note Date
Joe Kidd Chama's man 1972
Silverado Kevin Kline Paden With Adams patent ejector rod 1985
Silverado Marvin J. McIntyre Store Clerk With Adams patent ejector rod 1985
Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes With Adams patent ejector rod 2009
Sherlock Holmes Mark Strong Lord Henry Blackwood With Adams patent ejector rod 2009

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