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Total War: Shotgun 2

The following weapons appear in the video game Total War: Shogun 2:


Total War: Shogun 2


The Tanegashima is a Japanese matchlock arquebus used during the Sengoku Jidai and to some degree, during the Boshin War. It is used by most matchlock-type units as well as the foreign-recruited Portuguese Tercos available in the Otomo Clan DLC. A particular type of Tanegashima is used by the Heavy Gunners, Fire Rockets, and Tokitaka's Tanegashima. It can also be seen in the traditional Matchlock Kachi skirmish unit in the Fall of the Samurai expansion.

Japanese "Tanegashima" matchlock arquebus.
Three Shimazu Heavy Gunner troops stand ready, Tanegashimas in hand.
A line of Tokitaka's Tanegashima infantry volley fire their weapons.
Portuguese Tercos also use their own matchlock muskets.


The Blunderbuss or Donderbuss is used by the Donderbuss Cavalry unit only available in the Otomo Clan Pack DLC. It is the most powerful firearm in the game due to it's shotgun effect it delivers against it's targets.

An early modern example of a Blunderbuss or Donderbuss
Otomo Donderbuss Cavalry with their Donderbusses

Total War: Shogun 2 — Fall of the Samurai

Total War: Shogun 2 — Fall of the Samurai is an expansion pack for the game that sets it in the late 1800's and adds quite a lot of firearms to the game.

Smith & Wesson Model 2

The Smith & Wesson Model 2 is added with this expansion pack and usually seen with officers and is also used by the Foreign Veteran agent during the campaign. Cavalry units like the Revolver Cavalry and the General's Bodyguard use this particular model.

Smith & Wesson Model 2 .32 Short
An officer from the Royal Marines fires his Smith & Wesson Model 2 along with his fellow men.

Colt 1860 Army

A Colt 1860 Army is seen on the cover

Colt 1860 Army - .44 caliber.
A U.S. Army officer holds the 1860 Army on the cover.

Pattern 1861 Enfield Musketoon

Most of the line infantry-type, levy infantry-type, and skirmisher-type units (with the exception of Tosa Riflemen) in Fall of the Samurai used the Pattern 1861 Enfield Musketoon. Units like the Shinsengumi Police Force, Yugekitai, and the foreign-recruited U.S. Marines use this particular model. Oddly enough, they use the same gun albeit with different ranges depending on the unit stats.

A Reproduction of the Pattern 1861 Enfield Musketoon
A U.S. Marine aims his 1861 Enfield Musketoon.
A unit of the Shinsengumi Police Force attempt to repel an attack by a Mounted Samurai unit from the Rise of the Samurai Expansion with their Muskets.

Snider-Enfield rifle

The British Snider-Enfield Rifle is used by first-tier elite troops, usually by the Imperial/Shogunate/Republican Infantry unit, the Kihetai, and the foreign-recruited Royal Marines.

Snider-Enfield breech-loaded rifle.
Royal Marines and their Snider-Enfield rifles.

Spencer repeating rifle

The American Spencer repeating rifle is used by the Tosa Riflemen, Carbine Cavalry, and Imperial Guard Cavalry. In some mods, they are used as a replacement weapon to the Tanegashima used by sailors.

Spencer repeating rifle.
Tosa Riflemen and their Spencer repeating rifles.

Fusil Modèle 1866 Chassepot

The French Fusil Modèle 1866 Chassepot rifle is the most powerful rifle in the game commonly used by more elite units like the Imperial/Shogunate/Republican Guard Infantry and by the foreign-recruited Infanterie de Marine. Due to their fast firing rate in-game, they have a tendency to run out of ammo very quickly particularly when in Kneel Fire mode.

Chassepot bolt action rifle.
Imperial Guard Infantry from the Saga Domain fire their Chassepot 1866 against a unit of Aizu Katana Kachi.
Infanterie de Marine marching with their Chassepots.

Gatling Gun

The 1874 model Gatling Gun, apparently inspired by The Last Samurai, is also in the game and can be used as an area-denial unit. It's also being used in the the "Monitor" U.S.S. Roanoke but can only fire broadside. It can be the most lethal weapon against enemy crewmen during Naval Combat in Fall of the Samurai. This was the first-time an automatic weapon was introduced in the Total War series.

Colt Gatling Gun with Bruce Feed Guide - .45-70
A Gatling Gun crew fires the weapon at approaching Samurai.
Another Gatling gun opens up on a large group of cavalry.
A large group of Gatling guns sit in waiting.

Wooden Cannon

Wooden Cannons are, as the name suggests, made of wood. This makes them somewhat ramshackle in their operations, with a slow reload rate and an immobile platform from which they cannot move. They have a very poor accuracy in-game and can fire only a few rounds before it must be considered useless.

A Japanese coastal wooden cannon used during the Bakufu period, Ryosen Museum
Wooden Cannons used in first person mode. This feature will later be used in almost all siege artillery units in the Total War series

Parrott Gun

The Parrott Gun is the second most powerful artillery unit in the game. It's a muzzle loader and can fire explosive and canister shells. But it is the slowest unit in game , along with the Gatling Gun and the Armstron Gun, due to it's heavy load.

A 10 lb. Parrott Rifle used in an American Civil War reenactment

Armstrong Gun

The Armstrong Gun is the most powerful artillery unit in the game. Based on the RBL 12 Pounder 8 cwt gun, it can also fire explosive and canister shells in-game. It had a longer range than the Wooden Cannon and the Parrott Gun but it's more expensive than the other two. A Naval version of the Armstrong Gun is used as a coastal battery and as a main gun in all of the ships in Fall of the Samurai and is modeled after the Ordnance 110-pounder RBL 7 Inch Gun. Along with the Gatling Gun and the Parrott Gun, it is the slowest unit in game due to it's heavy load.

A gun crew covers their ears after firing the Armstrong Gun.
Another crew reloads their Armstrong Gun.
A model of the Armstrong 100 lb. Gun extracted using the Artillery Unit Pack Mod

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