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Criminal Minds Screen-used guns

The actual guns used in Criminal Minds from the set, picture posted on twitter by Criminal Minds makeup artist Anna Fleiner (@annafleiner). From top to bottom, Morgan (SIG Sauer P226 with Surefire light), Hotch (Glock 17), Prentiss(Glock 19), JJ (Glock 26), Reid (S&W 65).
Correction: The tac-light on Morgan's gun is a TLR-1 Streamlight-- not a Surefire. You can clearly read the markings on it.--Suceress2 13:34, 1 April 2012 (CDT)
I forgot to mention that the stock grips on Morgan's gun were replaced with Hogue Model 26000 molded rubber grips with finger grooves (which sell for around $25).--Suceress2 11:43, 3 April 2012 (CDT)

Additional Images

Morgan with his Glock 17 while talking to a suspect.
Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) with holster S&W Model 65. Promotional image
-Reid is using what is called the "appendix carry".--Suceress2 19:30, 2 April 2012 (CDT)
Hotchner opens fire on a suspect with his Glock 17 in the Season 1 episode "Tribe".
Unit Chief Special Agent Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) holds the Glock 17.


Note that this discussion from the original Criminal Minds talk page when it was one page for the entire show.

Derek Morgan's Glock Attachment

I hope I'm doing this right. I noticed that the attachment listed for Morgan's Glock 17 is a Surefire x400; but if you look closely at the screen captures you can see a silver/white ring on the attachment. If you compare it to pictures of the x400 it doesn't match up; however, the TLR-2 Streamlight has the silver ring. So I believe he actually has a TLR-2 attachment rather than x400. Does anyone have different screen captures in which it looked like he had the x400? Or was that just a guess by someone? I do wonder why, if he already had the TLR-2, he seems to have gone to a TLR-1 for his P226R.

Pictures for reference: Glock 17 with Surefire x400 attachment


Morgan with his Glock drawn


Glock 17 with TLR-2 Streamlight attachment

Glock17 Streamlight.jpg

What do you folks think? --Suceress2

Derek Morgan's P226

I may be wrong but it looks to me that morgan's SIG may be a E2 model P226? i looked at a picture and it looks like the new grips and trigger? can anyone else confirm this?

