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Ruger Mk I pistol - .22 LR
Ruger Mk II pistol with professional Ciener Suppressor - .22 LR. This is a classic Silenced Pistol and this pistol has been seen in several motion pictures
Ruger Mk II pistol with a standard heavy barrel - .22 LR
Ruger Mk II - .22 LR
Ruger Mk II pistol stainless with tapered 6 7/8" barrel
Ruger Mk III pistol with standard weight barrel - .22LR
Ruger Mk III pistol with a custom suppressor - .22 LR. The MK II was replaced by the MK III in 2004. The MK II ceased production completely in 2005. All factory pistols after a certain year, are shipped with the Ruger Logo on the plastic grips. This is a film armory pistol with custom grips (that don't have the Ruger logo). This was done to make the weapon more into a stealth assassination piece and the 'bright' colored logo worked against that.

The Ruger Mk I-III series of pistols are affordable .22 LR semiautomatic handguns developed by the Sturm, Ruger & Company in the years after World War II. The Mk I was Ruger's flagship handgun of the time, designed to penetrate the sports and recreational shooter market. Although bearing a strong resemblance to the German Luger P08 in layout and general appearance, the pistol is actually based upon a scaled down version of the Japanese Nambu Type 14. The original Ruger Mk I (with tapered barrel) was in continuous production from 1949-1982. The heavy barreled Ruger Mk I Match was in production from 1951-1982. Each model of Ruger Pistol stopped production within one year of the introduction of the next generation of pistol. The Ruger Mk II was in production from 1982 to 2005. The Ruger Mk III has been in production since 2004 and is still in production today.



(1949 - Present)

Type: Semi-automatic pistol

Caliber: .22 LR

Capacity: 10 Round box magazine

Fire Modes: "safe", "semi-auto"

The Ruger Mk I, Mk II or Mk III pistol has appeared in the following films used by the following actors:


Actor Character Title Notes Date
Brad Carter Stockyard Master Stokes Ascension Mk II 2014
Ryan Robbins Chief Safety Officer Duke Vanderhaus Ascension Mk II 2014
Kairi Narita Mastermind Gun Woman Mk I 2014
Matthew Floyd Miller Assassin Gun Woman Mk I 2014
Dusty Osombie Mk III 2012
An assassin Abduction Mk II with Suppressor 2011
Igor Jijikine Mikhail Abramov Driven To Kill Mk III 2009
Anthony Edwards Inspector Armstrong Zodiac Mk I 2007
An Outfit thug Payback Mk II 2006
Henri Ducard's henchmen Batman Begins Mk II 2005
Anthony Zimmer Assassins 2005
Tom Cruise Vincent Collateral Mk II 2004
Mark Pellegrino Joe Messing Mulholland Drive Mk II with Suppressor 2001
Forest Whitaker Ghost Dog Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai Mk II Blued with Suppressor 1999
Stavros' henchmen Double Team Mk II blued with suppressor 1997
Alec Baldwin 'Teacher' The Juror Mk II with Suppressor 1996
Julianne Moore Electra Assassins Mk I with suppressor 1995
Sylvester Stallone Rath Assassins Mk I with suppressor 1995
Antonio Banderas Bain Assassins Mk I with suppressor 1995
Tobin Bell The Nordic Man The Firm 1993
Arnold Vosloo Pik Van Cleef Hard Target Mk I with suppressor 1993
R.D. Call Pat State of Grace With suppressor 1990
Richard Tyson Crisp Kindergarten Cop Mk II blued with suppressor 1990
Ron Ely Doc Savage Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze Mk I 1975


Show Title Actor Character Notes / Episode Air Date
Miami Vice Yorgo Voyagis Alexander Dykstra "Lend Me an Ear" (S03EE18) 1984-1989
Firefly Morena Baccarin Inara Serra heavily modified, "Trash" (S01E11) 2003
Firefly Nathan Fillion Malcolm Reynolds "Heart of Gold" (S01E13) 2003
Mythbusters 2003 - ????
White Collar Matthew Bomer Neal Caffrey Mk II with suppressor 2009 - ????

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin .22 Suppressed 2002
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots Tranquillizer Gun 2008
The Specialists Ruger Mk.I 2002
Fallout: New Vegas .22 Suppressed 2010
Condemned 2: BloodShot Silenced .22 Mk II with suppressor and blued finish, incorrectly holds 15 rounds 2008
Hitman: Absolution 2012

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