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The Purge: Election Year
Purge EY poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by James DeMonaco
Release Date 2016
Studio Blumhouse Productions
Platinum Dunes
Distributor Universal Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Leo Barnes Frank Grillo
Senator Charlie Roan Elizabeth Mitchell
Joe Dickson Mykelti Williamson
Marcos Joseph Julian Soria
Laney Rucker Betty Gabriel
Earl Danzinger Terry Serpico
Caleb Warrens Raymond J. Barry
Dante Bishop Edwin Hodge
Minister Edwidge Owens Kyle Secor
Kimmy Brittany Mirabile

The Purge: Election Year is a 2016 horror/thriller that is the third installment in The Purge film series. Set during the 2040 Purge, the film relocates from Los Angeles, California to Washington, D.C. and Frank Grillo returns from the second film as Leo Barnes, now working as armed security for presidential candidate Charlene "Charlie" Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell). Roan advocates the abolition of the Annual Purge and as a result, the NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America) has targeted her for elimination. The film also stars Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria, and Edwin Hodge who reprises his role as Dante Bishop.

The following weapons were used in the film The Purge: Election Year:




Beretta 92FS

Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) now carries a Beretta 92FS as his preferred sidearm.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Leo wielding a Beretta 92FS.
Leo fires his Beretta 92FS.
A production image shows the side angle of the Beretta 92FS.

Colt Detective Special

A Purger is armed with what appears to be a Colt Detective Special.

Colt Detective Special Nickel 3rd Gen - .38 Special
A Purger waves around what appears to be a Colt Detective Special.
The Purger armed with her Colt Detective Special.

Colt Python

Joe Dixon carries a stainless Colt Python as one of his main handguns. A Russian "Murder Tourist" is seen wielding a nickel-plated Colt Python with ivory grips.

Colt Python - .357 Magnum
A slightly offscreen Murder Tourist on the right is seen wielding a Colt Python.
A promotional still shows Joe Dixon wielding his Colt Python.

Colt M1911A1

Joe Dixon also carries a Colt M1911A1 as his main handgun.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
A promotional still shows Joe carrying the M1911A1 in his left hand along with his Python in the right.

Glock 26

During the siege of Joe's grocery store, Grillo reluctantly hands Senator Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) what appears to be a Glock 26, after she insists on helping to defend it.

Glock 26 subcompact Pistol - 9x19mm
Leo handing the gun to Roan.

Springfield Armory XDM

Two Springfield Armory XDM pistols are seen lying on a church altar.

Springfield Armory XDM 4.5 with stainless steel slide finish – .40 S&W
Two Springfield Armory XDMs lying on a church altar.

IMI Desert Eagle

After emptying his shotgun, Harmon James (Christopher James Baker) fires a nickel-plated IMI Desert Eagle during the final shootout.

A satin nickel Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark I - .357 Magnum.
James with the Desert Eagle.

Submachine Guns

FN P90

A Russian Murder Tourist is seen wielding an FN P90.

FN P90 TR with optics removed - 5.7x28mm
The Russian Murder Tourist on the right is armed with an FN P90.

Heckler & Koch UMP

The Neo-Nazi mercenary group is primarily armed with Heckler & Koch UMP submachine guns.

Heckler & Koch UMP - .45 ACP
The mercenary in the background is armed with a Heckler & Koch UMP. Note the Confederate Flag patch on the mercenary in the foreground.
A mercenary aims his Heckler & Koch UMP. Note the "White Power" patch on his vest, below it is a Red Sun Cross.
A mercenary fires his Heckler & Koch UMP.

KRISS Vector

The guards at the NFFA Cult mass are armed with KRISS Vectors.

TDI / KRISS USA Vector SMG - .45 ACP
A guard with the KRISS Vector.



