Golden Kamuy - Season 3

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Golden Kamuy - Season 3 (October 5, 2020 - present)

The following weapons were used in Season 3 of the anime series Golden Kamuy:

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Nagant M1895

The Nagant M1895 is seen with Russians as their preferred sidearm.

Gletcher NGT F Black - .177
A beared Russian man takes out his Nagant befoe his hand suffers in "The Immortal Sugimoto Harakiri Show".
The revolver fired at Sugimoto inside the circus tent.

Type 26

The Type 26 is seen with 2nd Lt. Koito Otonoshin as his personal sidearm.

Japanese Type 26 Revolver - 9mmJR
Koito fires the Type 26 into the air in "The Immortal Sugimoto Harakiri Show".

Webley .455 Mk I

Fumie Yamada executes last Russian man by her Webley .455 Mk I in "The Immortal Sugimoto Harakiri Show".

Webley Mk I - .455 Webley

Unknown Handgun

Lieutenant Tsurumi carries an unknown handgun in the holster in "Igogusa".

Battle Rifles

Arisaka Type 30

The Arisaka Type 30 is seen with Imperial Japanese Army soldiers throughout the third season, including Saichi Sugimoto aka "Immortal Sugimoto" and soldiers of the 7th Infantry Division.

Arisaka Type 30 rifle - 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka
Tsukishima (Left) and Sugimoto (Right) aims their Type 30s at a hostile Wolverine in "To Sakhalin".
Ogata pulls the bolt of his Type 30 after firing it at a sea lion at the end of "Stenka".

Murata Rifle

The Murata Rifle is once again used by Tanigaki as his main weapon. Tsukishima is likely seen with it in a flashback sequence in "Igogusa" since he said that he first saw action in China when he joined the Imperial Japanese Army.

Murata Type 18 (1885) - 11×60mmR
Tanigaki with his Murata after seeing a hostile Wolverine in "To Sakhalin".
Tanigaki helps Cikapasi steady the aim of the Murata at the end of "Stenka" while being almost naked in the Sakhalin winter.
The Murata seen (likely) with Tsukishima after he enlisted with the IJA in a flashback sequence in "Igogusa".


28 cm Howitzer L/10

Several 28 cm Howitzers are used by the IJA in "Igogusa".

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