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The following weapons were used in the anime series Fairy Gone:

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Flintlock Pistol

Flintlock Pistols are seen inside the Fairy Ministry's armory.

Denix non-firing replica
Replica Spanish Miqulet Flintlock Pistol similar to one used in Predator 2.
Flintlock pistols on display in "Rolling Stones and Seven Knights".
Another shot of the pistols in the armory when Dorothea Director Nein Auler shows up in "Uninvited Music Corps".

Percussion Cap Pistol

Percussion Cap Pistols are seen inside the Fairy Ministry's armory.

Russian M1854 Naval percussion cap pistol - .71 caliber
Percussion cap pistols on display in "Rolling Stones and Seven Knights".


Nagant Revolver

The Nagant Revolver is seen as a common sidearm in the show.

Nagant M1910 swing out cylinder Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant.
GC soldiers engage Veronica in "Ash Covered Girl".
The GC soldier reloads the revolver's chamber.
Wolfran Row draws his Nagant near the end of "Wolf Collar and Swan Feathers".
Bitter "Sweety" Sweet aims her revolver at Axel Love in "Greedy Fox and Lying Crow".
The M1910 aimed at Ray Dawn at the start of "Black Moon and Lost Child's Song".
A view of the dropped revolver.
A very good shot of the M1910 seen at the end of "Stubborn Blacksmith and Biased Rabbit".
Sophia draws her revolver out in "Uninvited Music Corps".

Webley Revolver

A Webley-like revolver is seen with Dorothea agents as their main sidearm.

Webley & Scott Mk IV - .38 Revolver
Ozz Mare handles a compact revolver during a raid in "Pipe Blowing in the Stage Wing".
Ozz opens fire when the train is derailed in "Rolling Stones and Seven Knights".
Webley Mk IV - .38 S&W. WWII production. Note words "War Finish" on the frame, under cylinder.
Serge Tova draws his weapon in "Pipe Blowing in the Stage Wing".
Ozz Mare and Lily Heinemann handle large revolvers during a raid.

Bolt-Action Rifles

Lebel 1886

The Lebel 1886 is seen formerly used with the Ledradan soldiers during the Unification Wars, first seen in a flashback in "Wolf Collar and Swan Feathers". Patricia Pearl uses it during her fight with Free in "Black Moon and Lost Child's Song". Dorothea agents and Beevee Liscar's mercenaries are seen with it from time to time. The anime shows that the rifle is also used by the Zesskian Army as its main rifle.

The rifle seems to have the barrel profile typically seen in a Lee-Enfield rifle.

Lebel Model 1886 M93 M27 - 7.5x58mm / 7.5x54mm French
Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I - .303 British. With light coloured wood finish.
Zesskian soldiers open fire in the Battle of Dipre at the start of "Wolf Collar and Swan Feathers".
Ledradran soldiers conducting a rifle salute in "Greedy Fox and Lying Crow".
Patricia assembles her carbine in "Black Moon and Lost Child's Song".
The carbine barrel being rotated to attach to the receiver.
Closeup of the iron sights.
Note that in this shot, it appears that the carbine is animated way bigger than it should be.
In "Pipe Blowing in the Stage Wing", a Dorothea is seen with the carbine prior to a raid.
A shot of the dropped rifle.
Beevee's mercenaries ambush a Dorothea-chartered train in "Rolling Stones and Seven Knights".
Hybranzian soldiers open fire on Zeeskian forces in "Uninvited Music Corps".
Ray Dawn's soldiers open fire on Suna villagers, starting a massacre in "Rain Sound's Crime and White Snow's Punishment".

Mauser Gewehr 1898

A Mauser Gewehr 1898 with a pistol grip and no cleaning rod mounted on the weapon is seen with ex-GC mafia soldier turned Dorothea agent Marlya Noel as her main weapon in the show.

Mauser Standard Modell Rifle - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Mauser 98, military-to-sporter conversion - 8mm
Marlya's rifle slung on her shoulder in "Ash Covered Girl". She's most likely trained to handle it from a young age since she can handle the rifle with no difficulty shouldering it.
The Gewehr aimed during a fight.
Marlya working the rifle's bolt in "Wolf Collar and Swan Feathers".
Marlya sighting Wolfran's Fairy Fitcher during an anti-Fairy operation.
A shot of the modded Gewehr in "Greedy Fox and Lying Crow". From this photo, you can see that the rifle has the permanent mag installed.
Closeup of the hybrid Gewehr in "Black Moon and Lost Child's Song". You can see the folding rear sight.
The slung hybrid Gewehr in "Rolling Stones and Seven Knights".
Marlya remembers seeing Victor shoot a deer in the winter.

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