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22nd-Century Weapons

"DNGr Pistol"

The "DNGr Pistol" is a post-22nd century side-arm that Morris is given on some missions, like most of the other post-22nd century firearms. It comes with a LAM activated via pressure switch duct taped to the grip. It's desighn is seems to be a loosely based on the Walther P99. Even it cannot escape the 22nd-century guns rule, as it is uses a FN P90-style magazines.

In-Game model of the DNGr Pistol. Note that the safety seems to imply select-fire. The "overlay" on the barrel - is actually a magazine, that is replaced when recloading. It seems that the gunsmiths of Kronotek decided to neglect the convenience of loading into the grip.
Morris and his DNGr watch as Dexter gives a German his recommended daily dose of buttstock.

"Assault Rifle-55"

One of the many futuristic weapons in the game, the "Assault Rifle 55" or "AR-55" is given to the player at random intervals, such as during the Antietam missions or during the Pompeii missions. It's very similar to the FN F2000 Tactical, but uses the top-position detachable magazines as the FN P90.

FN FS2000 Tactical - 5.56x45mm NATO
Morris doesn't question why he has been issued a futuristic assault rifle for a mission set during the Roman times.


A futuristic semi-automatic heavy sniper rifle, issued to Morris during one of the WW2 missions. It has infinite ammo, but the rifle can only be used when firing from a bipod, at suitable sniper positions.

Morris carrying the rifle in his left hand.

"M7 Rifle"

A fictional bullpup assault rifle, equipped with a scope. It carried by Opposition soldiers, and can be picked up and used by the player. Compared to many other futuristic weapons in the game, the M7 has a realistic design based on the current bullpup rifles (in particular, slightly resembling the FN SCAR with the bullpup conversion).

Morris holds "M7 Rifle" on the game cover.
Morris carrying the rifle picked from the one of dead bodies of Opposition soldiers, during the Pompeii mission.
Reloading. Since the magazine receiver is located at the bottom of the buttstock, clearly visible only a charging of the loading handle.
Look to the scope.

"Automatic Machine Pistol-60

A futuristic SMG given to the player on random occasions, usually when he is facing enemies wielding muskets, or bronze spears and swords.

The In-Game model of the "AMP-60".

"C07 Shotgun"

Another 22nd Century firearm given to Morris as "leverage", this time being a semi-auto shotgun the player gets during some of the World War 1 missions. It reloads with a detachable tube magazine; but since the magazine is loaded where there should be a barrel (or directly into it?), it only remains to guess how this can work at all.

The In-Game model for the C07 Shotgun.
Morris ventilates a German soldier's stomach with his C07.

"MA-22 Rocket Launcher"

A futuristic rocket launcher Morris gets his hands on, which operates like a FGM-148 Javelin on steroids.

Morris unleashes the power of the MA-22 on the hapless troops below.

"FMG Heat Gun"

A futuristic flamethrower given to Morris, fittingly enough, during the Pompeii Mission.

Morris, armed with the FMG, prepares to unleash some molten irony on the local Roman garrison.



While I was playing this game...i noticed that if you hold either the fire button or aim button and pause the game then let go of either button then unpause, you'll stay in that stance (firing or aiming) until you press the aim or fire button again.User: SeanWolf

Sniper Rifle

I ask someone about sniper rifles in the civil war and he said they didn't attached them to rifles until later on so i am not sure about this one in particular

time line contamination

it would make sence to use a p08 luger for the world war 2 missions the weapon was out of frontline service by 1943 ammo was plentiful no one would ask too many arkward questions where it came from and if you had to dump it time would go the way it should have and at that stage of the war germany was using anything it could lay hand on unlike the future sniper rifle that had a built in self destruct built in--Seekerdude (talk) 18:15, 13 November 2012 (EST)


The grenades are actually the M1915 Kugelhandgranate. - User:1morey September 22, 2015 4:32 PM (EST)

I guess that the game designer meant Stielhandgranate 1915 that is a Kugelhandgranate with a wooden stick, but a game items really looks like a Kugelhandgranate with a stick of Stielhandgranate 24. Greg-Z (talk) 16:36, 22 September 2015 (EDT)

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