-I have no clue what the difference is. I admit I am woefully ignorant about guns but I am trying to learn a bit more. I know it is the P226R because it has a rail, but I think you are right about the grips being different from the standard ones that I saw in pictures. Perhaps they are just custom grip replacements? The pictures I saw of e2 and "elite" models didn't have the two screws in them like the one on Morgan's gun. I don't know jack about how to identify the grips though. As it is, I can't even make out any markings on the gun in the picture from the crew member from CM. --Suceress2
These grips are not the E2 grips they are Hogue grips. However it does have the short reset trigger, so it could be either an E2 or the current production P226. The only way to tell the different is that the E2 will have a white "E2" logo at the front of the right hand side of the slide, so you would need to see this part before you could tell for sure. However, I believe that the switch from the dedicated E2 variant to having the E2 features on the standard 226 happened March 2011, so if the episode pre-dates this then it cant be the newer model P226. This doesn't necessarily make it an E2 though as the SRT was a custom option on P226s so you would have to look at the right side of the frame. --commando552 03:48, 5 April 2012 (CDT)
Thanks, Commando552. I forgot to edit to note that I did identify the grips. For some reason the set photo was so fuzzy it was hard to see, but I realized it was Hogue model 26000 rubber grips with finger grooves. I've heard that you need larger hands to use them but that they are comfortable. I haven't paid much attention to Morgan's hands so I don't know. The switch happened at the beginning of season 6-- so I believe it was in 2011. I'm guessing it is the newer gun. I'm going to show my ignorance here, but where is the reset trigger and how can you tell that it is shorter? I have no idea what to look for and when I tried to compare pictures of E2s with regular P226s they looked the same to me (probably because I'm not sure exactly where to look).--Suceress2 01:51, 8 April 2012 (CDT)
The Short Reset Trigger (SRT) is a new trigger design that was first on the E2 but is now on the standard P226 (and P220, P229 etc.). Internally is has a different sear so the trigger resets after a shorter distance after pulling the trigger, but externally it also uses a new design for the trigger itself which is thinner and looks slightly longer and more "hooked" (compare the trigger shapes on the two guns below). --commando552 04:29, 8 April 2012 (CDT)
SIG-Sauer P226, old model - 9x19mm
SIG-Sauer P226 E2 - 9x19mm
-Ahhh! Now I see it! I'm going to say that you are right that Morgan has the newest version of the gun rather than the E2 because it looks like the E2 grips don't have the screw holes whereas Morgan's gun does. Thank you very much! For some reason I kept thinking that it was one of the buttons/slides/levers or whatever that was different, not the trigger itself. Now that you told me what to look for it is very obvious. Would it be ok with you if I quoted you a bit and used some of that info to update the criminal minds wikia wiki? The information on the guns there is rather sparse. Also, thank you for the information on the model being from 2011 because I was trying to figure out an approximate year for Morgan's gun. Now if I could figure out what year Gideon's gun was from (or at least ballpark it and figure out which version he had-- I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was post 1998 when the trigger spring was updated to be less damaging to the gun). Edit to add: I saw a screencap of Morgan using the gun in a season 6 episode from 2010, so now I'm not sure anymore. I couldn't match the sights on his gun with any of the pictures I saw online. What do you think?
Morgan enters a cave with his P226R drawn.
--Suceress2 03:13, 9 April 2012 (CDT)
I think he SRT could be ordered on custom guns, or fitted after-market by a gunsmith, so that doesn't necessarily make it an E2, you would have to find a shot of the right side of the slide to know if it was an E2 without the slimline grips, or a P226 with the SRT added. I would guess those are just the standard sights, but look slightly off due to the focus/lighting. --commando552 05:35, 9 April 2012 (CDT)
This is the best picture I've found of the right side so far. Sadly it seems rather blurry as well. Can you make out any of the markings on it?
Morgan in season 7
compare to two-tone from Sig-Sauer website
Two-Tone P226
This would be less confusing if the gun shown in the case was not a single tone (or at least not as drastic of a difference in tone).--Suceress2 15:28, 10 April 2012 (CDT)
Update: I spent a lot of time examining HQ screen caps, as well as pictures of the various guns and couldn't figure out why I couldn't match Morgan's gun from the case to any of the pictures on the sig sauer website or guns belonging to people. I was puzzled as to why the view of Morgan's gun in the case was so fuzzy that the markings were not visible-- and then I realized its because there are no markings. The gun they use for Morgan is a Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft F226 gun. They just took the orangey red plastic thing off the front. LOL. Now I just feel silly.--Suceress2 00:45, 14 April 2012 (CDT)

Joe Mantegna

He is a gunsite graduate and pro gun actor. Hell of a shooter too.--James3 21:11, 7 April 2011 (CDT)

found out

Joe Mantegna is a big second ammendment supporter, and loves shooting sports. He particularly likes shotguns and has stated distaste for hypocricy in hollywood and says that it makes him sick an actor will use guns in movies to boost career then preach on how bad they are. Think its cool, and he definitey knows how to use that TRP.

Reid and his revolver. Why?

Why did Reid switch to revolver? Yes the F.B.I. authorized the S&W Model 10 with 3" barrel and the round butt grip configuration in the mid seventies. And in the late eighties authorized the S&W Model 13 with 3" barrel and round butt grip, but Ried would have been a kid in the late eighties See: Silence of the Lambs and Dead Bang. I suppose it might be something of a nod to the old timers and perhaps a clever way to link the show to Silence of the Lambs , but I can't find any info about the switch either in a backstory or actual reality.--Jcordell 12:44, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

- Perhaps he found a revolver easier to use/maintain, who knows. My question is what's wrong with him having a revolver? StanTheMan 01:05, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

Nothing is wrong with him having a revolver ( like revolvers personally ), but I doubt that the F.B.I. would authorize him to carry one. But let's not hung up on reality. I'm just wondering if there was a backstory to the switch. Reid is a thinker. A genius. Why would he do this assuming that he did get a waiver to carry a non-authorized handgun. --Jcordell 01:53, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

