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Manhunt (2004)

Manhunt is the first game in of Rockstar's more controversial franchises. The James Earl Cash, a death row prisoner forced to participate in a series of snuff films for an underground director, former film producer Lionel Starkweather (voiced by Brian Cox).

Manhunt has been banned in several countries and implicated by the British media in a UK murder shortly after it's release [to be exact, implicated by the victim's mother; as it turned out, she was so familiar with the game because it was the victim who owned a copy of Manhunt, not his killer].

The sequel was released in 2007.

The following weapons can be seen in the game:



Smith & Wesson Model 586

The Smith & Wesson Model 586 is used by many of the game's characters, and is referred to ingame simply as the "Revolver" (though it is named the ".38 Revolver" in the game's manual). It is often the only handgun available for much of the game. It holds 6 rounds and is reloaded round-by-round rather quickly by ingame characters, which is surprising given that none of them are seen to use speedloaders or similar devices to reload this weapon.

Smith & Wesson Model 586 - produced in .357 Magnum and .38 Special
The ".38 Revolver"
Another view of the ".38 Revolver"

Glock 23

Called a 'Light Handgun' or 'GS Model 23' in the game, the Glock 23 is used in the game by a few gangs (Most notably the "Smileys") and by Lionel Starkweather's (the 'director' who tells you what to do and where to go in the game) personal henchmen. The gun itself is almost a carbon copy of the Glock, with only slight differences in the name and model. For example, the seven slide grooves are now at the front where as the real steel version has them at the back. It is even chambered in .40.

Glock 23 - .40 S&W
The 'GS Model 23'

IMI/Magnum Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle appears as the 'Heavy Handgun' or the more decorative 'Avenger Force .50 AE GS' in the game. It is used in the latter stages of the game by Carcer City SWAT and the Cerberus assault team. Like the Glock, the gun is almost an exact replica of the .50 caliber monster. Subtle differences that can be spotted is that the gun, whilst being chambered in .50 Action Express, holds 9 rounds which is what the .357 version of the Desert Eagle holds.

Desert Eagle Mk XIX - .50AE
The Desert Eagle in-game


Double Barreled Sawed-Off Shotgun

Powerful up close, the Double Barreled Sawed-Off Shotgun is used and seen in many areas of the game. Again the make and model are unclear. It fires two 12 gauge cartridges, although he is depicted in a game with huge barrels, implying that this is a very large-caliber gun.

Stevens 311R (sawed-off) - 12 gauge
For comparision: SK 1878 shotgun (non-firing version for loading scenes) - 8 Gauge
The Sawed Off shotgun in the hands of some dangerous people.
More shotgun, more dangerous people.

Franchi SPAS-12

The Franchi SPAS-12 appears as 'Sap 12' or '12-Gauge' in the game. Variants of this gun are carried by the CCPD/SWAT as well as Cerberus with flashlights attached. This is the same model of SPAS-12, which was used in the early version of the GTA: Vice City.

SPAS-12 - 12 gauge
The SPAS-12 on Cash's back.


Enfield L42A1/Enfield Enforcer

Used in only a few missions, the Enfield L42A1/Enfield Enforcer fires 7.62mm ammunition with an incorrect six shot capacity, as opposed to the correct 10. The gun appears to be bolt-action and very accurate. Its ingame name is simply "Sniper Rifle" but the manual's name for it is "IDK Type 2 Sniper."

Enfield Enforcer - 7.62x51mm NATO
The sniper rifle being aimed by Cash.

Automatic Weapons

"Submachine Gun"

A mash-up of a Uzi and a MAC-10 (although it looks more like the Uzi), this fictional weapon has good range and fair accuracy, as well as a high rate of fire. The gun also does bear some similarity to the Italian SOCIMI Type 821. It is referred to simply as a "Sub-Machine Gun" ingame, as well as the "Spaz Mark 1" in the game's manual. This SMG is primarily carried by CCPD officers and SWAT personnel in the game, and it is also seen in the hands of what appear to be "The Skinz" as shown in the promotional picture below.

Socimi Type 821 - 9x19mm, for comparision.
The "Submachine Gun" in Manhunt.

Colt Commando

The Colt Commando is called the "Defender Mark 1", and can be fired in semi or fully automatic. The weapon has a unfolding M16 buttstock, and a longer foregrip & barrel than in real life, which gives it a superficial resemblance to the M16A2. Also, the gun holds 30 rounds, despite being fitted with a 20 round magazine. The gun is quite powerful; 2-3 shots to the body will kill, where as a shot to the head will remove most of it entirely. It is only seen in the last few levels of the game in the hands of Cerberus agents.

Colt Model 639 (commercial/export variant of the XM177E2) - 5.56x45mm NATO
A Cerberus team member holds an "Defender Mark 1".


Tranquillizer Gun

While technically not a firearm, it is the most nonviolent way to subdue an enemy. It is used in only a few missions. The gun fires .50 caliber Ketamine shots, enough of a dosage to make Mike Tyson fall asleep.

Cut Weapons

Heckler & Koch PSG-1

The PSG-1 was to appear as a second sniper rifle, but was removed before the final release.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The render of the removed PSG-1

Heckler & Koch MP5K

The MP5K is an another cut weapon. As and several other Manhunt weapons, for some mysterious reasons it can be found in the GTA: San Andreas' files.

Heckler & Koch MP5K with 15-round magazine - 9x19mm

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