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Incendiary rounds

Remembered seeing this:

Blain fires his Minigun, fed with Incendiary rounds?.

after watching episode of Mythbusters where they were cutting a tree with Minigun. It's not Incendiary rounds, really, if tree is shot with Minigun for a forty seconds, it flames. --Kloga 15:59, 21 January 2011 (UTC)

I thought it was "fed with" blank rounds? --Sgtmonroe 01:17, 31 July 2011 (CDT)
It was. The poster above you is questioning whether it's an appropriate comment to make in light of the mythbusters episode. Which is still is, because a minigun might make a tree flame but it wouldn't make it look like a rather large pyro charge has gone off attached to one of the branches (that's an early frame of a full-on explosion coming out of the tree). That really would only happen if the minigun had some fairly interesting ammo in it. Evil Tim 03:36, 31 July 2011 (CDT)
Indeed, even Incendiary rounds wouldn't make an explosion like that on a target and chop the tree limb off, not with what is only about a 2/3-second burst. I still think the comment is fine - we've made remarks about insanely huge explosions, overpowered bullet hits, 'Nuclear hand grenades' and so on in other pages. StanTheMan 11:27, 31 July 2011 (CDT)

Manpack Mini-gun

From a Friend of Mine I have gotten a Quote from the Films Technical Advisor about the Hand-held Minigun.I'm going to integrate it into the page as it does go into the creation of the weapon as a man portible device. Rockwolf66 05:43, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

the Quote is: "The Predator gun is an M-134. It was never a microgun (XM-214). That story has been rattling around the Internet and elsewhere for years, that the Predator gun was a 5.56, it wasn't. Ventura had a hand in putting together the harness that held the gun, after all, he had to carry and handle the darn thing, and told me a bunch about it. When Dan had the gun (past tense I believe) he contacted me to see if Ventura wanted to buy the weapon. I'm going to do a writeup on the XM-214 including pictures of me holding one. It isn't a big deal to pick the microgun up and hold it cradled in one arm. Maybe when people see just how small the 5.56mm gun is, this story will start going away. The pack in the movie held all of four seconds worth of ammo and no batteries. In the first scene when Ventura fires the gun, you can see the cable for it it the dirt behind him. And the trigger didn't work. The special effects man handled powering the gun for several reasons, including safety. Something about them not wanting the actors injured if the gun was dropped and the trigger pulled." Rockwolf66 05:46, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

would a hand held mini-gun be ever practical? It looks cool but probably won't. Rex095

Not probably. Definitely.
would you consider a smart Grenade launcher modified to fire 20mm or 30mm auto cannon shells impractical? Rex095
Are you talking about the XM25 airburst grenade launcher? If so, wrong type of ammunition. 20x40mm in the XM25 vs 20x102mm in the auto cannon. Spartan198 20:13, 4 April 2010 (UTC)

The U.S. Army experimented with this idea, but the gun was found to be too heavy for any one man to carry and the recoil was enough to seriously hurt the person firing it (broken bones kind of hurt). - Kilgore 17:17, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

As far as detonating 40mm grenades...

There are/were two sets of fuzes. The earlier ones armed in 3 to 5 meters (9 to 15 feet or so) and presented a hazard because of the casualty radius of the rounds. These rounds were primarily used with the M79 but will chamber and fire in the M203. The "later" rounds included a third arming mechanism which delayed arming until the round was 14-28 meters from the barrel.

Minigun Fire Rate

I'd like to know the source of the "confirmed" fire rate of 1250 RPM. Reason being, I'm the guy that came up with the 1700-1800rpm figure which I figured out by counting the number of barrel rotations the weapon makes in a given time frame while the movie is playing in slow motion. There are several closeup shots on the weapon muzzle that make this possible. It should also be noted that in the special features Jesse fires the weapon with unedited sound and the weapon fires at such a rate that it is continuous sound, much like how a real Minigun sounds.

That's interesting, since a movie camera only records at a rate of 24 frames per second and you're claiming the gun fired at 30 rounds per second, meaning it completed five rotations a second, and that you eyeballed it rotating once every 4.8 frames in 'slow motion.' Any rate of fire over 1,440 rpm would be wasting ammo for the hell of it, since at that speed you'd already be firing a shot every frame. With your prediction they would be literally throwing away 6 rounds a second. Vangelis 13:59, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

I got the rate of fire that I did by communicating with people who have acctually worked on said Minigun and that rate of Fire was stated back when Dan Shea was liquidating the Stenbridge gun collection. Plus have you ever heard a HK-21E rip off a belt at 1,100RPM? I have and it sounds very close to the unedited Predator Minigun sound. Rockwolf66 03:25, 14 August 2009 (UTC)

Well I could be wrong, but that's what I observed. I just wanted to know where the confirmed fire rate came from.

I found this article online where a Dillon Aero rep briefly discusses the Predator gun:

It supports the 1250 RPM claim or thereabouts.

