Gone Baby Gone

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Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Gone Baby Gone is the 2007 feature film adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Dennis Lehane (the author of Mystic River). The film stars Casey Affleck as a private investigator who finds that a kidnapping case he's investigating becomes more and more complicated as he gets closer to the truth. The film also marked the feature film directing debut of Casey's brother, Ben Affleck.

The following weapons were used in the film Gone Baby Gone:



Kahr MK9

Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) carries a Kahr MK9 as his sidearm in the movie as confirmed by the Kahr website [1].

Kahr MK9 9x19mm with stainless steel finish
Private Investigator Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) searches for the bar gunman with his Kahr MK9 out.
Kenzie with his Kahr drawn.
Kenzie displays his Kahr MK9 in the bar when he's confronted.

Beretta 92FS

Bubba (Slaine), the drug dealer who drives Patrick Kenzie to the addicts' house, uses a Beretta 92FS.

Beretta 92FS 9x19mm
Bubba loads his Beretta 92FS

Colt M1911A1

Cheese (Edi Gathegi) carries a chrome-plated M1911A1 that he pulls on Kenzie and his girlfriend Angie Gennaro (Michelle Monaghan).

Commercial Satin Nickel M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP. Manufactured on license by Remington Rand.
Cheese (Edi Gathegi) with his chrome-plated M1911A1.
A closeup of the chrome plated M1911A1 as Cheese makes sure Patrick and Angie aren't wired.

Glock 19

Detective Remy Bressant (Ed Harris) carries a Glock 19 as his sidearm in the film.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm

Smith & Wesson Model 36

Roberta Trett (Trudi Goodman) ,who confronts Kenzie (Casey Affleck) and Bubba (Slaine) in her house, pulls a Smith & Wesson Model 36. The bar owner also pulls a stainless steel version when his bar is held up by a masked gunman.


Walther PPK/S

Chris Mullen is seen pulling a Walther PPK/S (possibly a Non-Gun) as Lionel describes a kidnapping exchange.


Mossberg 500

Detective Sergeant Remy Bressant (Ed Harris) and Detective Nick Poole (John Ashton) carry Mossberg 500 Persuaders when they attempt to raid the house of a suspected child molester.

Mossberg 500 "Persuader" with standard five-shot magazine tube - 12 gauge. This is the most commonly produced version of the 500 series today.

Ithaca 37

A masked gunman (Ed Harris) is armed with an Ithaca 37 shotgun with a sawed off stock as he tries to hold up the bar where Kenzie and Angie are speaking with Lionel.

Ithaca 37 12 gauge

M1 Carbine

Kenzie finds Leon Trett (Mark Margolis) dead in the house with what appears to be an M1 Carbine at his side.

World War II Era M1 Carbine, with Dark Walnut Stock, 'L' peep sight and no bayonet lug - .30 Carbine - correct for most of WWII, shown with khaki sling and oiler and a period twin magazine pouch for buttstock

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