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The pistols Jesse gives to Bob are New Models, not Schofields, easily identified by the humped grip and original style cylinder catch. If there's no argument I'd like to change it. --USGIMar29

I went ahead with the edit.

Weaver grip

So I don't know who claims that Dick Liddil is using a weaver grip on his 1851, but I'm fairly certain that that is an incorrect statement. Yes he is gripping the gun with two hands, but he is using an overlapping thumbs grip and has his off hand index finger alongside the trigger. This looks far more to me like a person who would never use a two handed grip just trying to hold the gun steady rather than someone trying to implement a grip technique that's at least 70 years away. Also I feel like this would be a detail that the director would notice and correct. In doing some research it looks like the director had a very close eye for details and wouldn't let something like that slip through. Basically I think that whoever claims that is a weaver grip is wrong, plain and simple. That answer was way too dragged out, my apologies. (And sorry if I ever sounded like a dick)--One shot is all it takes. (talk) 03:44, 3 August 2017 (EDT)

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