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Ninja Assassin (2009)

The following weapons were used in the film Ninja Assassin:




Desert Eagle Mark XIX

Two gold plated Desert Eagle Mark XIXs are duel wielded at the beginning by Hollywood (Sung Kang) and like your typical Hollywood gun, it manages to fire off much more than what the magazine can hold.

Golden Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE
Hollywood flashes his gun to the old man, who tells him about ninjas.
Hollywood fires his dual gold-plated Desert Eagles.
Hollywood aims his dual gold-plated Desert Eagles.
Another shot of Hollywood firing his dual gold-plated Desert Eagles.

Glock 26

Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles) gives Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) a Glock 26 for her protection. He mentions that the gun is clean, and it has no serial numbers. Mika uses the Glock throughout the rest of the film, until the Ozunu shootout, when she wields a Beretta Cougar.

Glock 26 subcompact Pistol - 9x19mm
Maslow takes out the Glock 26 as he gives it to Mika.
Mika with her Glock 26.
Mika holds her Glock 26 during the warehouse shootout.

Glock 19

Due to a continuity error, the Glock 26 used by Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) changes to a Glock 19 when Mika escapes the Europol base.

Glock 19 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
Mika chambers her Glock 19.
Mika fires her Glock 19 at the feet of a ninja.

SIG-Sauer P228

The SIG-Sauer P228 appears as the standard issue sidearm to Europol agents. Most noticeable seen during the arrest of Raizo (Rain).

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
The Europol agent on the left aims his SIG-Sauer P228 at Raizo. Note the taser darts on Raizo's chest.
Another Europol agent aims at Raizo during his arrest.

SIG-Sauer P22X

In the beginning, the second of Hollywood's Yakuzas is briefly seen grabbing a P22X from his waist before getting killed by a ninja. It could be either a P220 or a P226, but it's not seen clearly enough to determine it from the single/double-stack bulges or the barrel size.

SIG-Sauer P220 - .45 ACP
A yakuza pulls a full size SIG pistol.

Beretta Cougar

Mika Coretti's (Naomie Harris) uses a Beretta Cougar during the final shootout.

Beretta 8000 Cougar F - 9x19mm
Mika gets out of a Humwee with his Cougar drawn.
Mika gets to a nearby Humvee with her Beretta Cougar drawn.
Mika aims his Cougar during the Ozunu raid.
Mika searches for Lord Ozunu with her Cougar.
Mika with her Cougar as Lord Ozunu prepares to stab her.

Heckler & Koch USP

A Heckler & Koch USP is used by Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles) as his sidearm throughout the film. One is also seen in the hands of a Europol prison guard guarding Raizo, during the warehouse shootout.

Heckler & Koch USP - 9x19mm
The Europol agent left of Mika armed with a USP.
The same agent fires his USP. Also note Mika's Glock 26.
Maslow fires his USP at advancing ninjas.
A better shot of Maslow's USP.
Maslow reloads his USP.
Note the strange muzzle flash coming out.

Tokarev TT-33

A Tokarev TT-33 can be seen in the hands of the former KGB agent Aleksei Sabatin (Wladimir Tarasjanz) during the flashback of his wife. The TT-33 is anachronistic as the KGB used Makarov PMs.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev.
Aleksei Sebatin with his TT-33 in a flashback before the lights go out.

Rifles / Carbines

Heckler & Koch G36

The Heckler & Koch G36 with ZF 3x4° dual optical sights are used by several Europol police officers throughout the film. Most noticeably during the warehouse shootout and the Ozunu base shootout. They are usually seen with tactical flashlights attached.

Heckler & Koch G36 - 5.56x45mm NATO
A Europol agent with a Heckler & Koch G36 in the warehouse.
A Europol agent armed with a G36 rifle, before getting killed by a ninja.

Heckler & Koch G36K

The Heckler & Koch G36K is also one of the most common rifles in the film. They are mostly seen fitted with ZF 3x4° dual optical sights and a flashlights. They are used by several Europol agents throughout the whole film. Some people might get the longer G36 and the G36K mixed up in this movie, but this is understandable, since most are seen very briefly or in poor lighting conditions.

Heckler & Koch G36K - 5.56x45mm
A Europol agent fires his H&K G36K at the Ozunu ninjas in the warehouse. Note the shorter barrel.
Another Europol agent fires a Heckler & Koch G36K fitted with ZF 3x4° dual optical sights and a flashlight during the Ozunu base raid.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5K

A Europol agent is briefly seen with a Heckler & Koch MP5K with an Aimpoint sight during the arrest of Raizo. Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles) uses a plain MP5K during the Ozunu base raid, most notably to fire at Takeshi (Rick Yune). Maslow's MP5K features the Navy trigger group.

