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Name: Michael
Age: 17
Location: United States of America, specifically Colorado

Hello, I'm Michael. I've been researching firearms ever since I was little. I wanted to join IMFDB to fix some grammar and update descriptions for the Video Games category. I've been reading IMFDB since 2012, so I just love the users and the site itself. I can identify my fair share of weapons, and I can tell the difference between pump-action, bolt-action, semi-auto, and selective-fire guns alike. I am also an admin on the Rainbow Six wiki. I'm not really big on revolvers or Glocks though, so I can't tell the difference between some of those types of weapons. I'm in my late teenage years, but I hope that's good enough to help out the users on this site.

Firearms I held

  • Colt M4A1 Carbine
  • Beretta M9 (Not sure if 92FS or 92SB)
  • AR-15 variant (it's been really long ago, so I don't know exactly what)
  • S&W M&P9

Please, I'd love feedback of my editing!

I'd love if I get feedback for my editing, and how well I'm doing. I want to remove blank spaces in between title spaces for some pages currently. For an example, I'd rather the code on the page to read ==Goldeneye (007== rather than == Goldeneye (007) ==.

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