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Under "construction"

I'am currently collecting screenshots of the weapons, wich will probably take some time.

If you're still playing the game, then it's probably best to construct it on the talk page and move it over when it's finished. Most people have screenshots on hand before they start the page. --Funkychinaman (talk) 13:24, 3 March 2014 (EST)


Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
Offical PSP box art
Release Date: 2007
Developer: SCE Bend Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Series: Syphon Filter
Platforms: Playstation 2
PlayStation Portable
Genre: Stealth, third-person shooter

The following weapons are used in the video game Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow:

Assault rifles

Colt M4

Gabe Logan is seen holding an M4 on the game's cover page, fitted with an ACOG scope and vertical foregrip. The weapon can also be procured in various missions, most notably those set on the St. Helens.

Logan's shadow M4A1.jpg


Seen in the hands of Syrian terrorists, the Automatic Kalashnikov can be used on missions set in the St. Helens, and is also used by the Spetsnaz, Russian Special Forces, in Azerbaijan. Players can acquire it when storming Bitar's bunker as well.

Logan's shadow AK47.jpg

M16 with M203

This weapon is an M-16 set to three-round bursts which has an underbarrel grenade launcher. This is by far the only instance where a Syphon Filter weapon actually has such an attachment.



Used by certain Spetsnaz soldiers in Episode 3 and train enemies in 'Left Behind'.

Gabe sprays a 'Flak-Jacketed' enemy with the SKS. Unfortunately, this weapon simply doesn't happen to discharge armour-piercing rounds.

Steyr AUG300 H-BAR

Used by Spetsnaz prison personnel in Episode 4, and train enemies also carry in in 'Left Behind'.

Logan's shadow AUG.jpg


Can be found and used by completing Training 2 in record time.

The FA MAS seen in a very, ah, unsuitable environment. Exactly WATER we going to do with such a weapon?!

Galil AR

Can be used by the player and enemies during the St. Helens investigation.

Logan's shadow Galil.jpg

Heckler and Koch G11

The Heckler and Koch G11, referred to the C11 as was the case in The Omega Strain and Dark Mirror, can be found and used in the game. Firing in fully automatic and semi-auto modes, it has a sniper scope, the latter being a standard feature in the Syphon Filter series.

Logan's shadow G11.jpg

Steyr Advanced Combat Rifle

The Steyr ACR can be seen in Surgei Kudrenko's hands during a fight with him when Gabe hijacks a Spetsnaz transport jet. Because the mission ends when he is dead, it is never possible to acquire the weapon but judging from its appearance it is the exact same variant as that used in The Omega Strain.


Submachine guns

FN P90

The P90 is a usable weapon in-game, seen in the hands of al-Jamil 'elite' guards in Bitar's dam.

Logan's shadow SSP90.jpg

SITES Spectre M4

The Spectre, which was used in The Omega Strain and Dark Mirror, appears in this game; it is held by al-Jamil thugs during the St. Helens investigation.

Logan's shadow Spectre.jpg

Heckler and Koch UMP .45

The UMP can be used during the raid on Bitar's Bunker. Strangely, it is the only SMG that has a sniper-type scope.

Why bring an SMG to a sniper duel when the tank is just next to you?!


The Military Armanent Corporation machine pistol is used by Spetsnaz naval infantry.

Heckler and Koch MP5 A3

This weapon is seen used by Spetsnaz and Syrian terrorists. Exactly how they came across such a firearm is simply mind-boggling.

Can somebody, I mean ANYBODY, PLEASE tell me how the heck this terror agent ended up with a German weapon?!

General purpose machine guns

US M60 E3

Also called 'The Pig', most bosses generally equip this weapon. When controlled by the player, it is needlessly underpowered as compared to the variant seen in The Omega Strain, which had 200 rounds per magazine; this particular model only has 40 rounds in comparison.

Logan's shadow M60.jpg

M249 SAW

The Squad Assault Weapon, although firing a lighter round than the M60's 7.62mm cartridge, is significantly more useful because of its 200-round magazine. The machine gun can optionally be used when Gabe raids Bitar's bunker to rescue Lian Xing.


This weapon can be used when Logan assaults Bitar's dam.

Sniper rifles

Dragunov SVD

The Dragunov sniper support weapon can be used during Gabe's escape from Gebel Tyorma, and is also Trinidad's signature weapon.

Logan's shadow Dragunov.jpg

Barrett M82A1

The Barrett 50-cal, or the BFG as it's called in-game, is a tremendously powerful weapon that can punch through flak jackets like a hot knife through butter. It is used by enemy marksman during the raid on Bitar's bunker and the assault on said character's dam.

