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Marauders poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Steven C. Miller
Release Date 2016
Studio Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films
Distributor Lionsgate
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jonathon Montgomery Christopher Meloni
Jeffery Hubert Bruce Willis
Stockwell Dave Bautista
Wells Adrian Grenier
T.J. Jackson Texas Battle
Mims Johnathon Schaech

Marauders is a 2016 crime-thriller film directed by Steven C. Miller (Extraction). The film stars Christopher Meloni as FBI Special Agent Jonathon Montgomery, who is investigating a series of robbery-homicides seemingly connected to the banks' CEO Jeffery Hubert (Bruce Willis) and a deceased United States Army Ranger (Texas Battle). The film also stars Dave Bautista, Adrian Grenier, and Jonathon Schaech in an uncredited role as Detective Mims.

The following weapons were used in the film Marauders:




Glock 17

The Glock 17 is the most common handgun seen in the film, used by the bank robbers, Cincinnati PD officers, FBI agents, and miscellaneous criminals.

Glock 17 3rd Generation - 9x19mm
One of the robbers loads his Glock.
The robber then chambers his handgun.
A Glock 17 is seen in one of the robber's thigh holster.
James Jackson's (Chris Hill) companion (played by an uncredited actor) chambers his Glock, with a nice view of the round. Jackson is also armed with a Glock but its entire appearance is blurred.
A Cincinnati police officer armed with a Glock 17.
An officer raids James Jackson's apartment armed with a Glock 17.
A robber puts his Glock 17 to Bradley Teegan's (Christopher Rob Bowen) head.
A Glock 17 is seen in the holster of Will, the security guard in the second heist. The robber is (silently) telling the woman to apply pressure to Will's bullet wound.
FBI Special Agent Jonathon Montgomery (Christopher Meloni) carries a Glock 17 early in the film. Later in the film it becomes a SIG-Sauer.
Montgomery searches his apartment with his Glock drawn.
A robber disarms a guard and puts his Glock to his head.
Nice closeup of the Glock 17's barrel.
Montgomery aims his Glock 17.
Private security guards fire their Glock 17s.
Side angle of the Glock 17.
A Cincinnati police officer aims his Glock 17.
Rogue Army Rangers armed with Glocks.
A guard in Mexico draws his Glock 17.
Wells ( Adrian Grenier) aims his Glock 17.

Colt M1911A1

One of the robbers uses a M1911A1 during the third heist.

World War II-issue Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
The robber takes a woman hostage.
The robber with his M1911.

SIG-Sauer P226

FBI agents in the film are armed with what appears to be a SIG-Sauer P226. Montgomery's Glock turns into a SIG during the third heist.

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
Antonio Leon (Danny A. Abeckaser) aims his SIG-Sauer.
Montgomery aims his SIG-Sauer.
The robber's SIG pistol in a holster during the third heist.
A robber aims his SIG-Sauer.
Wells fires his SIG-Sauer at a helicopter.


Heckler & Koch HK416

Three of the banker robbers use Heckler & Koch HK416s with holographic sights. In the second heist, they are fitted with Aimpoint red dot sights and suppressors. Private guards during the third heist are also armed with HK416s, and US Army Rangers are also seen with them.

Heckler & Koch HK416 - 5.56x45mm.
A robber brandishes his HK416.
A second robber armed with a HK416.
The robber aims his HK416.
A third robber aims his HK416.
Side angle of the HK416.
The HK416s during the second heist.
Another side angle of the HK416. Note the excellent trigger discipline.
Two of the robbers armed with the HK416.
T.J. Jackson (Texas Battle) armed with a HK416. Note: The flashback scene in the film has a grainy filter hence the low quality.

M4A1 Carbine

U.S. Army Rangers are seen with the M4A1 Carbine. James Jackson's apartment houses a set of M4s as well.

M4 Carbine - 5.56x45mm.
Three M4 carbines stashed in James Jackson's apartment.
U.S. Army Rangers armed with the M4 Carbine.
A U.S. Army Ranger aims his M4 Carbine. The Ranger to his right has an HK416.
A U.S. Army Ranger aims his M4.
The soldier on the left has a suppressed M4. The two on the right have suppressed HK416s.
A U.S. Special Forces soldier aims his M4 Carbine.


Serbu Super Shorty

One of the robbers uses a Serbu Super Shorty.

Serbu Super Shorty - 12 gauge.
The robber racks his shotgun.
The robber aims his shotgun...
...and fires.
The robber armed with his Serbu. The mask bears a striking resemblance to the signature mask worn by Tyson Rios in Army of Two.
The robber aims his Serbu.
Nice angle of the shotgun.

Mossberg 590

A Cincinnati PD officer is seen with what appears to be a Mossberg 590 with a breaching choke.

Mossberg 590 "Cruiser" with door breaching brake - 12 Gauge
The officer prepares to perform a breach.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch UMP

A Heckler & Koch UMP is seen among the weapons in James Jackson's apartment.

Heckler & Koch UMP - .45 ACP
A UMP can be seen among the M4 Carbines.


Model 7290 Flashbang

A robber throws a Model 7290 flashbang grenade into the car of David Dagley (Richie Chance).

Model 7290 flashbang
The robber throws a flashbang in Dagley's car.


9mm bullet

During the second heist, one of the robbers leaves a 9mm bullet at the crime scene.

The robber shows Dagley a 9mm bullet.
The robber then leaves the bullet at the crime scene.

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