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Season 2

Emma carries some type of revolver in the second season when she is transported to the Enchanted Forest. Charming carries a Beretta 92 when he fills in for Emma as sheriff. Gold continues to carry his Walther PPK which is used by several characters. Frankenstein uses a LeMat Revolver in a flashback to his land. --Qtrain 18:28, 5 May 2013 (EDT)

Season 4 - Cruella De vil's pistol

Cruella De vil pulls a pistol a few times in season 4. It appears to be a modified Walther or Beretta of some kind. Anyone have nay ideas of what it atually is? should show you an image of the gun in questijon.

It appears to me to have a top loading mechanism that would be visible from both sides of the gun.

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