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MAS M1935S

I think the MAS M1935S might actually be a Star 1920 - I own both, and I'm basing that on the size of the gun (the M1935S is actually quite a small pistol) and the grips - I've never seen or heard of a M1935S with wood grips, and the gun in the screen caps looks just like the grips on my Star. The M1935S has a lanyard ring just behind the magazine well I don't see in the screencap.

- Nyles

It can also be a Star Model 1914 as the barrel isn't seen. Greg-Z (talk) 01:24, 24 September 2014 (EDT) You're right, Greg! During the initial subtitle gives Fröbe gun in the compartment on the dashboard of car. I originally registered as a Luger P08! Flashed it briefly, could not do screen, but it had a long, thin barrel. Thx!--Pandolfini (talk) 01:56, 24 September 2014 (EDT)

Unidentified revolvers

Marque Mal (Marcel Bozzuffi) used his revolver in firefight.
Jo le Pale (Jean-Claude Bercq) shot in the parking lot by an unidentified revolver.

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