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Abduction (2011)


I watched the trailer on the big screen this afternoon and found the pictures online... I believe the rifle used by the assassin named Kozlov (Michael Nyqvist) to shoot at Nathan is actually a suppressed M14 in a vintage, pre-2005 1/2, full length SAGE M14ALCS.

Source: [1]

Picture of a vintage full length EBR stock: [2] Note the long side rail and how the front of the stock reaches the spindle valve on the gas cylinder. All SAGE EBR stocks produced after mid 2005 are 1.60" shorter than the original/vintage stock used in Abduction.

One thing is certain, it's not the M39... the SAGE stock used in this movie was replaced by the 'chop mod' years before the first M39 was built by the US Marines.

I hope that helps,

H2OMAN Than's H'man. We just need to upload a proper image of the rifle now. Unfortunatly we do not have a good selection of the M14 varients to compare. I know I have seen way too many M1A rifles called M21s.Rockwolf66 20:29, 5 September 2011 (CDT)

The lattest trailer has a great full lenght side shot if someone has a machine that can cap it.Rockwolf66 21:39, 13 September 2011 (CDT)

Dear god, Lautner

Looks like someone's trying to be Matt Damon. Why does Lautner think he can act now? I don't want this...Bourne knock-off, and I'm pretty sure that neither do most of us.

This movie seemed to be as if the director copied The Bourne Identity and made a hastily-pieced film as an attempt to rival other action thrillers. The story is somewhat similar to The Bourne Identity too. The protagonist has no memory of his past and is left a vague clue that leads to the discovery of his past. He is hunted down by CIA agents and unaffiliated assassins and goes on the run with a love interest. - Kenny99 01:00, 24 September 2011 (CDT)

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