Heroes for Sale

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Heroes for Sale (1933)

Heroes for Sale is a 1933 pre-Hayes Code Depression-era drama directed by William A. Wellman (Battleground). The film focuses on a World War I veteran who struggles to make a living following the war. The cast included Richard Barthelmess, Aline MacMahon, Loretta Young, Gordon Westcottand, and Max Brinker.

The following weapons were used in the film Heroes for Sale:


M1903 Springfield

Doughboys appear to use a Springfield Model 1903 with fixed bayonets throughout the film.

M1903 Springfield
Doughboys hold their Springfield rifles with bayonets fixed as they are ordered on a suicide mission.
Roger Winston (Gordon Westcott) and Thomas 'Tom' Holmes (Richard Barthelmess) discuss the mission, while Holmes carries his M1909 Springfield with bayonet.
The US soldier with the Springfield.
A doughboy armed with the Springfield dies an heroic death.
Holmes with the Springfield as he captures a German officer.

Maxim MG08

German machine gunners use a Maxim MG08 to repulse the American attack.

Maxim MG08.
The German pill box.
Germans fire on advancing Doughboys.

F1 Hand Grenade

Tom Holmes pulls the pin of an F1 hand grenade.

F1 Grenade
Holmes pulls the pin on his F1 Grenade.


U.S. doughboys are seen carrying the M1911 pistol during the World War I battles.

Winston waits in his foxhole with an M1911.

Winchester Model 1897

Riot police are armed with Winchester Model 1897 shotguns.

Winchester M1897
The officer on the right running board holds the Winchester M1897.
A riot officer holds his Winchester Model 1897 above the heads of rioters.

12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

During the riots, a 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun is seen.

Charles Parker 1878 Shotgun
Railroad dicks menace the unemployed. The double barreled shotgun is seen in the background.

L-5 Federal Gas Riot Gun

Riot police are also seen using the L-5 Federal Gas Riot Gun.

L-5 Federal Gas Riot Gun
A riot police officer carries an L-S Federal Gas Riot Gun.

Colt New Service

A railroad dick is armed with a Colt New Service revolver when he menaces Holmes .

Colt New Service
A railroad dick with the revolver as he menaces Holmes.

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