Fort Apache, The Bronx

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Fort Apache, The Bronx
Theatrical release poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Daniel Petrie
Release Date 1981
Language English
Studio Time-Life Films
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Main Cast
Character Actor
Murphy Paul Newman
Corelli Ken Wahl
Morgan Danny Aiello
Charlotte Pam Grier
Detective Paul Gleason
Connolly Ed Asner
Isabella Rachel Ticotin

Fort Apache, The Bronx is a 1981 drama starring Paul Newman as an NYPD cop who has to deal with working in one of the toughest precincts in the city. The film's title is a homage to the 1948 John Wayne film Fort Apache.

The following firearms we can seen in Fort Apache, The Bronx:


Smith & Wesson Model 10

The Smith & Wesson Model 10 was the standard service revolver of the NYPD for many years and is used by several officers in the film, including Officer Murphy (Paul Newman) and Officer Morgan (Danny Aiello), who uses the version with the light, tapered barrel.

Officer Morgan (Danny Aiello) with a S&W Model 10 drawn as he tries to evade an angry crowd.
A closeup of the Model 10 as Officer Finley (John Aquino) pulls it during a city disturbance.
Murphy (Paul Newman) prepares to storm a hostage situation armed with a Smith & Wesson Model 10.
Two Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolvers being brandished by a drug dealer.
Several Model 10's are drawn during the hostage standoff.

Colt Detective Special

When Murphy (Paul Newman) and his partner Corelli (Ken Wahl) work a plainclothes assignment, they carry a Colt Detective Special with an exposed ejector rod. (pre-1972 version)

Colt Detective Special 1st Gen - .38 Special
Officers Murphy(Paul Newman) and Corelli (Ken Wahl) with their Colt Detective Specials as they apprehend two suspects.
A closeup of Corelli's Colt Detective Special as he checks his watch.
Officer Corelli (on the left) with his Colt Detective Special drawn during the hostage standoff.

Colt Pocket Positive

A nickeled Colt Pocket Positive snub-nose revolver is seen used by Charlotte (Pam Grier) at the beginning of the film and appears to be the same gun pulled by a drug dealer in the hospital hostage situation.

Colt Pocket Positive - .32 Colt New Police
Charlotte (Pam Grier) pulls a Colt.

Colt M1911A1

Officer Finley (John Aquino) is briefly seen racking the slide of an M1911A1 that he says he's carrying as a backup weapon having hearing that two officers were shot.

Pre-War Colt M1911A1 Pistol Commercial - .45 ACP
An M1911A1 is briefly seen chambered by Officer Finley.

M1 Carbine

Officers at the precinct armed with the M1 Carbine are seen taking positions atop the roof of the precinct when protesters assemble outside.

Modern version of the M1 Carbine, with standard stock, from Auto-Ordnance (affiliated with Kahr Arms and Thomson Arms).
FATB 04.jpg

Federal M201-Z Grenade Launcher

Officers disperse the crowd with tear gas fired from Federal M201-Z Grenade Launchers during the protest in front of the precinct.

Federal M201-Z Gas Gun - 37mm.
Officers disperse the crowd with tear gas fired from Federal M201-Z Grenade Launchers during the protest in front of the precinct.

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