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SA-18 Grouse (9K38 Igla) launcher and missile - 72mm

SA-18 Grouse is the NATO reporting name of the Russian MANPADS 9K38 Igla (Russian: Игла́, "needle"), a highly improved and upgraded version of the SA-7 Grail and is the current shoulder-launched SAM (Rus. ПЗРК) for the Russian and former Eastern bloc armies.

The SA-18 Grouse and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


SA-18 Grouse


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Date
The Storm Gate Chechen terrorist 2006

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Note Date
Battlefield 2 "SA-18 Igla" In twin turret mount 2005
Project Reality "SA-18 Igla" In twin turret mount 2005
ArmA II 2009
Battlefield Play4Free "SA-18 Igla" In twin turret mount 2011
Project Reality: Falklands In twin turret mount 2012
Battlefield 4 SA-18 Igla 2013
Warface "SA-16" 2013

PZR Grom

PZR Grom launcher and missile - 72mm

The PZR Grom (PZR stands for Przeciwlotniczy Zestaw Rakietowy, or "Anti-Aircraft Rocket-Propelled Set" while "Grom" means "Thunder"), is a surface-to-air missile developed in Poland. During the 1980s, Poland planned to replace their old SA-7 Grail with a more modern system, but political turmoils (and the fact that Poland left the Soviet Bloc in 1990) left Poland without any modern MANPADS. The Soviet Union decided not to give Poland the licenses for the SA-18 Grouse, but in the turmoil of the Soviet Union's dissolution, the Polish intelligence system was able to acquire the SA-18's original design plans, using them to develop the Grom.

A new and improved version called Piorun (Polish for "Lighting Strike") was developed in the 2010s.

Video Games

Game Title Appears As Mods Notes Release Date
Project Reality 2005

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