Jesse Stone: Night Passage

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Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006) is the second film in the Jesse Stone television movie series, but it is actually the first Jesse Stone novel by Robert B. Parker. Stone Cold aired first since it was believed that it was a stronger 'stand-alone' story. When the 2005 film proved to be popular with television viewers, Night Passage was greenlit and premiered on CBS in 2006.

The following weapons were used in the film Jesse Stone: Night Passage:



Smith & Wesson SW1911SC

Chief Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) uses a Smith & Wesson SW1911SC throughout the series.

Smith & Wesson SW1911SC Blued version - .45 ACP
Chief Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) shows Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) how to keep his finger off the trigger until he actually needs to fire.
Chief Stone demonstrates to Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) the importance of moving and shooting.
Doing a reload.
Jesse sets down his pistol and reaches for a drink.

Beretta 92F

Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) carries a Beretta 92F. Unable to determine the exact configuration.

(Beretta 92F (Early Model) - 9x19mm (Other side showing "92F" on slide)
Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) demonstrates his shooting ability to Chief Stone (Tom Selleck).
Officer Simpson fires his Beretta to slide lock.
Officer Simpson gets the drop on Hastings Hathaway (Saul Rubinek).

Smith & Wesson Model 64

When Chief Stone takes over as the Chief of the Paradise Police Department. He is given the retired chief's Smith & Wesson Model 64 Snub-nose, which he promptly puts in his desk drawer since he is carrying a 1911 Commander Model. Later it is stolen by Hastings Hathaway (Saul Rubinek) who uses it to kill Joe Genest (Stephen Baldwin).

Smith & Wesson Model 64 Snub Nose
Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) puts away the Smith & Wesson.
Officer Simpson arrests Hathaway (Saul Rubinek) and seizes the Smith & Wesson revolver.

Hi-Standard Sentinel Revolver

The Mob hitman, Joe Genest (Stephen Baldwin) uses a suppressed Hi-Standard Sentinel Revolver. After Genest is killed by Hathaway (Saul Rubinek) Hathaway retrieves it and attempts to use it against Chief Stone (Tom Selleck). The Hi-Standard Sentinel Revolver is a 22 caliber revolver. As has been pointed out on other pages a suppressed revolver is not technically accurate. But it is a very dramatic looking weapon.

Genest (Stephen Baldwin) prepares to kill Chief Stone (Tom Selleck).
Hathaway then retrieves the revolver. Note the cylinder crane and frame design. Very unique and instantly identifies it as a Hi-Standard Sentinel Revolver.
Hathaway (Saul Rubinek) points the Hi-Standard at Chief Stone. Little does he know that Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) is behind him and has his Beretta pointed at him.
Realizing that he has been outmaneuvered Hathaway (Saul Rubinek) surrenders. Notice that throughout the whole situation Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) never dropped his coffee. Now that is a true red-blooded cop for you.

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