Heaven's Door

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Heaven's Door
Heaven's Door poster.jpg
DVD cover
Country JAP.jpg Japan
Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Michael Arias
Release Date 2009
Language English
Studio Asmik Ace Entertainment
Fuji Television Network
J Storm
Distributor Aniplex
Miramax Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Masato Aoyama Tomoya Nagase
Harumi Shiraishi Mayuko Fukuda
Kokubo Keishi Nagatsuka
Henmi Min Tanaka
Insp. Hasegawa Tomokazu Miura

Heaven's Door is a 2009 Japanese-American remake of the cult German movie Knockin' on Heaven's Door.

The following weapons were used in the film Heaven's Door:




Beretta 84

Masato Aoyama's (Tomoya Nagase) firearm is the Beretta 84. His pistol also can be seen in the hands of Harumi Shiraishi (Mayuko Fukuda) and Henmi (Min Tanaka).

Beretta 84 (earlier version with round trigger guard) - .380 ACP
Harumi Shiraishi (Mayuko Fukuda) holds a pistol.
Heaven's Door pistol 1 2.jpg
Masato Aoyama (Tomoya Nagase) holds his pistol.
Heaven's Door pistol 1 4.jpg
Heaven's Door pistol 1 5.jpg
Heaven's Door pistol 1 11.jpg
Harumi Shiraishi (Mayuko Fukuda) aims her pistol.
Harumi Shiraishi fires in the air.
Close view of the grip.
Henmi (Min Tanaka) aims a pistol.

Beretta 92FS Inox

Kokubo (Keishi Nagatsuka) draws a Beretta 92FS Inox.

Beretta 92FS Inox - 9x19mm. This pistol was the screen used gun, used throughout the film by Det. Max Kirkpatrick (William Baldwin) and once by Kate McQuean (Cindy Crawford) in the film Fair Game.
Heaven's Door pistol 2 1.jpg
Kokubo (Keishi Nagatsuka) aims.
Heaven's Door pistol 2 3.jpg
Heaven's Door pistol 2 4.jpg
Heaven's Door pistol 2 5.jpg
Heaven's Door pistol 2 6.jpg
Close Up.

Beretta 92F/FS

Det. Kishitani (Masaya Kikawada) briefly uses a Beretta 92F/FS.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm. The cosmetic differences are very slight and hard to see between this gun and the newer 92FS. Most of the changes are the inner workings of the gun.
Heaven's Door pistol 3 1.jpg


Nambu Model 60

Policemen briefly holds Nambu Model 60 revolvers.

Nambu Model 60 revolver
Heaven's Door revolver 1 1.jpg

Smith & Wesson Style Revolver

Smith & Wesson style revolver can be seen on the poster of the police office.

Heaven's Door revolver 2 1.jpg

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