Timesplitters: Future Perfect

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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
PS2 Boxart
Release Date: 2005
Developer: Free Radical Design
Publisher: EA Games
Series: TimeSplitters
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: First-Person Shooter

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is a first-person shooter released in 2005, The game counts with a SinglePlayer and Multiplayer gamemodes, Both the "History" mode and the Online duels can be played Co-Op locally

The following weapons appear in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect:


Pistols / Revolvers

Luger Pistol

A modified Luger pistol can be found in game, called "Kruger 9mm" it holds 8 rounds in the magazine and the player can use it with a supressor or dual-wielded

Luger P08 "Marine" model - 9x19mm.
Shooting two Krugers
Reloading a Suppresed Kruger pistol with what appears to be anything but 9mm

Desert Eagle / PT92 Hybrid

What appears to be a mix between a Desert Eagle and a Taurus PT92 appears in game as "Pistol 9mm", the player can attach a suppresor with a scope on it, like the Kruger, it holds 8 rounds in the magazine

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark I - .357 Magnum
Taurus PT92AFS - 9x19mm.
Racking the slide of the Pistol 9mm, the player will always do this when equipping this weapon
Attaching a suppresor
Reloading the Pistol, after putting a magazine on it the slide will automatically close


A modified, futuristic looking Glock appears in the game as "LX-18", it holds 18 rounds in the magazine

Glock 18C- 9x19mm. The In-game Glock is supposedly modeled after it
Reloading the LX-18

Flare Pistol

A Flare pistol that mostly resembles a Webley No. 1 Mark 1 flare gun with no stock, and other changes appears in the game.

Webley No. 1 Mark 1 Flare Gun - 37mm
The Flare Pistol In-Game

Smith & Wesson Model 29

Simply called "Revolver" in-game, a nickel Smith & Wesson Model 29 with no ejector rod appears in the game, the Revolver is actually refered to as a "44 caliber weapon", and the player uses it on Single-Action mode, this does not affect anything, because if the player keeps firing rapidly it will fire as fast as Double-Action and unlike other games, the cylinder actually moves after firing, it holds 6 rounds as it should.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 with a nickel finish - .44 Magnum
Firing the powerful "Revolver"


Double Barreled Shotgun

A side by side Double Barreled Shotgun appears in the game simply called "Shotgun", the Double Barrel shotgun is a weapon that has appeared in every TimeSplitters game

Stoeger/IGA Coach Gun Supreme Blue with Stainless Receiver - 12 gauge like the one in-game
Ejecting used 12 gauge shells

Remington 870 Police

A Remington 870 with a Folding Stock, that cannot be un-folded appears in the game called "Tactical 12-Gauge" it holds 8 rounds in the magazine tube, the weapon is modeled the wrong way as it has 2 ejection ports in both sides

Remington 870 Police Magnum with stock folded - 12 gauge
Firing the Tactical 12-gauge
Reloading the Tactical 12-gauge, here you can see the other ejection port that does not work
Pumping the shotgun after reload

Sub-Machine Guns


Simply called "Machine Gun" in the game, the Heckler & Koch MP5K appears with a "waffle" magazine, and a very high rate of fire

Heckler & Koch MP5K - 9x19mm.
Firing the "Machine Gun" with again, anything but 9mm
Reloading, the charging handle will automatically go back
Performing a nice HK Slap on the "Machine Gun"

Assault Rifles

FAL / AR-18 Hybrid

A mix between an FN FAL in 7.62x39 using AK magazines and a Armalite AR-18 with no stock appears in the game as "Soviet Rifle"

FN FAL - 7.62x51mm NATO
AR-18 with the stock folded – 5.56x45mm
Shoting the "Soviet Rifle"
Reloading the Rifle, here you can clearly see the AK Magazine

AK / STG 44 Hybrid

Yet another hybrid gun, called "K-SMG" its a mix between a Sturmgewehr 44 and a AK Rifle it holds 32 rounds in the magazine and can fire rifle grenades

Sturmgewehr 44 - 7.92x33mm Kurz
AKMS - 7.62x39mm
Reloading the "K-SMG" with a 7.62x39 AK mag
Using the Rifle Grenade

Sniper Rifles

Blaser R-93

The Blaser R93 appears in the game as "Sniper Rifle", firing .308 FMJ rounds, the weapon is used in semi-automatic mode despite the real weapon being bolt action, the player only uses the bolt when reloading

Blaser R93 LRS2- .338 Lapua Magnum.
The "Sniper Rifle" in-game
Using the bolt after reloading


A Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I (T) appears in the game called "Vintage Rifle", as with the "Sniper Rifle", it is used in Semi-Automatic mode despite being Bolt-Action, and it only uses the bolt when reloading the gun

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I (T) - .303 British
The "Vintage Rifle" in game



A Handheld M134 Minigun appears in the game simply called "Minigun"

Airsoft handheld M134 Minigun like the one in game
Real Dillon Aero M134 Minigun - 7.62x51mm NATO
Shooting the "Minigun"


The Rocket Launcher "HeatSeeker" seems to mostly resemble a FIM-43 Redeye

FIM-43 Redeye - 70mm
The "HeatSeeker" in-game
Reloading the "HeatSeeker"

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