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This game made me kind of mad. I saw hundreds of youtube videos which made the game look so cool, so I scoured eBay for months to find it. I eventually bought it for a ridiculous price of $50 even though the game was worth $20, and finally, I owned it.

I played it, and quickly learned it isn't as great as youtube made it look. Sure, the sniping is super realistic, but fire one shot and 50 Russians jump you before you can relocate or snipe anymore. If you turn the cheat on that silences the gun, it makes it more enjoyable. Ultimately I was let down somewhat. I got stuck on a really hard level and just stopped playing it eventually. - Gunmaster45

Better Experience

I recently bought the PC version through Steam for about £15. It took me a fair while to get into it (the game can't entirely make up its mind whether it's a stealth game or an action game) but thus far I've been enjoying it, a few difficult sections notwithstanding. I agree that enemey AI is all over the shop, especially their unfailing ability to know where you are. However, there are some great mechanics (such as covering the sound of your shot with artillery fire so you can shoot without detection, and shooting through one target and killing the guy behind him) and it is pretty satisfying to pull off the good long range shots. Although why snipers in WW2 couldn't use the simple method of adjusting their sights based on range (as seen in Delta Force Land Warrior) I don't know... Maybe the tech wasn't there back then, but I'd be surprised.

As for being swarmed by the enemy, it does happen more than it should, I found that covering all but one of the access points to wherever you are with trip-grenades helped stop them from sneaking up on me, but on the whole I'd just find a spot where the enemy could only come from one compass direction and keep sniping them as fast as I could. Certainly flawed, and I haven't finished it yet (I'd say I'm 60-75% through) so I can't vouch for how bad it might get, but all in all I've enjoyed it, once I learned to make allowances for the game's tendency to cheat!

Incidentally, I like the fact that you can move silently despite having a rifle, an MG42, several grenades and explosives and a Panzershreck on your back. IF it was me I'd be banging them against every surface I went near... ;-) DamageW 20:04, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

P.S. I think this is a great page, insofar as it's here, and it answered exactly what I wanted to know, which is more than Wikipedia did! Thanks for creating it. DamageW

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