Billy's Mosberg 500 - " While never seen firing the shotgun in the film... "


I beg to differ. At 27:00 ~ 27:01 while Billy is seen standing onscreen in the upper far right shooting downward at fleeing enemy personnel. you can see that he has expended all 5.56mm ammo and is switching to the 500. His movement is sublte but you can see him shift the weapon to grasp the lower of the rifle to use it as a make shift grip for the 500. He manages to get off one round before the next cut to Dutch who is seen shooting some additional personnel. Thoughts?

- That's certainly a possibility, I'll have to check that out next I watch the film. To add, I believe he also fires a round or two from the shotgun at a couple guerrillas a wee bit later during the assault, but the sound effect is a little hokey (I think the guerrillas' AK rifles drains the sound out, either that or the M16 sound effect is put in place of it similar to the audio goof in The Terminator). Plus, he's only seen shooting it from the back so it's also kinda hard to tell. Again, I'll be keeping an eye out for it. StanTheMan 20:50, 6 October 2010 (UTC)

Here is a picture taken from the Blu-ray. Billy is definitely seen firing his shotgun when he runs out of ammo for his rifle. You can clearly see the muzzle flash coming from the shotgun portion. I'm going to delete that line from the main page.

Billy firing his shotgun.

Poncho pistol

I don't see this movie for a long time but I remember that Poncho carrie a sig P220 or P226. I'm not sure but I think that extract it when the prisoner tried to escape. Can anyone confirm? Charly Driver

I remember wrong. These are the evidence. Charly Driver
That's definitely another Desert Eagle. -MT2008
Yeah, clearly an Eagle. Look at the length of the grip and magazine floor plate. Too long to be a 9mm. And look at the angle of the back of the slide in the first pic. It's too straight, whereas on the SIG, it slopes forward more. Spartan198 20:26, 4 April 2010 (UTC)

Predators Wristblades

Why don't they have their own section on the page? there are dozens of pages with sections about knives that were in the movie, and I think that the Wristblades should have one as well.

Well since they are not a commercially available item nor a custom item that is real and may be used by others, it does not fall into the same category as custom fighting knives and other weapons which appear. MoviePropMaster2008 01:30, 5 February 2010 (UTC)
Actually replicas of this blades existing, so they're available item, as some of the other Predator weapons. And i think that this site can be even better if all the films pages will include information about some other (not just guns) wapons, like swords, knives, self-made items and usual objects used as a wapon. P.S. I'm very sorry about my bad english - i know many words and can speak in english well, but i'm always have grammatical mistakes. :( --Kloga 14:49, 26 March 2010 (UTC)
You sure like to push the limits of what information should be on IMFDB, Kloga. And spare me the unhappy face again. MoviePropMaster2008 17:05, 5 April 2010 (UTC)

- You make a fairly decent point, but I myself would like to think it's called the Internet Movie Firearms Database for a reason. The site is meant to deal with firearms, that is guns in movies. Not knives, swords, blades, maces, spears, etc. etc. Don't look at me - I'm just going by what the site says. StanTheMan 02:23, 4 April 2010 (UTC)

The "dozens of pages" that have knives(I've found a few, but not "dozens") should have the knives *removed*, other pages should not be having them ADDED unless the site is changed to be a source of info on movie weaponry, rather than movie firearms. DKS01 00:55, 23 April 2010 (UTC)

Most of the pages with knives (like Modern Warfare 2) probably should have them removed, but certain special exceptions should be made for movies like First Blood, where Rambo's knife is iconic to the character himself. And as much as I love this movie, the wrist blades aren't the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Predator, so I don't find them of the same importance. Spartan198 10:17, 23 April 2010 (UTC)
Even then, aren't Blade's, well, blades(sword in particular) iconic to the character? And Jack Burton's knife from Big Trouble is more "iconic" to him than the Tec-9 is... While I'm all for expanding the site to cover movie weaponry in general rather than just firearms, as it currently stands, knives should probably be omitted even if they ARE iconic to the character. DKS01 12:19, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

Introducing the Handheld Minigun

I'd like to know more on how the Handheld Minigun came to appear in the Movie. Such as was it a Real Gun or just designed for the Movie.

Have you ever seen or heard instances of man portable miniguns? Excalibur01 16:47, 23 June 2010 (UTC)
The XM214 was tested during Vietnam. Spartan198 18:27, 7 April 2012 (CDT)

Desert Eagle Bore Diameter

I found a frame where we can see the bore diameter of the ever holstered DEs. Looks like a .357 for me...--Charly Driver 07:43, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

Billy search in the jungle.
- I think it's most likely .357, not just because of that pic but also practically speaking - I think the .44 version was pretty new at the time and therefore it's not likely they had many of 'em around, especially just for guns to have in holsters the whole time. That plus the DE page states .44s are rarely used in American productions (which I find a bit weird but still a interesting bit of info nonetheless). StanTheMan 21:22, 6 October 2010 (UTC)

Can anyone tell if they are purhaps rubber guns? They're always kept in holsters. I'm sure the magazine would be moulded to the gun but just cant tell the difference.

