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Colt Detective Specials?

Those don't look like Colt Detective Specials. Look Closely. mpm

The dagger is a bayonet. You can tell by the loop and the quillon. --Funkychinaman 16:50, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

Great thanks for this information ! :) --Kloga 16:57, 31 March 2010 (UTC)


One of Frank Zito's weapons in the film is rarely used machete. In the film it's mostly seen on the table until hallucination scene, where it's picked up from the violin case (same one used to held the shotgun) by one of the mannequins of killed girls with her scalps on it, and then used to cut out Zito's arm. Interesting fact, that it was the same prop machete, that was used by Tom Savini in Dawn of the Dead (1978) as motorcycle rider named Blades.

Machete with Tom Savini autograph on it. Original prop used in "Maniac" and Dawn of the Dead (1978). Note that it rust because of fake blood. Real blood also terribly effective rust agent.
Machete held by one of the mannequin girls.
Zito's arm cut by his own machete.
Machete visible on the table.
Violin case directly before machete is taken from it. Note what is presumably the shotgun's barrel.


Bayonet used by Zito in the scene, where he chases nurse (Kelly Piper)in the subway station and then killing her in station's toilet with this bayonet in her back.

Bayonet on the table.
Bayonet just before it used to kill nurse.
Zito killing nurse in front of the mirror.
Zito with bloody bayonet after killing nurse.
Zito with his bayonet watching himself in the mirror after killing nurse.
Zito washing his bayonet after killing nurse.

Thanks for reading. --Kloga 16:35, 31 March 2010 (UTC)

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