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Stargate (1994)

Stargate is the 1994 science fiction film starring Kurt Russell as USAF Col. Jack O'Neil and James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson, who travel with a special ops team from Earth to a far flung planet on the other side of the galaxy via a recently activated portal known as a "stargate". The film was co-written by the film's director Roland Emmerich and the film's producer Dean Devlin (who later would collaborate on Independence Day) . The film's premise was later adapted (by a new team) into a very successful television franchise consisting of three television series: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe.

The following weapons were used in the film Stargate:


Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is utilized to represent the USGI (and USAF) standardized M9 sidearm when in the hands of the USAF exploration team. Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil (Kurt Russell) is seen at his house, where his son died, with a "private purchase" Beretta 92FS early in the film. Due to the Colonel being "inactive reserve", at the time, this (theoretically) would be a Beretta 92FS he purchased as the "Beretta M9 Special Edition" pistol was not available on the civilian market until 1998.

Later in the film both Colonel O'Neil (Kurt Russell) and Senior Airman Brown (Derek Webster) are seen armed with Beretta 92FS pistols as part of the USAF team. Beretta 92FS pistols are also utilized by Technical Sergeant Louis Feretti (French Stewart) and Dr. Daniel Jackson (James Spader) at various points in the film. After the entire team has been captured the teenage Abydonian rebels liberate the team's base camp and apparently recover several Beretta 92FS pistols that are used by them, and the remaining members of the team, during the final battle with Ra's forces.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm.
Colonel O'Neil Kurt Russell holds his "private purchase" Beretta 92FS.
Technical Sergeant Feretti (French Stewart, right) with a Beretta 92FS as Ra's ship lands on Abydos. Staff Sergeant Freeman (Christopher John Fields, left) is armed with a Heckler & Koch 94 "dressed" to look like a H&K MP5A3 submachine gun.
Dr. Jackson (James Spader) is seen aiming Senior Airman Brown's (Derek Webster) Beretta 92FS at Anubis and the Horus guards as they beam down from Ra's ship. See entry in Glock 17 section (below) for explanation on how Jackson ended up with the Beretta.
Dr. Jackson (James Spader) shoots a Horus guard. Sha'uri (Mili Avital) is also seen with a Beretta 92FS pistol in this scene

Glock 17

All team members, with the exception of Colonel O'Neil (Kurt Russell) and Senior Airman Brown (Derek Webster), carry Glock 17 pistols. All remain holstered throughout the film with the exception of Lieutenant Colonel Kawalski (John Diehl) who, in the Special Edition of Stargate, is seen pulling it on the people of Nagada when they are closing the city doors before the sandstorm hits.

Lieutenant Colonel Kawalsky (John Diehl, left) speaking with Technical Sergeant Feretti (French Stewart, right). Kawalsky's Glock can be seen in his holster.
Daniel Jackson (James Spader, left) briefs Colonel O'Neil (Kurt Russell) and Lieutenant Colonel Kawalsky (John Diehl). Jackson is carrying a Glock in a holster on his right side.
Staff Sergeant Freeman (Christopher John Fields, left) and Airman First Class Porro (Steve Giannelli, right) approach the base camp. Both have Glocks in holsters.
Technical Sergeant Feretti (French Stewart, center) with a holstered Glock.
Daniel Jackson (James Spader, center dragging a case) with a holstered Glock.
Daniel Jackson (James Spader) going through the contents of his vest. In the foreground is his belt with holstered Glock. Shortly after this scene Jackson finds the beast of burden and is drug across the desert by it. Not so obvious is the fact he leaves his weapon behind. Later in the film Senior Airman Brown (Derek Webster) gives Jackson his Beretta 92FS before the team re-enters the temple after Ra's spacecraft has landed.
Technical Sergeant Feretti (French Stewart, left) with a holstered Glock.
Kawalsky draws his Glock.


M16A1 rifles are carried by the USAF guards in the Stargate Command Center.

M16A1 - 5.56x45mm

M16A1 with A2 handguards

M16A1 with A2 handguards.
M16A1 with A2 handguards in the foreground

Heckler & Koch HK94A2

Colonel O'Neil (Kurt Russell) and Airman First Class Reilly (Jack Moore) are armed with 9mm Heckler & Koch HK94s chopped and converted to resemble the H&K MP5A2 submachine gun. Both are fitted with Surefire flashlight forearms and telescopic sights on STANAG mounts. The same faux MP5A2 submachine guns are used by the rebelling people of Abydos (namely Skaara (Alexis Cruz) and a band of teenage rebels) later in the movie when they fight Ra's forces (the rebels had found the weapons in the team's equipment cases at their base camp).

Heckler & Koch HK 94A2
Colonel O'Neil (Kurt Russell) prepares to enter the Stargate with his HK94 conversion at the ready.
Airman First Class Reilly (Jack Moore, right) is seen cleaning sand out of the breach of his HK94A2.
Skaara (Alexis Cruz) shoots into the air with a HK94A2.
Ferretti (French Stewart), Skaara (Alexis Cruz), and a number of the young rebels are armed with HK94s (sans telescopic sight) during their battle with Ra's forces.

Heckler & Koch HK94A3

Technical Sergeant Feretti (French Stewart), Staff Sergeant Freeman (Christopher John Fields), and Senior Airman Brown (Derek Webster) are armed with 9mm Heckler & Koch HK94s chopped and converted to resemble the H&K MP5A3 submachine gun (with "wide" forearm). Like the faux MP5A2 submachine guns, the faux MP5A3 submachine guns are also used by the Abydos rebels after they are found in the team's base camp.

Heckler & Koch HK94A3
O'Neil's team stands ready with their HK94's.
Feretti (French Stewart) gets knocked down while holding his HK94.
Senior Airman Brown (Derek Webster) with his HK94A3.

Heckler & Koch SR9TC

Lt. Kawalsky (John Diehl) can be seen carrying the Heckler & Koch SR9TC, outfitted with the HK91 wide forearm. (Note: while John Diehl is officially credited as "Lieutenant Kawalsky," he wears a Lieutenant Colonel's insignia throughout the film.)

Lt. Kawalsky with his SR9
Kawalsky carries the H&K SR9TC Rifle - 7.62x51mm
O'Neill and Kawalsky stay low on a sand dune when they see Ra's ship in the distance
The locals recover Kawalsky's SR9 (as well as another SR9 rifle from the team's base camp) and use them against Ra's forces.

Mossberg Bullpup

Airman First Class Porro (Steve Giannelli) carries a Mossberg 500 in a bullpup stock.

Mossberg 500 Bullpup with 18.5" Barrel - 12 Gauge
Airman First Class Porro (Steve Giannelli, right) armed with Mossberg Bullpup while Airman First Class Reilly (Jack Moore, left) is armed with a HK94A2
Airman First Class Porro (Steve Giannelli) armed with Mossberg Bullpup
Airman First Class Porro (Steve Giannelli, right rear) armed with Mossberg Bullpup
The young rebel on the far right fires a Mossberg Bullpup.

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