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The Long Riders (1980)

The Long Riders is a 1980 Western film that dramatizes the exploits of the James-Younger Gang. Directed by Walter Hill, the film is notable for the casting of 4 families of actors including the Carradines (David Carradine, Keith Carradine, and Robert Carradine), the Quaids (Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid), the Keaches (James Keach and Stacy Keach), and the Guests (Nicholas Guest and Christopher Guest). Also of interest is the amount of period weapons seen in the film besides the typical Colt Single Action Army.

The following weapons were used in the film The Long Riders:



Merwin and Hulbert revolver

Clell Miller (Randy Quaid) carries a Merwin and Hulbert revolver as his main handgun. This revolver was not available to the public until 1876, the same year that Clell Miller helped robb the bank in Minnesota as depicted in the movie.

Merwin Hulbert & Co. Large Frame Double Action Revolver - .44/40 WCF
Clell Miller (Randy Quaid) with his Merwin & Hulbert revolver during the opening bank robbery.
Clell pulls his revolver on a frightened bank customer(Allan Graf) during the climatic robbery.

Remington 1875

Cole Younger (David Carradine) is seen with a Remington 1875.

Remington 1875 - .45 Long Colt.
Cole Younger (David Carradine) aims his Remington 1875 at Jesse James (James Keach) and Frank James (Stacy Keach).

Sharps Model 1C Pepperbox

Four-barreled Sharps Model 1C Pepperbox is also seen in the film held by Bella Starr (Pamela Reed).

Sharps Model 1C Pepperbox - .22 caliber
Bella Starr (Pamela Reed) aims her Sharps pistol at Cole Younger (David Carradine).

Smith and Wesson Schofield

Frank James (Stacy Keach) is seen with a Smith & Wesson Schofield.

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 with nickel finish - .45 Schofield.
Frank James (Stacy Keach) with his Smith & Wesson Schofield.

Harrington & Richardson Premier

A top-break, .38 Harrington & Richardson Premier revolver is the weapon of Vernon Biggs (Chris Mulkey). Frank is seen with one as well.

Harrington & Richardson Premier revolver
Vernon Biggs (Chris Mulkey) draws his Harrington & Richardson Premier when the James-Younger gang rob the coach.

Colt Walker

Jim Younger (Keith Carradine) is seen with what appears to be a .44 caliber Colt Walker revolver when they rob the coach. Despite the presence of a loading lever latch, this is a Walker and not a Dragoon or '51 Navy. (See Discussion page for detailed argument.)

Colt Walker - .44 caliber.
Jim Younger (Keith Carradine) aims his Colt Walker at Vernon when they rob the coach.

Movie prop Colt Police Positive

A Colt revolver is seen held by Ed Miller (Dennis Quaid) during the bank robbery. This double-action, modern revolver (it looks like a Colt 1917) has been modified to look like a Colt Single Action Army, installing a fake extractor rod housing on the right side of the barrel. This kind of props were frequently used in the 50's Western movies (see the Police Positive below), when an actor wasn't able to use a Single Action Army with the speed required by the script. It is somewhat surprising to find one in this movie, which uses such a variety of antique handguns. Another possibility is that it was a representation of a Colt 1878 Double Action Revolver.

Colt Police Positive, modified to look like a Colt SAA
Ed Miller (Dennis Quaid) aims his revolver at the bank manager. Note the fake extractor.
Ed holds his revolver on the civilians.
Ed sticks his revolver in the store clerk's face.

Single Action Army

Various models of the Colt Single Action Army are used by several characters in the film.

On the left, Charlie Ford (Christopher Guest) draws what is most likely a Colt 1851 Navy and Bob Ford (Nicholas Guest) on the right pulls a Single Action Army revolver.


Winchester Model 1873

The Winchester Model 1873 is used by several of the outlaws in the film. You can tell these are '73s and not '92s by the presence of the sliding dust covers on the top of the longer receivers.

Winchester 1873 - .44-40.
TLR 108.jpg
TLR 33.jpg
TLR 106.jpg

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle

A Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle is also a prominent rifle used in the film, notably by Bob Younger (Robert Carradine).

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle - .44 Rimfire.
TLR 105.jpg


12 Gauge Harrington & Richardson Topper Single Shot Shotgun

Younger (David Carradine) carries a 12 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun .

Harrington & Richardson Topper Shotgun - 12 gauge. This is a common single barreled breach loading top break shotgun.
TLR 01.jpg
"I would throw that shotgun away!"
"Goddamn Pinkertons!" Note that the barrel is shorter than a regular Harrington & Richardson compared to the gun carried by Cole Younger.

Colt 1878 Double Barreled Shotgun (Sawed Off)

A Colt 1878 double barreled shotgun with the barrel sawed down to short length is carried by guard riding shotgun on the wagon.

Colt 1878 - 12 Gauge.
TLR 13.jpg

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