Webley "WG" Army Model

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Webley "WG" Army Model - .455 Webley
Webley "WG" Army Model - .455 Webley

The Webley "WG" Army Model (the 'WG' for "Webley Government", but often incorrectly referenced as "Webley-Green") is a break-top, auto-extracting revolver, with six-inch barrel. It saw manufacture in the late 1890's. Despite the "Army Model" imprint (found on the bridge above the cylinder), the WG was not an official British service revolver, but rather a commercial version chambered for the .455 Webley service round, that would be available for private purchase by British military officers.



(1889 - 1910)

Type: Revolver

Caliber: .455 Webley

Capacity: 6 rounds

Fire Modes: Single Shot (Double Action)

The Webley "WG" Army Model and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Oh! What a Lovely War Opening credits 1969
Young Winston Simon Ward Winston Churchill 1972
Young Winston British officers 1972
A Boy and His Dog Don Johnson Vic 1975
The Island of Dr Moreau Nigel Davenport Montgomery 1977
1941 Lorraine Gary Joan Douglas Model 1889 with square butt 1979
Big Trouble in Little China Wing Kong member 1986
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Harrison Ford Indiana Jones 1989
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Sean Connery Allan Quartermain 2003
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Harrison Ford Indiana Jones 2008
The Wolfman Hugo Weaving Inspector Aberline 2010
The Wolfman Emily Blunt Gwen Conliffe 2010


Title Actor Character Note Date
Anzacs Jon Blake Captain Flanagan 1985
Andrew Clarke Captain Martin "Marty" Barrington
The Walking Dead - Season 3 Mexican Survivor wood grips 2013


Title Character Note Date
The Mystic Archives of Dantalian suitor 2011

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