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The Wind Rises
Kaze Tachinu
Anime Poster
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Release Date July, 20 2013
Language German
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jiro Horikoshi Hideaki Anno
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (English)
Nahoko Satomi Miori Takimoto
Emily Blunt (English)
Kiro Honjo Hidetoshi Nishijima
John Krasinski (English)
Castorp Stephen Alperta
Werner Herzog (English)

The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ; Kaze Tachinu) is a 2013 Anime movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The young Jiro Horikoshi decides that he wants to build airplanes. In a dream, he met the Italian aircraft engineer Caproni and has brought him one of his wisdom: It is much nicer to construct aircraft than to fly them. For this reason, the now-grown Jiro begins some years later to study engineering at the University of Tokyo. On a train ride, he meets the handsome Naoko, his great love. But it takes many years and a chance reunion until the two get engaged. But sharing time is not easy for the couple: while Jiko builds warplanes over the years as the lead developer for several companies, Naoko is struggling with health issues.

In other voice roles: William H. Macy, Mandy Patinkin, Jennifer Grey, Stanley Tucci and Elijah Wood.

The following weapons were used in the film The Wind Rises:


Machine Guns

Fiat-Revelli M1914

During Jiro Horikoshi's first dream with Giovanni Battista Caproni, several Caproni Ca.3 bombers are seen with air-cooled Fiat-Revelli M1914 machine guns.

Fiat-Revelli M14 aircraft machine gun - 6.5x52mm Mannlicher-Carcano
Young Jiro looks at flying by Caproni bombers. The barrel is seen.
Caproni looks at Jiro on the ground.
General view.

Type 97

The Type 97 Aircraft Machine Gun is mounted on Horikoshi's planes like the Mitsubishi Experimental 7-Shi and the infamous Mitsubishi A6M "Zeros" fighters

Type 97 aircraft machine gun - 7.7x56mm R
The Experimental 7-Shi with nose-mounted Type 97s. The boxes can be seen in the cockpit.
A6M fighters with the mgs.

Type 92

During the description of the Mitsubishi G3M bomber, it can be seen with Type 92 light machine guns, the Japanese copy of the British Lewis Gun.

Type 92 light machine gun - 7.7×58mm Arisaka
Turret gunners manning the Type 92s.


Soviet Polikarpov I-15 fighters in Chinese service are armed with four PV-1 machine guns.

Nadashkevich PV-1 - 7.62x54mm R
Chinese fighters fire at the G3M bombers.


What appears to be two Ho-103 machine guns are mounted on a Nakajima G8N bomber wreck's turret.

Ho-103 machine gun based on the Browning M1921 - 12.7×81mmSR.
The turret on the left.


Aircraft carrier Hōshō

Note the two 14 cm/50 3rd Year Type naval guns at the Bow, Nakajima A1N1 fighters on deck and the sided chimneys. On the right there is a destroyer, which could be a Momo or Wakatake class.
Full side view; the chimneys are now directed upwards.

Battleship Nagato

Note the curved chimney which is a pre-1936 feature (correct for the Nakajima A1N1 fighter testings, that were around 1930).

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