- Ah. Well, I don't think there was any real explanation in-show for the change, at least not that I've seen yet. Guess that's just another reason to watch the show more, heh. StanTheMan 02:49, 7 August 2010 (UTC)
Well, there's no official explanation that I can find that explains the change. If it is meant to be a nod to Lambs and the like (Julianne Moore's Sterling uses an almost identical gun in the alternate ending of Hannibal), that's cool, and probably likely. Of course Matthew Gray Gubler himself might prefer the revolver, be it personally or even for his character. I always found revolvers much simpler and practical than semiautos in many cases, and Gubler/Reid might think the same way. I also notice that the more 'unique' characters (Reid, Rossi/Mantegna, and Gideon/Patinkin) all have their own unique guns than the rest of the team's Glocks (Rossi with the Springfield TRP 1911, Gideon with the P226 and Reid with the Model 65) but they all (mostly) correlate to actual-issue FBI weapons, albeit a bit more distantly in Reid's case. Also a shoutout to the user who got the 3-inch Model 65 image. StanTheMan 16:05, 21 July 2011 (CDT)
- I believe at some point at one of the chats or on one of the social sites or something behind the scenes they mentioned that Gubler wanted the revolver because he thought it was more vintage and would better suit Reid's tastes. Gubler himself uses revolvers when visiting his mother's ranch (she runs a dude ranch in Las Vegas called Sandy Valley Ranch). I am guessing he went with the 3-inch model for comfort since he uses the appendix carry for it. A longer barrel might jab him. (shoutout back at you-- since I found the 3-inch model image-- I wish I'd known during my initial search that it was described as a 65-3 instead of trying to search for 3" or 3 inch, putting in 65-3 made things simpler the last time i looked). A pity I forgot my original login information and it wouldn't send anything to my e-mail when I requested my password. D'oh.


- I read the same thing. Gubler thought that the revovler is more "Reid" than an automatic and the bit about he himself being more experienced with revolvers. I also read (not sure if it was in the same place) that he carries appendix style because that makes it easier for him, as Reid, to keep his hands in his pockets, which he felt would be more in character for Dr. Reid. Glamdring 19:06, 24 June 2012 (CDT)


The FBI uses the Springfield Professional, available only through their custom shop. The TRP is a mass produced model that's cheaper and designed for civilians, it has many of the same features as the professional. They're two completely different weapons but both this page and the page for Numbers make the same mistake of saying the TRP is used by the FBI.

Currently getting some screencaps from footage, should be up later.


The TRP was originally produced with 2 variants. One was the standard TRP then the FBI contract pistol was known as the TRP Pro model. Springfield has since done away with the TRP Pro model and offered the Springfield Custom Professional. It is identical to the TRP Pro. The FBI contract pistol has a long history. Problems with all the submissions made it difficult to choose one. Original models were made by Les Baer and were high capacity models. The original Springfield model chosen by the FBI was the TRP Pro.--Ram229 11:26, 7 February 2012 (CST)

- Ok, so I'm confused... What is the exact name of the gun Rossi carries? Springfield Armory Professional TRP? Does it go by M1911 or 1911 or is that just a similar gun? --Suceress2

I agree with the original post. He is using a Custom Shop Springfield. I have the screen cap here:


The slide markings in the the front of the pistol tell the story.

I was wondering whether or not anyone else noticed, I'm glad people did. It is absolutely a Springfield Armory PC9111 Professional model from the Custom Shop. From the Smith & Alexander Magazine well, lack of forward cocking serrations, the SA logo just behind the ejection port, and the Springfield Custom logo at the front. I own two Pro's and I'm sure this is a Pro. The only thing that we can't see is the serial number, which will read "CRGxxxx" Unless by some miracle, the production got their hands on a real Bureau gun, then the serial will read "FBIxxxx" GLOCK10mm (talk) 19:04, 24 October 2013 (EDT)


File:Cz 75.jpg
Cult leader threatens agent Prentiss with a stainless CZ-75b


I still say it is a Smith & Wesson single stack pistol, likely a .45. If you look, the slide is different, the grip design is different, the trigger guard curvature is different, and the hammer is different. I'd say it is a 4506 early model with the squared trigger guard. - Gunmaster45

Glock 17

The Glock 17s that you show in the screen grabs are second generation based on the lack of rails. You posted a picture of the 3rd gen(with finger grooves and rail) instead. Something to note. --ManiacallyChallenged 08:53, 20 May 2009 (UTC)

Whoa, am I off base. The Glock 17 2nd gen, is actually a Glock 19 second gen. My bad. --ManiacallyChallenged 08:58, 20 May 2009 (UTC)
Back again, I guess. The unknown rifle is a Winchester Model 70 in 30.06. --ManiacallyChallenged 09:08, 20 May 2009 (UTC)

Usr:K9870 Agent Morgan's glock is the most commonly seen glock on screen and his has the rail for his light attachment.Ill change my rifle, what ones a glock 19?

