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Replica Springfield Model 1873 "Trapdoor Springfield" built by Uberti Arms - .45-70
Replica Springfield Model 1873 Cavalry Carbine "Trapdoor Springfield" built by Uberti Arms - .45-70
Springfield Trapdoor 1879 - .45-70.
Original Springfield Model 1888 "Trapdoor Springfield" - .45-70

The Trapdoor Springfield refers to a series of breech loading rifles developed by Springfield, beginning with the Springfield Model 1868 (chambered in .50-70) up to the Springfield Model 1870 (.45-70) and then the most famous Model 1873, which was adopted by the U.S. Army (chambered in .45-70), and the later Models 1877, 1884 and 1888.

The Model 1873 (full sized or cavalry carbine version) is the most likely variant of the Trapdoor Springfield rifle to appear in movies or television shows.



  • Type: Rifle
  • Caliber: .45-70
  • Capacity: 1 round
  • Fire Modes: Single shot

The Trapdoor Springfield (1873) has been seen in the following:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Sergeant York Mocked up to look like Kentucky Rifle 1941
Belle Starr Randolph Scott Sam Starr 1941
Belle Starr Gene Tierney Belle Starr 1941
Belle Starr Various 1941
Red River John Wayne Thomas Dunson Cavalry Carbine 1948
Fort Apache Native American 1948
Fort Apache US Cavalry Cavalry Carbine 1948
Fort Apache Hank Worden recruit Cavalry Carbine 1948
Fort Apache Pedro Armendáriz SGT Beaufort Cavalry Carbine 1948
Fort Apache George O'Brien CPT Collingwood Cavalry Carbine 1948
Fort Apache Ward Bond SGM Michael O'Rourke Cavalry Carbine 1948
Fort Apache John Agar 2LT Michael Shannon O'Rourke Cavalry Carbine 1948
Fort Apache Victor McLaglen SGT Festus Mulcahy Cavalry Carbine 1948
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Ben Johnson Sergeant Tyree Cavalry Carbine 1949
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon US Cavalry Cavalry Carbine 1949
Rio Grande US Cavalry Cavalry Carbine 1950
Rio Grande Ben Johnson Trooper Travis Tyree Cavalry Carbine 1950
Rio Grande Harry Carey Jr. Trooper Daniel "Sandy" Boone Cavalry Carbine 1950
Rio Grande Fred Kennedy Trooper Heinze Cavalry Carbine 1950
Rio Grande Claude Jarman Jr. Trooper Jefferson Yorke Cavalry Carbine 1950
Rio Grande Chill Wills Dr. Wilkins Cavalry Carbine 1950
Rio Grande Steve Pendleton CPT Prescott Cavalry Carbine 1950
Winchester '73 Tony Curtis Doan Cavalry Carbine 1950
Winchester '73 James Best Crater Cavalry Carbine 1950
Springfield Rifle Cavalry Carbine 1952
Magnificent Seven, The A villager Cavalry Carbine 1960
Master of the World Wally Campo Turner Cut down to be used as a pistol 1961
55 Days at Peking Chinese "Boxers" 1963
Rio Conchos 1964
Major Dundee Brock Peters Aesop 1965
Major Dundee U. S. soldiers, Apaches Cavalry Carbine 1965
For a Few Dollars More Prison guards 1966
Trail of the Falcon Cavalrymen and gold-diggers Cavalry Carbine 1968
Mackenna´s Gold Eduardo Ciannelli Prairie Dog Cavalry Carbine 1969
Mackenna´s Gold US Cavalry Cavalry Carbine 1969
Little Big Man Dustin Hoffman Jack Crabb Cavalry Carbine 1970
Rio Lobo Union Cavalry and Confederate soldiers Cavalry Carbine 1970
The Beguiled Clint Eastwood Cpl. John McBurney 1971
The Cowboys Robert Carradine Slim Honeycutt 1972
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Barry Brown Henry Wheeler 1972
Chato's Land Jack Palance Quincey Whitmore Cavalry Carbine 1972
Oklahoma Crude Lena´s Indians helper Cavalry Carbine 1973
Posse Outlaws 1975
Breakheart Pass US Army soldiers Cavalry Carbine 1975
The Outlaw Josie Wales Sondra Locke Laura 1975
Heaven's Gate Jeff Bridges John L. Bridges 1980
Heaven's Gate Gordana Rashovich Mrs. Kovach 1980
Heaven's Gate Various characters 1980
Flashpoint Seen in Sheriff's office 1984
Thunderheart Cavalry trooper Cavalry Carbine 1992
Crocodile Terrence Evans Shurkin 2000
Van Helsing Velken's men 2003
King Solomon's Mines A native hunter Cavalry Carbine 2004
Miracle at Sage Creek Daniel Quinn Seth Cavalry Carbine 2005
Miracle at Sage Creek Thadd Turner Sergeant Banks Cavalry Carbine 2005
Miracle at Sage Creek US Cavalry Cavalry Carbine 2005
Appaloosa Apache warriors 2008


Title Actor Character Note Air Date
Son of the Morning Star The 7th Cavalry Cavalry Carbine 1991
Rough Riders U.S. Army soldiers and Cuban rebels 1997

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notation Date
Red Dead Redemption "Springfield Rifle" Cavalry Carbine 2010
Red Dead Redemption II "Springfield Rifle" 2018


Title Character Note Date
Gun Frontier 2002

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