Death to the Supermodels

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Death to the Supermodels (2005)

Death to the Supermodels is a direct-to-DVD movie directed by Joel Silverman. A group of supermodels go to an island, and become the targets of a killer.

'The following firearms can be seen in the film Death to the Supermodels


Walther PPK

Tiffany (Jaime Pressly) has a Walther PPK with pink grips which she takes out when she hears voices in her head. Later Merle (Diane Delano) uses the same gun to kill (off-screen) Gunther (Taylor Negron) and Eva (Brooke Burns) and after revealing her plan, she kills Tiffany with it too.

Walther PPK - 9mm Kurz
Tiffany gets freaked out by the voices.
DTS PPK2.jpg
Merle holds the gun at Tiffany.

Spear Gun

Merle kills P (Maria Arcé) with a spear gun.

Merle aims at P.

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