Walking Tall (2004)

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Walking Tall (2004)

Walking Tall is the 2004 feature film remake of the 1973 action revenge drama that starred Joe Don Baker. Dwayne Johnson stars in the film as Chris Vaughn, a US Special Forces veteran who returns to his small Washington town only to find it corrupted by a crime lord that runs a gambling and prostitution establishment. He then proceeds to clean the town up on his own, taking on the corrupt authorities and the various crime elements in town.

The following weapons were used in the film Walking Tall (2004):




Beretta 92FS

One of the security guards in the casino draws a Beretta 92FS when Chris starts a fight after catching a craps dealer using weighted dice. The same guard uses the Beretta when attacking Chris' family later in the film.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
A guard draws his Beretta 92FS.
The guard hits Chris in the face with his Beretta.
The guard points his Beretta at Michelle Vaughn (Kristen Wilson) in Chris' house.

Glock 17

Glock 17 pistols are used by Sheriff Stan Watkins (Michael Bowen), Dep. Rolston (Eric Breker), as well as Chris Vaughn (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) when he becomes Sheriff. When Watkins and some other of the deputies shoot up the police station, Chris gives his Glock to Deni (Ashley Scott), who helps distract Watkins at one point, but does little more than waste ammo.

Glock 17 2nd Generation - 9x19mm
Deputy Rolston is seen with a Glock 17 in his holster.
Watkins points his Glock 17 at Chris after he attacked the casino.
Deni fires Chris' Glock 17. Instead of the slide locking back, it simply "clicks" empty. Despite the fact that this is a common way filmmakers show that a pistol is 'empty', two reasons can explain this - (a) The last round is a dud or (b) The magazine follower has been worn and won't reliably hold the slide back on the last shot.
Chris with his Glock 17 in his house.
Chris searches for Jay Hamilton (Neal McDonough) in the broken down mill with his Glock 17 and flashlight at the ready.


One of the ex-security guards in Chris' house is armed with an M1911A1 pistol which he manages to hit Ray in the leg with before he stabs him with a potato peeler. He later is shown to still be alive and is shot by Chris Sr. with the 870 shotgun.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
An ex-guard holds Pete Vaughn (Khleo Thomas) hostage with an M1911A1 at the ready.
The ex-guard aims his M1911A1 at Ray and Chris before being killed by Chris Sr.


Ithaca 37

One of the guards in the casino wields a sawed-off Ithaca 37 shotgun when Chris assaults the place. Another guard is seen using the M37 when they attack Chris' family.

Ithaca 37 Sawed-Off - 12 gauge
One of the casino guards with a sawed-off Ithaca 37 at the ready.
An ex-security guard points his Ithaca 37 at Chris' family.

Mossberg 500

Booth (Kevin Durand), one of the guards in the Casino tries to shoot Chris with a Mossberg 500 before being dispatched by him and his block of wood. Later in the film when both Chris and Ray Templeton (Johnny Knoxville) are officers, they are both seen using Mossberg 500 shotguns throughout the film. Though to tough to tell, the guns in some shots appear to lack the top-rear receiver mounted switch safeties, indicating they might actually be Maverick Model 88s (the 'economy' version of the Mossberg 500).

Mosberg 500 - 12 gauge
Booth fires his Mossberg 500 as he is hit in the face with a 4"x4".
Chris gives Ray a Mossberg 500 and tells him to watch his family.
Ray grabs the Mossberg 500 as he wakes up in Chris' house.
Chris pumps his Mossberg when the former officers start shoot up the police department.
Chris blasts holes in the floor with his Mossberg so Deni and him can escape under the building.
Ray aims a Mossberg at one of the ex-security guards before killing him when he tries to fire at him.
Chris fires his Mossberg at the ex-deputies. This is not a screenshot but a picture from the DVD photo album.

Remington 870

Chris Vaughn (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) keeps a Remington 870 locked up in his shed. He takes it with him to assault the casino but then decides to instead take a 4"x4" block of wood instead. He gives the 870 to his father, Chris Vaughn Sr. (John Beasley), who declines claiming he put his guns up long ago. Later in the film when the ex-security guards attack Chris' family, Vaughn Sr. changes his mind, takes the 870 and kills the last man with it.

Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun - 12 gauge
Chris takes the 870 out of his truck to assault the casino. Note finger on the trigger, bad Rock! Especially embarrassing as he shows good trigger discipline through most scenes in the movie.
Chris pumps a round into his 870 before deciding to take the 4"x4" instead.
Chris offers his 870 to his father, who declines.
Vaughn Sr. with the 870 after killing the final ex-security guard in his house.

Submachine Guns


An instruction manual for a MAC-10 submachine gun is seen in the Sheriff's Department as it is shot to pieces by the ex-officers.

MAC-10 - 9x19mm
A MAC-10 instruction booklet to the right thumb-nailed to a wall.

Assault Rifles

Colt Model 715

While Chris and Deni are in the Sheriff's Department, one of the ex-deputies (Ty Olsson) opens up with a Colt Model 715, the earlier Colt Canada C7 produced by the American Colt to serve Canadian forces, noted by M16A2 forward assist and shell deflector with M16A1 style sights. It is fitted with a 100 round Beta-C magazine.

Note: Since the film was 100% filmed in British Columbia, it is expected that the armorers were Canadian. The armorer, Ron Blecker, though a trained American soldier, is a common face on Canadian television, seen as a background soldier (and military tech advisor) on Canadian-shot shows like Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1. Blecker's crew and group are based out of Canada and get all their weapons from Canadian sources.

Colt Model 715 (virtually the same as the Colt Canada C7) - 5.56x45mm
An ex-deputy fires his Colt Model 715 at the department.
Another shot of the deputy firing his Colt 715.

Machine Guns

Daewoo K3 (visually modified to resemble FN Minimi SPW)

While Chris and Deni are in the Sheriff's Department, Stan Watkins and ex-Deputy Rolston begin firing at them with Daewoo K3 LMGs that have been modified to resemble the FN Minimi SPWs ("Special Purpose Weapons").

Daewoo K3 - 5.56x45mm. One of these LMGs, fitted with a fake M249 Paratrooper-style stock, a shortened barrel, and a forward grip, is the weapon used in the film.
FN Minimi SPW - 5.56x45mm, shown here for comparison purposes.
Watkins firing the Daewoo K3.
Close-up on the muzzle of Watkins' K3. Note here that the front sight is clearly the same as that of a K3, and not at all like that of an FN Minimi.
Close up on the receiver of Watkins' K3.
Watkins and Rolston firing their K3s.

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