Heckler & Koch MP5KN - updated with the Navy Trigger Group - 9x19mm.
A Europol agent on the left with an MP5K.
Maslow aims his MP5K.
Maslow fires his MP5K at Takeshi.
Maslow fires his MP5K one-handed while heading to a Humvee.
Maslow fires his MP5K. The Navy lower is clearly seen in this shot.

Heckler & Koch SP89 (converted to full-auto)

Some of the Yakuzas in the beginning carry Heckler & Koch SP89 submachine guns converted to full-auto and fitted with 30 round magazines.

Heckler & Koch SP89 Pistol with factory 15-round magazine 9x19mm
A yakuza fires wildly at the windows, suspected of hiding ninjas.
The same yakuza gets surprised by a wave of shurikens as the shurikens kill him.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Heckler & Koch MP5A3s are used by a majority of Europol agents. They are usually seen with Surefire dedicated fore-grips and mid-range sniper scopes attached.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight - 9x19mm
A europol agent with an MP5A3 this time fitted with a Eotech Holosight.
An Europol agent with a Heckler & Koch MP5A3 before being hanged and killed by a ninja.
Another Europol agent fires his Heckler & Koch MP5A3 at retreating ninjas.
A group of Europol agents fire their Heckler & Koch MP5A3s.

Micro Uzi

A Micro Uzi can be seen in the hands of several of Hollywood's Yakuza thugs in the beginning of the film.

Micro Uzi - 9x19mm
Hollywood's Yakuza on the left fires his Micro Uzi at the ninjas.
A yakuza nervously holds his Micro Uzi.
Another Yakuza gets hit while holding a Micro Uzi.


Mossberg 500 Cruiser

A Mossberg 500 Cruiser with extended magazine tube can be seen in the beginning in the hands of a Yakuza, but gets killed by the Ninja's kusarigama before he gets a chance to use it.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser with extended magazine tube - 12 gauge
A Yakuza pumps his pistol-gripped Mossberg 500.
The same Yakuza with the pistol-griped Mossberg 500 before being cut in half (along with his shotgun) with a kusarigama.

Franchi SPAS-12

A Franchi SPAS-12 is briefly seen in the hands of a Europol agent during the warehouse shootout. He briefly gets to fire it before his death. It's appearance is very brief and shaky, so screencaps are hard to get.

Franchi SPAS-12 with stock folded and butt-hook removed - 12 Gauge.
A europol agent behind Mika is briefly seen with a SPAS 12 shotgun.

Machine Guns


FN MAGs are seen mounted on Europol Humvees and APCs during the raid on the Ozunu base.

FN MAG - 7.62x51mm NATO
A Europol Humvee crashes through a gate with a mounted FN MAG.
A Europol agent fires his FN MAG at the ninjas.

Launchers & Explosives

CAW 40mm Grenade Launcher

An Airsoft CAW 40mm Grenade Launcher can be seen in the hands of a Europol agent launching flares during the raid on the Ozunu base.

CAW Airsoft Launcher - (fake) 40mm
A Europol agent fires flares from a CAW Airsoft Launcher.


M72 LAWs can be seen being used by Europol agents during the final shootout.

M72 LAW - 66mm
A Europol agent uses an M72 LAW to blow open a building, killing several nearby ninjas.
Another Europol agent uses the M72 LAW to kill several ninjas on the roof of a building.

M67 Hand Grenade

An M67 Hand Grenade can be briefly seen during the Ozunu base raid by a Europol agent to clear a room. It can be easily identified by it's shape.

M69 hand grenade - Training version of the actual M67 frag grenade.
A Europol agent clears a room of ninjas with an M67 grenade.


Fictional Taser (Umarex Walther Red Hawk)

During the arrest of Raizo (Rain), Europol agents can be seen using a fictional Taser. The weapons is actually based on an Umarex Walther Red Hawk (a CO2 powered air pistol with an integral red dot sight) fitted with a barrel extension resembling a Taser cartridge.

Umarex Walther Red Hawk - .177 pellets
A Europol agent with a taser. The thing that identifies this is a Red Hawk is the plate towards the front of the weapon, painted yellow on this prop, with the three vertical slots at the front of it.

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