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The Berdan seems to be a Frolovka. Note the difference in the position and shape of the bolt handle:

Berdanka bolt action shotgun - 28 Gauge
TOZ R-32 shotgun - 32 gauge
Sibiryaki Berdan rifle 2.jpg
Sibiryaki Berdan rifle 5.jpg

The buttstock is also more Mosin-style. The screen gun lacks the groove on the stock but there was a lot of sub-variants of Frolovka with different handguards, including ones without the groove. The shape of the bolt handle seems to be a more the determining factor. --Greg-Z (talk) 03:09, 19 September 2020 (EDT)

Gorchilin names this gun as Berdan rifle. But, I agree - most likely it's a wrong ID as the film crew hadn't any task to made correct ID names of the firearms in the children movie. Anywhere, visual evidence trumps dialogue. Many thanks for the correct ID. Pyramid Silent (talk) 05:06, 19 September 2020 (EDT)
Well you know, Berdanka is a common Russian word for all similar guns :) "This old berdanka" can be used in books and movies for a large variety of hunting guns, despite the exact model. --Greg-Z (talk) 05:25, 19 September 2020 (EDT)

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