Logan's shadow M82.jpg


Daewood Precision Industries Universal Sporting Automatic Shotgun

As was the case in previous Syphon Filter games except the first instalment, the USAS-12 can be found and used. It is seen in the hands of al-Jamil guards who defend Bitar's bunker from aggressors; because of its fully automatic firing rate and the cramped quarters, this makes it devastatingly effective.

Logan's shadow USAS.jpg

Sawed-off shotgun

The sawed-off 12 gauge can be unlocked for use. Its reduced barrel length makes it ruinous during close-quarters confrontations but it is rarely effective outside of point-blank distance combat.

M1 Super 90

This is a pump-action shotgun which can be used during the St. Helens investigation and when Gabe escapes from Gebel Tyorma.

Armasel Striker

This weapon can be found in Bitar's dam.

Winchester Model 1300

The Winchester 1300, referred to as the Shot Defender, is used by Spetsnaz personnel on a transport jet.


Shoulder-launched Multi Purpose Assault Weapon

Only seen in the hands of non-playable characters, the SMAW fires a rocket that demolishes lightly armoured targets upon impact.

Milkor MGL

The Multi Grenade Launcher can be used during a bonus mission.


Heckler and Koch Mark 23

The Mk 23 is Gabe's default pistol in every mission, unless it is set in an underwater area or the player has physically swapped it for another handgun. This particular variant is equipped with an integral suppressor that can never be removed, making it a great weapon for stealth scenarios.

Logan's shadow Mk 23.jpg

FN Five seveN

The Five Seven is seen under the name 'SP-57', which was a convention all the way from The Omega Strain.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle is seen under the name 'Silenced .44', which has a sniper scope and a suppressor. This particular variant can be used by players but not enemies. A similar model called the 'Desert Eliminator .357' is an enemy-exclusive weapon. It possesses the same scope but no silencer and uses a different round as well.

The Desert Eagle fitted with a sniper scope and chambered for the .44 magnum round.


Syrian terrorists who storm the St. Helens are armed with this pistol.

Gabe introduces a pair of al-Jamil thugs on the St. Helens to an explosive barrel using the Makarov.

Glock G17D

The Glock pistol is used by Spetsnaz and Trinidad, the latter always carrying them in a dual-wield fashion. Most of the IPCA members also seem to carry it, their variant painted black.

Logan's shadow Glock.jpg

Unknown pistol

These weapons SERIOUSLY need to be identified.

SFLS unknown pistol 1.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 2.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 3.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 4.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 5.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 6.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 7.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 8.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 9.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 10.jpg
SFLS unknown pistol 11.jpg
I'm not sure if this is a real pistol. It looks like an M1911 and Glock had a baby. --Funkychinaman (talk) 08:13, 21 May 2017 (EDT)

Apparently, somebody claimed it's some kind of Glock. Probably painted matte black to discourage people from ID'ing its true model.

Or it seems to me Trinidad (the Chinese agent) could be pulling a Lara Croft. I'm guessing she's dual-wielding a Heckler and Koch USP but maybe that's taking things too far? - Ft763

Machine pistols

Intratec TEK 9

This automatic handgun can be unlocked and used as was the case in Dark Mirror. It is equipped with a suppressor that can never be removed.

Logan's shadow Tek 9.jpg

CZ Mach 9

An automatic pistol used by Spetsnaz soldiers.

Logan's shadow CZ Mach 9.jpg

Heavy weapons

Mounted turret

Usable through a couple of missions, this weapon fires infinite munitions but has a cool-down time when used in a fully automatic fashion. It is most notably used to sabotage the St. Helens' Phalanx CIWS at the start of the very first level.

A set of Close-In Weapon Systems here being destroyed by Gabe, the latter controlling a turret of indeterminate description.


Being the first game of the series where underwater combat is possible, Logan's Shadow appropriately allows players to acquire and use bolt guns in such a situation.

We've been to firefights, what about WATER fights?!
Logan's shadow underwater bolt gun.jpg


Flashbang grenade

The flashbang canister is available for use; it produces a dazzling, blinding flash and a deafening bang as per its namesake. Only capable of incapacitating enemies, it is impossible to kill with it.

An al-Jamil thug struggles to comprehend WHAT exactly the source of the flashbang is while Gabe takes cover, invisible from sight.

Fragmentation grenade

The M67 grenade is a lethal device that kills enemies from its generated explosion.

Logan's shadow frag grenade.jpg

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