Kimmy the "Freak Bride" (Brittany Mirabile) and her gang of School Girls wield gold-plated AK-47s with jewel-encrusted stocks. "Uncle Sam" (Roman Blat), a Russian Murder Tourist, is depicted in several posters advertising the film carrying an AK-47 with a Stars and Stripes flag pattern (ironic, the AK being a weapon of Soviet-Russian origin); although he wields it in the film as well, it is barely visible and very hard to make out in the commotion of the scene. One of Bishop's men is also seen with an AK-47. Some Crips gangsters are also seen wielding AK-47s.

Final Production version of the Type III AK-47 with cleaning rod removed and laminated stock - 7.62x39mm
The Purgers with their customized AK-47s.
Kimmy (Brittany Mirabile) with her AK-47.
The School Girls brandishing their AK-47s.
A much better view of the AK-47s.
A rebel with his AK-47.
Russian Murder Tourist "Uncle Sam" with his Stars and Stripes-patterned AK-47 in the poster for the film.
Another view of "Uncle Sam's" Stars and Stripes-patterned AK-47 in one of the film's posters.
"We love you America! America is the greatest country in the world!" "Uncle Sam" taunts Barnes and Roan with his Stars and Stripes-patterned AK-47 shouldered, surrounded by the rest of the Russian Murder Tourists. Although featuring prominently in posters, this particular AK is barely visible in the film, and very easy to miss during the commotion of this scene.


Dante Bishop (Edwin Hodge) is seen armed with an AKMS. Several of his men are also armed with the AKMS. A Crip gangster can be seeing with an AKMS slung on his back.

AKMS, stamped steel receiver w/ slant muzzle brake and under-folding stock - 7.62x39mm
Bishop with his AKMS.


Several of Dante's men and some Crips gangsters are seen with the AKM.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
One of Dante's men with an AKM.

M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle

Tommy, the Neo-Nazi sniper is seen firing an M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle.

M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle with Harris bipod - 7.62x51mm NATO
Tommy (portrayed by an uncredited actor) fires his M39 EMR.

FN F2000 Tactical

Earl Danzinger (Terry Serpico) is seen armed with a suppressed FN F2000 Tactical

FN F2000 Tactical with CAA FVG5 foregrip - 5.56x45mm NATO
Earl Danzinger armed with his suppressed FN F2000.
Better view.

M14 Rifle

Marcos (Joseph Julian Soria) is armed with an M14 Rifle.

M14 rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
Marcos with his M14 rifle.
Another angle of the M14 rifle.
A promotional still shows Marcos with his M14 rifle.
Marcos aiming his rifle at Warrens.


A Purger riding in a 1968 Cadillac DeVille is seen brandishing what appears to be a FN SCAR-L.

Third Generation FN SCAR-L - 5.56x45mm NATO
The Purger on the left is armed with a FN SCAR-L.

Machine Guns


A Russian Murder Tourist wields an M60 machine gun.

M60 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The Russian Murder Tourist in the back is armed with an M60.

GE M134 Minigun

Earl Danzinger's modified Kamov Ka-60 is seen firing a GE M134 Minigun.

GE M134 Minigun in 7.62x51mm
The Kamov Ka-60 fires its GE M134 Minigun.


Remington 870

Joe Dixon uses a Remington 870 Field Gun to defend his deli from looters. A Russian Murder Tourist is seen armed with a shortened Remington 870.

Remington 870 Field Gun - 12 gauge
Joe with the Remington 870 Field Gun
Remington 870 - 12 gauge
"F***ing American с*ка!" The Russian Murder Tourist in the Stars and Stripes dress is seen with a shortened Remington 870, funnily enough, taunting Americans mixing English and Russian.

Serbu Super Shorty

Laney Rucker (Betty Gabriel) uses a Serbu Super Shorty as her main weapon.

Serbu Super Shorty - 12 gauge
A promotional still shows Laney Rucker with her Serbu.

Mossberg 590 Mariner Cruiser

Harmon James (Christoper James Baker) is seen armed with a Mossberg 590 Mariner Cruiser.

Mossberg 590 Mariner 12 Gauge with high-capacity magazine tube
James with the shotgun

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