The Grenade Launcher

The description says it was made up from parts of an HK94 and an AN-M5 flare launcher. I can't find anything on google concerning the existence of a flare launcher under that name. And the only screenshot indicating the HK94 lineage shows it stuffed in the actors backpack and it looks like that it might be two separate objects; the back of the (possibly) stockless 37mm launcher AND the stock of an HK94 (if I recall correctly he also carried an HK94 along with the launcher). None of the screenshots of the launcher in action show whether or not it has a stock. BurtReynoldsMoustache 20:45, 27 December 2010 (UTC)


Dillon wielding two HK94s akimbo style.

Could someone remove this part of the description off the main page. Akimbo isn't a very professional term.

What would you like us to say.. Dual Wielding.. What? Also if you want to grow a pair you can sign up instead of being an anonymous user and change it yourself.--Predator20 15:18, 28 December 2010 (UTC)
What's the "professional" term? One that doesn't make us sound like CoD fanboys. The only other term that comes to mind other than "akimbo" and "dual-wielding" is "double-fisting," which sounds much worse. --funkychinaman 15:27, 28 December 2010 (UTC)
LOL, good point. Considering that REAL "professionals" don't typically wield 2 guns at once in the real world, do they even HAVE a "professional" term for it? DKS01 16:08, 28 December 2010 (UTC)
Well put, DKS01. It's oxymoronic to even imply that there is a "professional" term for wielding two guns (especially long guns, such as those MP5s). While I have no problem with using the term "dual wielding", "akimbo" is easier to type and means the exact same thing to any guy born after 1980. -MT2008 17:20, 28 December 2010 (UTC)
Isn't akimbo bent elbows such as this?--FIVETWOSEVEN 20:52, 28 December 2010 (UTC)
It's really only akimbo if they're held at the hip like in the picture. Another example: Chuck Norris in Invasion USA. Example of not akimbo: The Matrix, any John Woo movie.BurtReynoldsMoustache 02:37, 1 January 2011 (UTC)

I say we just say he's wielding two HK94s. It's pretty obvious that's going to mean one in each hand, we don't need a special term to point out he doesn't have one in his hands and the other stuck in his ear or something. Evil Tim 22:45, 20 July 2011 (CDT)

Tactical Knives

Has anyone been able to identify the tactical knives used by Arnold and his team? Not the machete but the smaller knife that mac uses to kill the scorpion on dillians sholder.

They were provided by Jack W. Crain who also provided the macheste's. Mac can be seen using the Crain's LS-1 and Dutch uses a similar knife to the one he uses in Commando. Incidently since the film Crain has built up a bad reputation and has proven unreliable with his orders.--The Mercenary 12:47, 7 April 2012 (CDT)

Underbarrel shotgun

Interestingly, someone seems to have based an actual production weapon on the custom configuration used in the movie; this is it, first made two years later. Notice both of them use the bayonet lug as the front locating point, though the Predator one seems to use a custom handguard as the second locating point rather than a custom upper receiver with one added. Apparently in the novel Black Hawk Down one of those was identified as in use by Delta Force. Evil Tim 09:55, 3 April 2012 (CDT)

When the movie came out, I saw those underbarrel shotgun mounts for sale in "The Shotgun News" and at gun shows all the time. Personally I think it just died out because no one was really interested in having one at the time. MoviePropMaster2008 12:15, 3 April 2012 (CDT)

I've recently watch this movie again and something got be thinking about that Mossberg underneath the M16...It's so tightly fitted into the rifle do you flick the safety on and off effectively in combat? I mean, if it was an 870, the safety is right next to the trigger, but the Mossberg, it's on top to the rear. Looking closely at the images on how close the Mossberg is attached to the gun and how the entire cast has big man sausage fingers, it would have been kinda hard to stick a finger into the really small gap to work the safety. Excalibur01 (talk) 14:18, 30 May 2013 (EDT)

A guy uses a hand-held minigun. I don't think practically was high on their list when they were picking weapons for this film.--HuDaFuK (talk) 15:51, 30 May 2013 (EDT)


Does anyone know what kind of jacket and vest dutch wears in this?

Contra videogame

Does the cover for this videogame look familiar? --Ben41 (talk) 19:33, 3 June 2013 (EDT)

Konami did this quite a lot back in the day.
Metal Gear.jpg

Evil Tim (talk) 13:13, 4 June 2013 (EDT)
Also, interesting list of traced / referenced art and movie stills in videogames here. Evil Tim (talk) 23:50, 8 September 2015 (EDT)

Sonny Landham's SP1 handguards

The "bizarre" handguards on Sonny Landham's SP1/Shotgun combo were made my Lone Star Ordnance back in the 1980s when the M16A2/AR15A2 were first introduced by Colt. Colt original A2 handguards were hard to come by for several years and were prohibitively expensive. Lone Star Ordnance also made a psuedo A2 grip that had a humped shape. Lone Star Ordinance is no longer in business.

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