The police detective picture has a glock 19. I changed it already. --ManiacallyChallenged 22:02, 20 May 2009 (UTC)

Glock 17 Duex

I know as a general rule that whenever we see a Glock in a movie, unless proven otherwise, it is assumed to be a 9mm Glock. But I think that it's safe to assume that the BAU team (with the exception of Reid, Gideon, and Rossi) all use Glock 22s. I mean, this show is incredibly accurate as far as how the real life FBI BAU operates, so they would obviously use the same firearms. Plus, the sidearms of the other agents are accurate too. For example, Rossi carries a Springfield Armory TRP, which is what the real life FBI HRT uses as well. Gideon, an older FBI agent, uses a SIG Sauer P226, a weapon that has been previously used by the FBI (indicating that he became an FBI agent during this period). So it's clearly more likely that the agents use Glock 22's. This same statement applies to Agent Hotchner's backup Glock (it's most likely a Glock 27, not a 26). Gunman69

One scene had a militaia leader analyze reid and morgan's guns, he said quote "Glock 17, Tactical, But european, I prefer to carry american hardware." Also, the G22 is similar to a 17 so they probably didn't expect viewers to pick up on it.

Who would care if they do notice I don't think anyone is gonna be like "How the hell can Morgan have Glock 17 the FBI uses the Glock 22" really who gives a shit personally i'd take the 17 to the 22 any day. 24guns

- I would say from the picture Anna Fleiner shared that we have our answer as to what models were being used. The gun marked for Hotch was clearly a 17, Prentiss a 19, and JJ's a 26. I think they gave Prentiss the gun Elle used and that Seaver had JJ's gun for awhile. Did anyone get a good enough look at Ashley Seaver's gun to tell if it was a 26 or a 19? I couldn't tell. --Suceress2


Is this a Glock 22?

here is a screen cap of Hotch's Glock. I am not good at this, can someone tell by bore diameter what caliber it is?

If you have any other questions, I have seasons 1-4 dvd, and can provide screencaps from any episodes in those seasons. --giantpandadestroyer

You overwrote someone else's shot for the film 48 Hours so it was reverted. Re-upload your pic with a unique title. MoviePropMaster2008 00:46, 24 May 2010 (UTC)

Further more, the Oregon detective appears to be firing a Glock 23. Look at the bore

Its seems to be a larger bore. But at .40 v 9mm it is hard to tell. I would call it a Glock 22 but the arguement rages through IMFDB.-- 14:21, 23 April 2011 (CDT)

Compact 1911 Variant

Does anyone have an ID on the compact 1911 used by the leader of the San Francisco team (Forest Whitaker) in "The Fight" (5x18)?-Snake Doc

MP-5 Use

I forget which episode it was but Morgan proceeds to fire an MP-5 on full auto through the windshield of the SUV he is a passenger in in order to stop an "un-sub". What I found interesting and realistic about that was that Prentiss called him crazy for firing a full auto weapon in such confined quarters nearly deafening her. Most other shows show little or no consequence for such a thing. --Charon68 22:15, 15 July 2010 (UTC)

It was "Rite of Passage" (S5E19) --L.J. Gibbs (talk) 11:19, 15 July 2014 (EDT)

Yeah, and Rossi had his hearing damaged by a gunshot in another episode.

I think it was actually Hotch who got his hearing damaged. I saw it in Mayhem (S4E01). --L.J. Gibbs (talk) 14:26, 17 July 2014 (EDT)

Smith & Wesson Stealth Hunter?

I personally don`t think the revolver is a Stealth Hunter. Yesterday I re watched the whole episode, and the revolver was like this variation of 629 performance center compensated barell:Smith & Wesson Performance Center model 629.jpg

In the episode, when he´s aiming at Derek, you can see what I`m saying, and there`s a better slide shot. If I had the season dvd, I´d screencap it myself. What do you think? -Thebarry1394

- Certainly could be a blue-steel version of that Performance Center variant. I do remember the cuts on the bottom being prominent in some scenes. Still, I think we should try to get other screencaps/pictures before changing it to be sure. StanTheMan 13:48, 13 July 2011 (CDT)

It is a Performance center there are several pics online of it.

Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior

Anyone gonna add a new page for the new Criminal Minds spin-off? --L.J. Gibbs 15:22, 27 February 2011 (UTC)

Ditto User:Gunman06

I don't know how to set up a new page, but Beau Garrett and Janeane Garofalo both use Glock 17's, along with several FBI agents. Matt Ryan wields a SW99 and Michael Kelly has an earlier model S&W auto, possibly a 5946. Not sure about Forest Whitaker's sidearm. Hope this helps. Mmarlon brando

Ben saves the day again!

Appreciate getting some newer (read:better) screenshots and some new ones, I've been having a hard time getting some myself, though I think a few aren't too bad. ;b Also, I hope it's ok that I've re-arranged this page and moved another couple of images over here. StanTheMan 16:05, 21 July 2011 (CDT)

Rifles used in "Lauren"

I believe that the suppressed rifles used by the BAU team and the FBI SWAT Team in "Lauren" were suppressed M4A1s.L.J. Gibbs 10:04, 1 August 2011 (CDT)

Doyle's Suppressed Handgun

I believe that the suppressed pistol used by Ian Doyle to kiil Tsia Moesely in "Valhalla" was a SIG Sauer P220 Combat Tactical with a suppressor. I am making that assumption based on the fact that Morgan said that the GSW's were caused by a forty-five caliber pistol.L.J. Gibbs 10:04, 1 August 2011 (CDT)

When a show says a caliber of a firearm, don't believe it, unless the film is by Michael Mann, the caliber of the firearm in the script can be different from what is actually shown.Bristow8411 20:17, 10 April 2012 (CDT)

Doyle's Unsuppressed Pistol

I believe that Ian Doyle's unsuppressed pistol, used in "Lauren," was a SIG Sauer P226.L.J. Gibbs 10:04, 1 August 2011 (CDT)

More Pages

i think criminal minds should have a page for each season to show off the selection of guns more.

The Beretta(s) used by Randy Slade in "Painless"

I believe, after reviewing the footage from the episode, that Randy Slade used both a Beretta 92FS and Beretta 92FS Non-Gun in the flashbacks during the hostage situation.

Maggie's revolver in "Somebody's Watching"

I think that Maggie's revolver is a .22 Harrison & Richardson model, possibly a Model 929 Sidekick. Near the beginning of the episode when Maggie threatens her 3rd victim you can see the Harrison & Richardson frame, and that the revolver has a small barrel and a short cylinder. One of the officers also calls her weapon a ".22 caliber handgun". -Desertrat17

I'd have to see a screenshot, but I clearly recall it still looking a lot like the Colt. The Official Police is available in .22LR. StanTheMan (talk) 14:53, 30 March 2013 (EDT)

SSA Alex Blake's pistol

SSA Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn)'s primary sidearm appears to be either a SIG-Sauer P229R or a SIG-Sauer P229 (new model). --L.J. Gibbs (talk) 18:38, 13 December 2012 (EST)

Gideon's SIG

FBI Senior SSA Jason Gideon's SIG looks more like a SIG-Sauer P228 in the second picture. The first picture looks like it could even be a single stack version like the P225 or P220. --Thejoker (talk) 20:18, 30 March 2013 (EDT)

FBI Senior SSA Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) draws his SIG-Sauer P226 in Season 2's "No Way Out, Part II: The Evilution of Frank".
The gun in the second screen looks too big for a 228/229 so I'd have to say it's a larger gun, most likely a 226. I'd also say, judging by his grip that it's a bit beefy there which suggests it is the double-stack P226. I don't believe the older (9mm) P220s haven't been around much in recent years. The first pic I'm not so sure about but I have to say it isn't the P225 - the trigger guard doesn't look like it matches up the same.. StanTheMan (talk) 00:20, 6 April 2013 (EDT)


In this picture it looks like the gun is either an M1911 or a Colt MK IV Series 80 as it lacks the curved mainspring housing of the M1911A1 and Colt MK IV Series 70 pistols. --Thejoker (talk) 20:22, 30 March 2013 (EDT)

In Season 5's "The Fight", an unsub threatens a hostage with a stainless M1911A1.

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